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Fourth Conference.

Mejsrs. Moses and Calvin to Rabbi Mofes^ .• ».• i greeting*, ....

WE are-ready with warm-felt defire, anxie^ ty, and zeafc, to clear and hold up^ as in a glass, as St. Paul has it, to your view and all concerned, which is the. world at large, that we are embassadors of the New Law, as you of. the Old; that the expectation of the Gentiles, and you .jews, like a torrent, bearing impetuously waste "and lay flat by the blast of our trumpet put to flight the mighty army .of gainsayers who dare contradict, withstand, and with their livid hue, pale and ghastly; Nice or pigmy likeness withers,. dies away, and like chaff. is whirled about with every blast of wind that blows, starved for want of wholefome food, disappear as atoms; but us, the mighty army of the great king, preach the Jaws of health and glad tidings, unloofing the bands of restraints, laid on through priestcrast, and other venomous doctrines, contrived by •flight, cura^ng, and crasty intrigues pf men, to enthral, shackle and enslave poor, weak, feeble, pliant, fickly, and deluded minds, whose folly tames them to the yoke of fasting idaysi .holy d$y.s* of abstinence, honour-: ing creatures and dishonouring another, making distinctions. The apostle James forbids respect tp creatures; fo that creatures are one common mass, and no. distinction; but the


foolish suffer themselves to be, as we term it, priest-ridden, and so both drop into the ditch. But we, according to our ministry, like claps of thunder, vehemently bleat the last trumpet. Arise, ye dead, and come to judgment. Your Reverence will give due merit; for as the hart pants aster the fountains of living waters, so does our zeal boil, hunger, and thirst aster your converfion and spiritual health. Dear brother, at 5 to morrow, if convenient.

At 10 o'clock in the morning Moses will attend the citation of Messrs. Luther and Calvin; but humbly craves they will permit his answering their -intimidating interrogatories in the person of the Messiah. They claim their authority and mission from Him. FareweJ.

Enter Moses, Luther and Calvin.

Mos. The debate of this day, according to your impetuous zeal, renders it necessary, Gentlemen, to prove your embassy at the tribunal of your Messiah, to which, no doubt, you will heartily concur,

Luth. &*Calv, We confider your condefcen-• fion, in remitting us for trial of our embassy to the tribunal from whence our Messiah issued as the highest mark of your wisdom and esteem, We, with the Protestant, Resormation, Catholic, Christian Church, beg to expedite and discuss our right, claim, and inheritance, as heirs apparent to the Holy Mount Sion,

E 4 Meffiah, Mejiab. Suppose me your Messiah.

Liith. & Calv. We are ready 4to answer your interrogatories.

Mejs. What is your religion?

Lutb. A christian protestant, of the tribe of Luther.

Mejs. Give an account why of this tribe?

Lutb. I was baptized and brought up in this tribe.

Mejs. What was your station of life and age?

Lutb. Forty years a preacher, my age seven-t ty and four.

Mejs. What were the chies points you inculcated?

Lutb. To avoid popery and obey the laws.

Mejs. What charges lay you against popery?

Lutb. Worshipping images, having seven Sacraments in lieu of two, Mass, Transubstantiation, and many superstitions of various kinds.

Mejs. What images do popery worship?

Lutb. Your image and Crucifixion, your Nativity, and many other parts of your life; the "Virgin Mary, your Mother, the Apostles, and other disciples and martyrs.

Mejs. What other charges?

Lutb. Preserving the communion and kneeling, praying, and carrying it to the fick, and disturbing the peace, and going with it in procession.

Mejs. What other charges have you?

Lutb. Praying to them they call saints, that are dead, and worshipping their bones, which they call relics, depofiting their dead carcases, wrapped in costly filks, in rich shrines, of gold


and filver, ornamented with jewels and precious stones, dresfing in an expenfive and vaio manner churches, chapels, altars, bishops, priests, deacons, and in an extraordinary manner their pope, making him their idol, who we call Anti-Christ, and his church the Whore of Babylon, mentioned by St. John.

Mess. Have you any farther charge?

Luth. Forbidding the marriage of priests and those that have vowed not to marry; persuading that virginity is the most perfect state. The priesthood pretending to forgive fins, teach, that those who die in a state of grace, without being very perfect, goes to a place of punishment for a time, which they call Purgatory, praying for those souls, and many other superstitions; so that for iooo years besore our great apostle, who restored your church to its pristine state, all christendom, men, women, and children, were, wi•:h all mankind, damned, and buried in eternal torments.

Mejs. And of what tribe are you?

Calv. One spiritual, a virgin, of the number of 144,000, who join in the new canticle of Sion, that no other can fing or understand, who follows the lamb whithersoever thou goest, known on earth by the title of the Calvinistical tribe for the time being.

Mejs. What is your state and age?

Calv. Fifty years an Elder of the Kirk, ia< age nearer seventy than fixty.

Mejs. What are your tenets?

Calv. Protestantism spiritualized, a lamb, and preacher to the fold of New Sion, off

spring of Spiriti/ffl Jerusalem, who bringeth glad tidings of salvation, protesting against the tripple crown, built upon the ruins both of popery and Lutheranjfm, our gates are not shut by day, and we have no night, you being our light.

Mejs. By whom were you enfranchised? .

Calv. By the spirit,

Mejs. From what teacher are your tenets?

Calv. Calvin, the Father of Allegory.

Mejs. He was first disciple to Luther, 1500 years aster the new covenant was settled and established?

Calv That is the date of our resormation.

Mejs. What charges have you against my covenant, or Catholic Church?

Celv. The fame that Luther has pronounced.

Mejs. In this you both agree? . Calv. In this we are of one communion; but to each other implacable, as the children of Esau and Jacob, types of Lutherans and Calvinists, or as Ifhmaejites and Israelites.

Mejs. What proofs have you of the spiritual adulteries of my spouse?

Calv. Prophecies confirmed by facts,

Mejs. At what time did the -adultery com- mence?

Calv* By the unanimous voice of all Protestantism, 306 years from your birth,

Mejs. The Nicene and Athanafian creeds were set forth aster the year 300, which protestants hold as scripture?

Calv. Calvinists and many others excepted.

Mejs. You do not acknowledge those creeds?

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