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$$$. .We mall next vifit the great church of St. Peter, Westminster-Abbey, the common sepulchre of both catholics and protestants. Here Calvin will, as he can place himself in spirit, meet with every idolatry, both catholic and protestant, from the prince to the beggar, idols of angels, men, women, children, beasts, birds, reptiles, Death, old Time, ships, anchors, cables, arms of destruction, both great and small, and many images, or emblematical allufions, too numerous to dwell upon, or a Calvinist's stomach to contain. Observe the muscles of his face are contracted and drawn up to the fize and as white as an egg.

Mos. It must be the image of an egg, I mean a cow's bladder, filled with lard; your medicine operates powersully.

Lutb. From the abbey I will next escort you through the towns and villages through England, &c. where you cannot step but fome of Calvin's idols forefink and impress their hideous forms on your mind. By these figures the different trades and shop-keepers acquaint you in what line of bufiness they are. I never was curious to take a trip either to Scotland, Geneva, Boston in America, or any other Calvinistical jurisdiction.

Calv. I humbly pray your excuse; but necessity persuades me to retire; I feel a large demand which cannot be withheld: have you a privy?

Lutb. Turn to your lest, where you will meet with due satisfaction ; but I hope not with . the disaster poor Arius experienced. in Constantinople, tinople, where he was escorted by his friends in triumph, where he had a list, and going into a privy, his harslet, or bowels, fell out at his fundament,, where he was found a lifeless, empty trunk. He seems to be the original of tbe Calvinistical heresy. This was in the reign of Constantine the Great, and was the chief cause of the council of -Nice. Mos. What charge lay against him? Luth. Denying the divinity of our Redeemer, which is a tenet of Calvinism. Mos. What were the number of the council? Luth. Upwards of 300 bishops and fathers of the priesthood both from the Roman and Perfian empires, in the year 300 and odd, when the Nicene creed was set forth, and a little time aster St. Athanafius's, which have ever fince with the apostles been confidered and held in equal esteem and veneration, both by catholics and protestants, as the other scriptures.

Mos By what bishops and fathers was this council composed? Lutb. Christians, without doubt. Mos. What christians? Luth. Roman eatholics, in communion with the Roman Pontisf, Pope Sylvester.

Mos You think Arius was a Calvinian protestant and his associates, &c.

Luth. There is not the least doubt, and we, with the council and church, through all ages, excommunicate and reject all heretics and disturbers of the christian peace.

.'..,'.' ... B z ... Mas.

Mos Why was Luther and the protestants, in our days, excommunicated by the council of Trent, which still remains?

Luth. This was, and still is, occafioned and held up by Calvinians, Quakers, Anabaptists, •and a spawn of many others too numerous to JaerjEcaunted;

Mos. They make a- handle of you and the church of England, having the power to upJiold them,. in their oppofition.

Luth. 1 his w.e well know; but when you have made'a 'league or communicate with villains, you will find it disficult to disspofsess yourself from the contract, which is our case.

Mos. The head of poor Charles the First speaks to this point.

Luth. Oliver Cromwel, that presbytefian faJiatic, iconfirms it in the English monarchy, and we may trade .them wherever their power extends.' '-.'- '- i ".''i

Mos I will. now declare my most inward sentiments: all I am possessed of has issued from the benevolent boasts of christians, both catholics and protestants, and to many of my ancestors:;! should be the basest of men did I not acknowledge this truth. I have been educated^ perhaps, in a more liberal school than many others, which has taught fne, that gratitude to benesactors: is one of the most-essential .duties of the fouman"; species; and could I be -inftcurnentalitd the;-ha.pparids- bf my fellowcreatures, no man would share, more in this general blessing than a poor despised Jew. My, O my God. Moses weeps and strikes his breast. Luth* Lutb. Why do you weep?

Mos. At the miseries that attend us,

Lutb. From whence doth the distresses of the mind take its fource?

Mos. From education, pride and lust; we examine our neighbour, but will not scrutinize ourselves.

Lutb. I am a christian protestant,-but why I. preser it I cannot know. In my education \ am instructed the original church founded by Jesus Christ became an adultrels and was ca£ off by Jesus Christ; but the merits of th? charge I never knew. She is charged with many idolatrous and diabolical principles, &c. themselves are in the dark, and them also who conjecture such charges. The protestants charge them with placing the image of our Lord and his apostles and other saint.s in their churches, and paying a respect to them.

We Lutherans, church of England and other christians, Calvinists excepted, have our images^ pictures, and whatever may excite love and devotion to our amiable and good God and his servants also; they pay no other respect to images and pictures than to the Bible and other books of religion. We do the fame, I wilj grant that amongst us conversant with presbyterians, and that never looked into our religion, nor the advantage of travelling, imbibe tbeir diabolical tenets, stuffed with their unnatural councils; and, though not defignedly, yet, through custom, suck in the poison, and become one mass with those they pity or despise; for, were you to tell them their prinB £ ciples ciples are Calvinism, they would immediately confider it as an insult on their judgment, knowing the principles of a Calvinist or presbyterian are oppofite to monarchy, order, and due subordination essentially and absolutely requifite and necessary to a civilized state or community. These fanatics make no scruple - of charging the church of England and others of the Lutheran communion with the appellation of Bastard Papist, idolatrous and heathenish conventicles, and many atrocious calumnies i and this to draw the community at large to their interest, and place the power of the states in their hands.

Calv. I have been embowelled and tortured in a most cruel engagement for upwards of half an hour-, but am resreshed.

Mos. Rehearses to Calvin what passed in his absence. Luther rehearses.

Calv. You are not so bold and rancorous as to place the Father of Spirit and the Bulwark of Resormation under the tuition of old Arius, an old condemned heretic. You may with equal propriety place him in the school of the Iconoclast and other condemned heretics, which we as heartily detest as the papist.

Luth. Calvinism is no more than a revival of Arianism, which does honour to your church, given her a rank of priority, up to the year 300, whose apostle Arius, champion in the cause of resormation in the first age, and establishment of popery, stood up against their first general council of Nice. Entering his protest against the popish council and divinity of Christ, he died

a martyr

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