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Calv. It is the will of the Almighty, which mu ft be obeyed.

Boy You will first satisfy yourself, touching the conformity os the Primitive Church and the present Catholicks.

Calv. Mr. Moses, and you though a child, have satisfied me, that Jelus Christ is God, which though I preached, and lived by this preaching, still I was a stranger to him, not knowing whether he is God, or the seducer the Jews believed him to be; but now he is God, all that proceeded from him are infallible. On this I risk my salvation.

Boy. fLo-.kin■r at Luther.) I think-you have agreed to these huidamentals of Christianity, Infallibility, Supremacy of the Pope, Unity and Unisormity osthe Catholick Church.

Lutlu. These principles ate authorised by Scripture, . which every Christian must comply with.

Mas. Allowing the Catholick religion to be infallible, which is her doctrine, the Sacraments are, being part of her doctrine* .

Luth. You have my Common Prayer-book, what does it fay? I am a Parson.

Calv. Your Common Prayer-book establishes; the three creeds on the fame grounds of infallibility, with the other Scriptures.

luth. And what are the principles of the creeds, the ground on which I will stand. i

Calv. You then believe One, Holy, Catholick and Apostolick J-aith, without which you cannot be saved. This Faith is the religion of the &o7 rnati Catholicks. .. ., Luth,

Luth. These are hard truths to a Church-farson, that is possessed of three good livings, and himself loves ease and plenty.

Boy. Whosoever will be saved, it is necessary that he hold the Catholick Faiih, which Faith, unless he keeps whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish everlastingly.

Luth. And is this paragraph in our Common prayer?

Mos. Most undoubtedly here it is, your own prayer-book.

Luth. I made use of this book near thirty years for the rule of my faith, but never observed this; however as it is the faith of the Church, I am in duiy bound to acquiesce, I do therefore, according to the faiih of my Common-prayer, believe the infallibility of the Catholick religion, without which faith I cannot be saved.

.Bo)*. Observe this truth; God is not to be mocked. Words, without works, will not answer your purpose to salvation. '.- •'

Luth. What else can be required; if I say the Creed, with the other prayers, as I have always done, and not cheat, or maim my neighbour, and do to all men, as I would they mould do unto me, I think I fulfill my duty to my God ?nd to my neighbour, which is all Christ demands of us. By doing this we fulfill the Iaw. A remnant of all religions fhall be saved. This is the Law and the Prophets. .i' (

Mos. Not the Law of Moses, nor Prophets of God: your Law and Prophets mull be a Ipu;iuus breed. •• '-••- - ••."


Bey.' The Acts of the Apostles declare all that are saved, are added to the Church; they therefore must partake of the same sacraments, join in the fame worship and sacrifice of the altar, adhere to, and be of our communion and faith.

Lutfi* We are all in the same bond of Chrisiianity, theresore are panakers of the fame sacraments, issuing from the fame infallible fountain, in one communion, under one Head.

Calv. Is jesus Christ the God of dissimulation, disagreement, hatred, maliciousness, divifion, implacableness, backbiting and gain-faying? To prove your union with the Catholick Communion, will you come with me to the Catholick altar, and join in making our profession of faith to our Lord's Priest?

Luth. Not a Roman Catholick Priest: you do not call Popery Christianity?

Calv. It will puzzle you to, find any other Christianity; you are a riddle. .-/ .'.-;

Lath. I have no objection, as the rest of our brethren, when we are at Rome, to do as Rome do, that is, to go to Mass, and do in appearance as they do, though we detest it, knowing their worship to be idolatrous. ,

Moj. For shame, never bekeck, as the faying is, your own nest, you will be looked on as a forry bird. A man that wears two faces deserves not fc? be; ranked with the human species; could I persuade myself, that these words were spoken with an intention to be complied with, I would from this instant detest you. Viper's egg, Dross oi the creation, retract those words uppn the spot,


or I will expose you.;. Have you not the honesty of a goat, the moil mischievous animal, yet they would not actagainst instinct. :.r,£iitk. Do not mistake my words, Sir, ani eoriftrain them into,--or proceeding from a. spirit of disfimulation, .air douhlerdealing, wearing two faces, as you are pleased to term it; but justisy my conduct, with the rest of my brethren, in ori der to set a proper example to all whom it may concern, never to give umbrage to the higher powers. The Scribes and Pharisees have sac on the chair of Moses; all theresore, whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do; but accord•ng to their works, do ye not; for they fay and do not. This you grant is true, doctrine, proceeding from the mouth of truth, whose injunctions all Christians are bound to obey, under the severest excommunication, of being looked upon as heathens and publicans. We theresore, under what law or religion we live, submit and conform ourselves; by so doing we fulfill the law of God and that of our neighbour; by which compliance we fulfill the Law and Prophets. 1 his being granted to the chair of Moses in the old covenant, how much more forcible is this pofitive command to be obeyed in the new covenant, to the Chair of Peter, the Centre of Unity, nhe Firm Rock, on which the House of God, the Bulwark of Salvation, the Haven of the Elect, and Great Sion, is built? (At the word Sion, Calvin burst into a flood of tears for his past errors.) Near the Eden of Bliss grows the Tree of Life, producing her delicious fruits, forming a shade of delights over

the the river of that God, which flows incessantly from the plenty of God's house to his Elect On This Rock I Stand.

Mos. You have repeatedly beat the fame ground, one time acknowledging the infallibility of Scriptures and covenants, presently disavowing and reprobating this infallibility, that you had just besore protested, you would, with all the Protestant race, pledge your lives and fortunes to support, against all adversaries who dare offend.

Calv. This is the block, if I mistake not, that you named the Mystery of Mysteries, and it is the foundation and grand principle, on which the Protestant Churches, or Resormations, are founded; I will endeavour to lay it open to you; without this knowledge, we acknowledge ourselves a riddle, not only to the world at large, but to ourselves in particular: and this is the chies cause, why so many of our men of letters become infidels, or put an end to their temporal existence. You must know, to be a christian protestant, and to avoid the stigma of schism and heresy, it was found adviseable and abfolutely necessary, to ground our new religion upon a new principle, which is, that God is the author of good and evil; upon this principle our fabrick is built, which, you not knowing, confidered Luther and myself as agreeing and oppofing the fame thing. By this principle we have the liberty, both to allow and disallow the fame thing, and yet free from contradiction; which advantage is not allowed to any other but Resormers: to be more explicit, we lay the Scriptures and creeds, by allowing

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