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Lulh. & Calv. We have not the least seruple in whatever is contained in the Scriptures, being from our infancy trained to love, fear and respect them; but the space from St. John's Revelations, until Luther and Calvin, which is about 1450 years, seems void of every support. This is the fundamental principle that is impressed into our infant minds, fo we would wish never to be in-» structed or have any knowledge of what past amongst the Papists during that interval, as we confider the whole to be a system contrived and carried on by the Devil and the Pope.?

Boy. Is it then a truth; To be a protestant i; to be without reason?

Mos. I think we agreed upon some geueral and essential principles. ...,-, .,

Luth. & Calv. The infallibility of the Catholic Religion, the supremacy of the Pope, and the unity and uniformity of the whole Church.

Boy. These are fundamental principles, in) which the Church is sounded, and from these principles arethe fabric built, from whence flows or issues her sacraments.

Luth. & Calv. Can you persuade yourselves that man can forgive fins; we wish to have an explanation. i'•;.... ,. . ■

Boy. Man has no power inherent in himself, but the Catholick priesthood received this power and authority from Jesus Christ.

Luth. No man that is a Christian denies the infallibility of the Catholick Church, which received ber doctrine and misfion from Jesus Christ, on whom the Holy Ghost on the day of Pentecost vifibly communicated. himself, confirmed and ful

filled the promise of our-Messiah,' and must (each her all truths, and remain with her for ever. This testimony al! Protestants confirm in retaining and acknowledging the threecreeds to' be of divine authority, and are to be held in the fame veneration as the other Scriptures.' Had the Protestants reje6ted the creedn, they must undoubtedly have given up their Christianity, for the creed* are framed in.few'words, to be a key to the whole, that the meanest capacity, as'I suppose all-Christians say themt or-at least- the Apostles, morning and evening, might examine their faith by her twelve-articles; if-they fail in one,'the whole are forfeited, as the Apostle St. James declares, Whosoever^ shall keep the whole law, but offend in one point, is become-guilty of all. And it is proved by our Lord's words in St. Matthew, when the Jews accused him of .working miracles by the power of Satan, that they v^ere guilty of the fin against the Holy 'Ghost,:-which should never be forgiven eidier in this ot theinext lise; sO that whatever Christian denies one-article of the creed, is guilty of this heinous fin. To evade and keep free from this fin, all Protestants" are taught, that the Catholicks, when they forgive fins, do not make use of this infallibility instiled by the Holy Ghost, but by the power of Satan, or from themselves; and that the Gentiles becoming Christians, mixed their heathenish and idolatrous superstition artsully with the Christian religion, iniis infancy; which innovation, the Protestants being but as yesterday, cannot come to the knowledge of, or know what they really confist int as they are authorised and comprised in


the Scriptures, guarded and protected by the promise of Almighty God, and her Creeds, as Peter's keys, held up for us to obey, or incur the fin against the Holy Ghost, arid excommunication.

Boy. You will do well to confider, and pay obedience to him that you think have a right to exact this duty from you; by doiug this you will act with honesty, and remove your scruples; you will take this with you, that if the Scriptures and Creeds are true, the Church must; being taught, ruled, guarded, and directed by her God. You are not disputing with man, but with your God. • .. •

Mos. I am an Israelite, and a Rabbi, and will avow, not for my lei f alone, but that the whole body of Jews will, prove only Jesus to be the Messiah, throw ourselves at the feet of his Holiness, and crave admittance into the Catholick Church. To adore the Head, and the Heart, and hate, detest and vilisy the body, can proceed from no other than the most detestable of all wretches, the Devil.

Calv. There is no gain-faying these Scripture-" proofs, neither can we refist the impenetrable rock, which God has erected. O Peter! Fisty or more years have I, with body erect, eyes fixt, and arms stretched forth, withstood your mild admonitions, perluading my return, with the prodigal, into our Lord's bosom; but lease-hardened, rough, and proud, planted my tabernacle on the stormy waves, tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, ever learning, still a .chilU; toothless C schok:. scholar, aster a long, vain, and unprofitable searcfr for wisdom, in the school of folly; seeding on the husks and excrementsof swine. I find myselB constrained; but happy, I say, ihricediappy.con.straint! to suck honey from a white-skulled Jew,, and a beardless boy. From the morning-light, even until night, let Israel hope in our Lord.. As the tree salts, so it Oral! lie. Him that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved; but he that believeth not, shall be condemned. As the Father has sent me, I also send you; when.'he had faid this, he breathed on them, and said to them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost; whose fins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose fins you retain, they are retained. These are the words of God, at whose tribunal we shall be arraigned, both men and devils; and shall we daTe offend our God? Yea, I am the most wretched tinner, and despicable, contemptible-, sordid, rash, vile, unmoralized, desective, inconfistent, abominable, detestable, undermining, wild, undigested bit of clay, bedaubed, smeared, and dressed in the stinking rags of unfruitfulness and disobedience; claiming the privilege of virginal inheritance in the mountain of Sion, when I should moan out the yellings and shrieks of hell. Can I dare appear at that dread tribunal of my God, with this pale face of clay, robed in my Merry Andrew's drels? I shudder at the thought; my very hairs rile up stiff", and stand on end, like a> wild Boar, surrounded by a gang of dogs, amazed, expects his fate; fo Calvin; but e're tomorrow's light breaks forth, I will, with the affist- . ance anre os my God, put off this Panther's "Hide, with Calvin's name, and deal out the remains of tbisdishevelled wreck, in the school os penance, pouringoutmy tears at the altar of my Saviour, reconciling, and, with the ad.rrer of spirit and t-rui'h, worlhipping -with fear and trembling •that God who is there immolated for the fins of the world. Against whom I Hood up. Caiphas, ^\nnas, Pontius Pilate, and Herod, with Out tribes and congregations, against the Lord, and against his Christ. This is a truth, and I confess k with teats (Calvin weeps) and I wish they were tears of blood, for that Saviour that sweated his most precious Wood for us prodigals, and me, 1 repeat it, the most abandoned. Too often have I repeated to you, my God, that I loved you, when I was ufing every -stratagem against yout Church, multiplying quotations from Scripture, and making them skip and leap to my own fancy, in order to persecute your Church, and strengthen Calvinism, and draw the attention and applause of the populace to myself, exclaiming against the tyranny of Popery, -at the same time yoking on them a greater, yea the tyranny of Satan. I often have, to make a show of religion, placed ah offender cloathed in' a white shirt, in the kirk, on the stool of penance, an hour or two, for three Sundays, or as I thought of it, but would thunder against, the sacrament of -penance, and whatever was CatholLck.

Mos. You Calvin .amaze and astonish me; 1 liave ofien been in disputes of this nature to display our talents, but never met -with your like'. C 2 Cak>.

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