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these two most essential articles of the christian religion. ,We beg three days respite to examine the primitive church, and compare them with the catholic of our days, and the protestant churches. Adieu.

End cf the Fourth Conference.

, . —...-...-... . -_ .


P.-gc i. and 3. for id of June, read 10th os March. 11. Line. 4. for Lutherans, read Catholics, brother, read broacher. Cotka, read Gath. where, read when, boasts, read benefits, spiritualists, read spiritualism' this, read in the. -weary, read ivary. three, read three hundredmasters, read Esther s. himself, read myself traduSion, read iurisdi3ionBrakes, read Bleatall this, read it. claim, read CalvinGhost, read Godmuch, read meekwas, read sons. . offspring, read offeringsspirit, read spirits, but the Lord, read but if the Lord, to the cry, read from the cryfor their wrath, read for wrath, proved, read forbidding. nice, read little, another, read others. Mestiah, read miss•on. latter, read letterunion, read communion, becam, read becamethem, read my covenantbe such, read proceed from you. father, read fathers, consider a, read consider it amade out, read made. I have, read / -would have,


Fifth Conference. •,'; '." .

To Moses our. ntofi Reverend Brother, greeting,

Luther and Calvin leg a fifth conference to conduct1 what is most praise-worfliy: Farewd.

Moses will enter, and conclude, with Messrs. Luther and Calvin, the fifth spiritual conference to-morrow, at 10 in the morning, the usual time: Adieu.

Moses. T Am at yoar service, as appointed. ..,J. Lath. (3 Cab). The-calipatch: Q death, where is your sting! ..'.;' - - - *

Mof. O grave, where is your victory!

Liith. & Calv. The sting of death is fin.

Mof And the strength offin is the law.

Lutii. & Calv. it is a true saying, one man better steal a horse, than another look over the hedge. . .-- \-,•

Mof. When the steed is stolen you shut the stable-door.

Luth. & Calv. This is our case: but a hungry belly needs no sause.

Mof. Your calipatch needed none.

Luth. & Calv. We die daily.

Mof. With making gods of your bellies.

Luth. & Calv. The most violent and pernicious symptoms.

Mof. To die in the aQs of gluttony, and disobedience.

Luth. & Calv. The misery of loft souls.

Mof. Who will not controul their appetites;

Luth. £? Calv. A new lesson to Parsons and elders.

A Mof.

Mos. Better late than never.

Luth. £? Befides illnek, we had scruples.

Mos I thought Protestant scruples never attacked them, but in the article of death.

Luth. £? Calv. This we thought our cafe, aud was upon the verge offending for you.

Mos I am neither Parson nor Elder.

Luth- &? Calv. You raised our sci uples, and should allav them.

Mos. I did not prescribe calipatch nor calepa.

Luth. S? Calv. But you told us of the salt pf Lent and gluttony.

Mo). Your Common-Prayer Book and Bible forewarned you.

Luth. 1 he Common-Prayer is a dead letter, but your words are as twe-edged swords. - Calv. The sword of the Spirit, that divides, and poisons the joints, and penetrates the marrow.

Mos. Your consciences will speak more forcible.'

Luth. T have been a Parson 50 years, and never confidered confesfion necessary for salvation.

Calv. Neither I, until our reverend Brother opened our Understanding.

Mos. Whose fins you forgive, they are forgiven: these are the words of your Messiah.

Luth. My Lord and my God.

Calv. In whom dwelleth infallibility.

Mos. Which he hath bequeathed to his covenant.

Luth. & Calv. We never will gainsay it in suture. Eusebius (thank you) with Cyprian, Augustin. Jerom, and other fathers, and writings, have removed the veil, which our protestant divines, and others, had blindfolded us with. That a Jew should be our guide, shews the finger of God conducts all things; and, with the weak tbmgs, confound die lirong.

Mos. I hope, I have advanced nothing but what the primitive christians and fathers confirm. For if Luther, and Calvin's assertions against the old church, be true, the whole Scriptures must be false; fo that our Scriptures, delivered by God to Moses 1450 years besore Christ, with all the prophefies, and promises, by the Prophets, and confirmed by an oath from almighty God to rtfc Messiah, and his covenant, (which you fay is Jesus Christ and his Church) in our Scriptures, understood, testified, and confirmed by youi^ of their eternal union, happiness, joy, purity, infallibility and never-ending repose; and that this church or covenant should be taught and kept pure and holy by God to the consummation ot' the world; I say, is Luther and Calvin's assertion be true, that the Catholick Church erred, and brought in damnable doctrines, then all our religion is vain, and God almighty never spoke to man; Christ and Mcses, our two Iawgivers, must be of all men the most base, to palm, and cover, their doctrine under the sanction osalmighty God. Whatever the errors, if any may be, they most assuredly must be authorised by Christ; and, iF so, he is not the Messiah of our Scripture: for Israel is assured, and the God of Israel has sworn, that our second covenant shall remain perfect, holy, and obedient, in union with him, au long as the lim and moon endures. This is the covenant A 2 God God-almighty has made, and is as present so the nationof the Jews, as. I tvow squeeze both your hands. (M•-ies squeezes then hands and weeps.)

Lulh. & Calv. St, Cyprian, we observe, wasJiisliop of Carthage, and Primate of all Africa, who was- murdered for the Catholick religion 258. years after the birth of our Lord; he ha» latisfiedus m many articles of our faith, such as acknowledging Peter to be Prince, and Supreme Bisl)©p and Irlead of Christ's Church, and fiKes. Peter's Chair in Rprne, *ihich hep;roves to be the eentrees unity, -/hat distuses its rays throughout; the ^b$kfl?ir|h, fotha.t its supremacy knows no limils,id)esiv,ii)g,l^r paw«t, misikn, and autbot rity.^om.her Divioc Headi whafe spouse, fhe is, and in whom his foul is well pleased; be teaches, gil^e^instrticts, and,cQnfn?rn.s her wistuhe pseni. tyidfc pf spiritual bseffings, a» the: old. Scripture?, wb;igh; St Pai4 quotes: This is the covenant w.hicb, I will make wjth the house of Israel, aster thofc days, faith the Lord: I will. give my law ipHHheir minds, I will write them lin their hearts, afldlwUl be their •God, and they shall be my people. It astonishes us, how our first protestant; fathers, Luther^ Calvin, and others, that were brought up and trained in the Catholick religion, and were well versed in. her faith, andhad close <;oniiection and correspondence with the Scriptqres, should expose those very Scriptures, that makes the most solemn promises, bound by art oath on the part of almighty God, to preserve her pure, spotlels, holy and free from error, that fhe lliould be his body, his flelh and his bones, and himself her Head* and bia Spirit her conductor, .-. _• :. i»nd

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