International Journal of Orthodontia and Oral Surgery, Volume 10

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Johnson Reprint Corporation, 1924 - Mouth

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Page 328 - To sum up, then, miscegenation commonly spells disharmony — disharmony of physical, mental and temperamental qualities and this means also .disharmony with environment. A hybridized people are a badly put together people and a dissatisfied, restless, ineffective people. One wonders how much of the exceptionally high death rate in middle life in this country is due to such bodily maladjustments; and how much of our crime and insanity is due to mental and temperamental friction.
Page 22 - We have left undone those things that we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done; and there is no health in us.
Page 513 - Each essay must be accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and address of the author and bearing on the outside the motto or device which is inscribed upon the essay.
Page 316 - Articles are accepted for publication with the understanding that they are contributed solely to this journal. Brief clinical papers (2,000 words or less) are especially valued. ILLUSTRATIONS, such as half-tones, zinc etchings, etc., as In the judgment of the editor are necessary to Illustrate articles, will be furnished when photographs or drawings are supplied by the author. REPRINTS (50) of Original Papers will be furnished gratia to author* making the request.
Page 200 - To do the right thing at the right time in the right way to do some things better than they were ever done before to eliminate errors to know both sides of the question to be courteous to be an example to work for...
Page 316 - Advertising rates and sizes on application. Change of Address — The publishers should be advised of change of subscriber's address about fifteen days before date of issue, with both new and old addresses given. Nonreceipt of Copies — Complaints for nonreceipt of copies or requests for extra numbers must be received on or before the fifteenth of the month of publication ; otherwise the supply ii apt to be exhausted.
Page 327 - ... 10" is an inch of danger; children of insufficient circulation. On the other hand, there may appear children of short stature with too large circulatory apparatus. Despite the great capacity that the body has for self adjustment it fails to overcome the bad hereditary combinations. Again it seems probable, as dentists with whom I have spoken on the subject agree, that many cases of overcrowding or wide separation of teeth are due to a lack of harmony between size of jaw and size of teeth —...
Page 378 - Nonrecelpt of Copies — Complaints for nonreceipt of copies or requests for extra numbers must be received on or before the fifteenth of the month of publication; otherwise the supply is apt to be exhausted. Entered at the Post Office at St. Louis, Mo., as Second-Class Matter. EDITORIA LS A Journal's Responsibility to Its Readers — Extracting First Molars for the Correction of the Irregularities of the Teeth...
Page 328 - ... intermediate in size. The hens laid fairly well for a time and then became broody and in time hatched some chicks. For a day or two they mothered the chicks, and then began to roost at night in the trees and in a few days began to lay again, while the chicks perished at night of cold and neglect. The hybrid was a failure both as egg layer and as a brooder of chicks. The instincts and functions of the hybrids were not harmoniously adjusted to each other.
Page 350 - The central principle by which the cost of better medical service for the whole community can be financed is the distribution of the burden of illness so that this does not fall upon an individual or family at the very moment when their ability to bear it is less than usual. Such a distribution of the burden...

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