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Regular Meeting, Monday, January 7, 1907.

7:30 O'CLOCK P. M.



Ald. Scully moved to correct the Published by authority of the City Coun- |

printed minutes of the regular meeting cil of the City of Chicago, Wednesday,

held Wednesday, January 2, 1907, by January 9, 1907.

striking out the word "ordinance" from

the twenty-first line in the left-hand col. Present–His Honor, the Mayor, and

umn of page 2450, and by inserting in Ald. Kenna, Coughlin, Harding, Dixon,

lieu thereof the word "communication.” Foreman, Pringle, Dailey, Richert, Mar

Ald. Foreman moved to approve the tin, McCormick, Young, Bennett, Snow, | minutes as corrected, without reading. Derpa, Harris, Fick, Scully, Hurt, Cul | The motion prevailed. lerton, Hoffman, Zimmer, Uhlir, Riley, Considine, Harkin, Maypole, Smith, Beilfuss. Nowicki. Schermann, Sitts, Dever, Communications from the Mayor, CompBrennan, Conlon, Powers, Bowler, Stew

troller, Commissioner of Public Works, art, Finn, Reese, Foell, Sullivan, Dough

and All Other City Officers, Departerty, Werno, Jacobs, Hahne, Krumholz, ments and Branches of the City GovDunn, Williston, Lipps, Reinberg, Sie

ernment. wert, Blase, Larson, Herlihy, Wendling, His Honor, the Mayor, presented a reGolombiewski, Burns, Bradley, O'Connell, port containing the following list of reRoberts, Fisher, Badenoch, Hunt, Bihl, leases from the House of Correction durKohout, Nolan and Race.

ing the week ending January 5, 1907, Absent-Ald. McCoid and Moynihan. | together with the cause of each release: Jos. Mueller, released for Mrs. Mar- | nances in question are not yet in proper shall.

form to effectuate the purposes of the Edward Gunn, released for sister.

“Werno letter," and objections have been

raised to them in their present form Eugene Murphy, released for mother.

which, if valid and not corrected, might John Bills, released for R. Keene Ryan.

operate to confer unwarranted and uninJohn Litt, released for wife. ..

tended franchise rights upon the traction Edward Smith, released for Ald. Bow companies. For these reasons and in order ler.

that the said ordinances may not be Bruno Orvell, released for wife. adopted without public scrutiny and ap

proval, and also in order that the people Chas. Breen, released for A. Ć. Anson.

may be fully assured of opportunity for Geo. Regan, released for A. M. Lynch.

such scrutiny and approval I respectfully Which was ordered published and recommend that your Honorable Body replaced on file.

adopt the aforesaid Foreman resolution ALSO,

of October 16, 1905, as follows:

Resolved, That it is the sense of this The following communication:

Council that the procedure in dealing MAYOR'S OFFICE, ) with any ordinance or ordinances for the

January 7, 1907. settlement of the Chicago street railway To the Honorable, the City Council.

question shall be as follows: GENTLEMEN—Ordinances are now un

"The ordinance or ordinances shall be der consideration by your Committee on

framed up for passage and voted on in Local Transportation, which aim at a Committee of the Whole without final complete settlement of the street railway action by the City Council. Thereupon

such ordinance or ordinances as shall requestion. They, therefore, fall within the description of the Foreman resolu

ceive a majority of votes taken by roll tion of your body of October 16, 1905,

call in the Committee of the Whole shall which received the almost unanimous ap

be published and the City Council shall proval of the Chicago newspapers at that

take steps to have the question whether time and was adopted by the Council

it or they shall be passed by the City by a vote of 63 to 0. This resolution

Council placed on the ballot to be voted declared it to be “the sense of the Coun

on by the people. cil that the procedure in dealing with “The form of the proposition or propoany ordinance or ordinances for the settle sitions to be placed on the ballot shall ment of the Chicago street railway ques | be formulated by the Committee on Local tion” should provide for a 'referendum. | Transportation and approved by the City To that course of procedure, I, therefore, Council. submit that your Honorable Body is “The City Council pledges itself not pledged with reference to the pending or- to pass any ordinance or ordinances that dinances for the settlement of said ques shall not receive a majority of the votes tion. Many of your members are like. cast by the people upon the proposition wise pledged by the political platform or propositions. Provided, however, that upon which you were elected. And, as before any such ordinance is submitted Mayor, I also am pledged to the same to the people for their approval or diseffect, as was my opponent at the last approval, it and all ordinances purportmayoralty election. In addition to these ing to grant franchises, proposed on or obligations of honor, it behooves us all about the same time, shall first be subas trustees of the people to proceed with mitted to the grantees named in such caution in this matter; for the ordi- | ordinance for the purpose of ascertaining

whether or not said grantees will accept

ALSO, such ordinances if favorably acted on The following veto message: by the people. The answer of said gran

Mayor's OFFICE, tees to be made in writing within a time

January 7, 1907. certain. Only one proposition shall be

To the Honorable, the City Council: submitted to the voters on any one ordinance that may be recommended for pas GENTLEMEN-I return herewith, withsage to the City Council by the Com out my approval, an order passed by mittee on Local Transportation, and the

your Honorable Body at the meeting of City Council hereby pledges itself not to

January 2, 1907, Council Proceedings recommend the submission of any propo 2468, directing the Commissioner of Pubsition or propositions other than those lic Works to lay electric wires in conherein provided for."

duit on Sheffield avenue, from Clybourn Respectfully,

avenue to Fullerton avenue, for the reaE. F. DUNNE, son that matters of this nature come Mayor. more properly within the Department of

Electricity. Ald. Bennett moved to publish the

I would recommend that the vote by communication and to defer consideration

which the order was passed be reconthereon until the Committee on Local

sidered, that the order be amended by Transportation report ordinances to the Council for settlement of the street rail

striking out the words “Commissioner of

Public Works" and inserting in lieu way question.

thereof the words "Department of ElecAld. Dever moved to suspend the rules

| tricity,” and then be repassed. of the Council temporarily, for the pur

Yours respectfully, pose of considering the immediate adoption of the resolution.

E. F. DUNNE, After debate, the motion to suspend the rules was lost by yeas and nays as Ald. Race moved to reconsider the vote follows:

by which the order referred to in the Yeas—Kenna, Coughlin, Harding, veto message of His Honor, the Mayor, Dailey, Richert, Martin, Derpa, Fick, | was passed. Zimmer, Uhlir, Riley, Harkin, Beilfuss, The motion prevailed. Sitts, Dever, Powers, Bowler, Finn, Sulli

Ald. Race moved that the order be van, Krumholz, Blase, Herlihy, Burns,

amended in accordance with the veto O'Connell, Kohout, Nolan—26.

message of His Honor, the Mayor. Nays—Dixon, Foreman, Pringle, Mc

The motion prevailed. Cormick, Young, Bennett, Snow, Harris, Hurt, Cullerton, Hoffman, Ald. Race moved the passage of the Considine, Maypole, Smith, Nowicki, order as amended. Schermann, Brennan, Conlon, Stew The motion prevailed, and the order as art. Reese, Foell, Dougherty, Werno, amended was passed by yeas and nays as Jacobs, Hahne, Dunn, Williston, Lipps, follows: Reinberg, Siewert, Larson, Wendling,

Yeas-Kenna, Coughlin, Harding, Dixon, Golombiewski, Bradley, Roberts, Fisher,

Foreman, Pringle, Dailey, Richert, MarBadenoch, Hunt, Bihl, Race—40.

tin, McCormick, Young, Bennett, Snow, Ald. Cullerton moved to refer the Derpa, Harris, Fick, Scully, Hurt, Cullercommunication to the Committee on Local

ton, Hoffman, Zimmer, Uhlir, Riley, ConTransportation.

sidine, Harkin, Maypole, Smith, Beilfuss, The motion prevailed.

Nowicki, Schermann, Sitts, Dever, Bren


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