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comfort of being its own Reward; and that which was undertaken against the Inclinations to Mirth and Pleasure, out of a sense of Duty and Honour, to have little other Effect, than to become a Man's Characteristick, and by that Means to give a turbulent Air to all his other Pretensions, and even to sink the Agreeableness of the Friend and Companion, by the Appearance of


somewhat fuppos’d to be demanding in the Patriot

But why do I mention these things here? All the World is Witness that it hath been your Lordship's early Inclination to find out and encourage the Lovers of yourCountry, to comfort them under the Neglect of their Friends, and support them against the Resentment of their Enemies.

Your Lordship is produced by Providence, in


ani ample and flowing Fortune, to make a Stand for Honesty, and to preserve the Names of Virtue and Honour from Oblivion. Whoever has exerted hiinself for the Publick, is at your House a Friend and nefactor : Distinctions are, there, made by the Rule of Reason and Justice; a young and noble Heart, generously disposed by Nature, and fortified by Letters, can


a Be

determine, in spite of prevailing Fashion to the contrary, that Good and Evil are really diftinct Considerations and that to distinguish Virtuous Men is the best Knowledge of the World.

I could give a thoufand Instances of your Lordship's great Humanity this way, and of your having attained in your first Years to be the "Terror of Ill, and the Refuge of Good Men i What can Fond


ness, it self with more for a Man, than to have Wealth, and the best Sense in the use of it; than to be elegantly Delightful, artlessly Eloquent, discreetly Sin. cere, and judiciously Bountiful? Your Lordship will be transmitted to Futurity by the Profeffors of those Liberal Arts you Protect and Encourage. The Present I now make you can give me no Opportunity


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