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Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight,


In the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Rie. Seft. 9, 1594


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He object in preparing this book was to furnish a complete

edition of the statutory laws of the state of Indiana, of a general character now in force.

The amendments of and the additions to the General Statutes enacted by the legislative bodies of the state, which have convened since the publication of the Revision of 1881, are numerous and important.

In its preparation, the same general plan adopted by the revisers in 1881, which has now become so familiar to the profession and the general public, has been closely followed.

All the laws enacted since the Revision of 1881, amendatory of the Revised Statutes, as well as of the laws — not revised — published in connection therewith, will be found in their appropriate place throughout the book; where an old section has been amended or repealed it has been omitted and the new section inserted in its place with explanatory note stating when it took effect. To the several chapters have been appended supplemental chapters of annotations containing the more recent expositions of the several sections as they have been delivered, from time to time, by the supreme court. These notes of explanation are placed at the conclusion of the chapters to which they apply, and by the duplication of the section numbers and the index words of the sections referred to they are ready of reference, whether from the text of the chapters or by use of the index of the book.

The additions thus made, occupying several hundred pages of actual new legislation and annotation, has extended the work to two volumes. The first volume contains those chapters of more frequent reference and use, leaving to the second those miscellaneous statutes which are not so constantly questioned.

September 15, 1888.

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