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THE following papers are part of the stock in trade of a PROJECTOR, who is about to retire from business. They have been on view for some years in the GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, and are now offered for sale. While on view, the Proprietor was encouraged by many flattering requests to produce them in their present form; but whether these requests have led him into a mistake of which he will have cause to repent, or whether his compliance will be justified by an increased demand, are circumstances on which he cannot speculate. In their present state, they are not precisely what they were when first exhibited, While viewed in conjunction with articles of perhaps equal or greater importance, it was not for him to determine the exact share of

attention paid to them. To enable them, therefore, to stand alone, he has endeavoured to introduce many corrections and alterations, and has wholly omitted some articles, which either appeared trifling in themselves, or, from their temporary nature, were not quite consistent with his plan. He now leaves them to their fate, with the natural anxiety of one who has done his best, be it ever so little; and has only to add that the articles signed Old Bullion in N° 15 Quidnunc in N° 16 — Simon Somnus in N° 19. and Scipio Speculator in N26 were received from unknown Corre


London, Sept. 1, 1811.

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