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Sirups, drawbacks on

South America, postal relations with

South Carolina, collection of certain taxes in

Stanton River, Virginia

State, Secretary of:

Commercial and postal relations with South America .

Contingent fund of State Department

Diplomatic and consular service

Steel, report of board appointed to test

Sugars, drawbacks on ,.

Survey, coast and geodetic

Cost of certain


of C'ancy Fork River, Tennessco

of Chowan River, North Carolina

of Coast Lake

of coast of Long Island

of Pearl River

of Moss River .

of 100th meridian

of Licking River, Kentucky

Tonnage dues paid by certain steamship companies

Treasury, annual report of the

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Veto message, Chinese immigration


War, Secretary of:

Addie Walton, wreck of schooner

Allegheny River, survey of

Annapolis Harbor and Patapsco River, survey of

Annual Report of (volume 1)

Apalachicola River and Bay

Army, deficiency in pay of

Army, strength of

Burlington Harbor and Rush Chute, Iowa

California, certain harbors in

Caney Fork and Obey Rivers and Cumberland River in Kentucky

Clerks and contingent fund of Commissary-General's Office...

Chesapeake and Delaware Ship-canal:

Chickaswa, Pascagouln, and Flint Rivers

Cincinnati, harbor of refuge near

Conneaut Harbor, Ohio

Correspondent, wreck of schooner

Delaware Breakwater, harbor at

Delaware River, near Schooner Ledge

Engineers, annual report of the Chief of (vol. 2, parts 1, 2,

and 3)

Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, improvement of

Harlem River, New York

Illinois River and Illinois and Michigan Canal

Kankakee River

Kansas and Arkansas Rivers

Kentucky River and its tributaries

Kiskiminitas and Conemaugb Rivers

Lake Survey, cost of

Licking River in Kentucky, survey of

Louisiana, report of survey of certain lakes and bayous in

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War, Secret ary of:

Manasouon River, New Jersey

Mississippi River, improvement of the low-water navigation of

improvement of the Lower

sources of

survey of

improvement of navigation of Lower

duplication of the surveyson,l)y Coast Sur-

Missouri River, survey of, at Saint Charles

at Plattsmouth, Nebraska

at Cedar City, Missouri,

at Glasgow

Monongahela River

Muscatine River, Iowa, landing front at

Muskingum River, Ohio

Muscle Shoals Canal, JoTids on

Ordnance, annual report of the Chief of (volume 3)

Pearl and Tangipahoa Ri vers, survey of

Ijoint San Jose military reservation

Potomac River, Hats on

Red River, survey of

I anuah River, survey of

Shrewsbury River, survey of

San Francisco, improvement of Bay street

Signal-Officer annual report of the Chief (volume 4)

Stanton River, Virginia

Survey of certain rivers in Virginia and North Carolina

Survey of the 100th meridian

White River, improvement of

White, Saint Francis, L'Auguilla Rivers, Arkansas

Wisconsin and Fox Rivers improvment, damages

sources of

Wood paper-pulp, extension of patents for making

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