First Lessons in Spoken French, for Doctors and Nurses

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Universisty of Chicago Press, 1917 - French language - 137 pages
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Page 63 - ... je bats tu bats il bat nous battons vous battez ils battent...
Page 43 - Je vois, tu vois, il voit, nous voyons, vous voyez, ils voient. Je voyais, tu voyais, il voyait, nous voyions, vous voyiez, ils voyaient.
Page 113 - I may be, etc. (que) je sois tu sois il soit nous soyons vous soyez ils soient be (Ihau) sois let us be soyons be (ye) soyez Imperfect.
Page 50 - Je puis, or je peux, tu peux, il peut, nous pouvons, vous pouvez, ils peuvent. Je pouvais. Je pus, tu pus, il put, nous pmes, vous ptes, ils purent.
Page 61 - Numerals: 70-100. — soixante dix " onze " douze " treize " quatorze " quinze " seize " dix sept " dix huit
Page 4 - ... muscular tension, but is held loosely, are called lax vowels : an example is i in lip, lip. It is possible that the tension of the vocal chords may be a contributing cause of the distinction between vowels like i and i1.
Page 86 - Adjectives vary their terminations according to the gender and number of the noun to which they relate.
Page v - American doctors and nurses (1) to understand what may be said to them in French; (2) to make themselves understood in French; (3) to understand printed French. The facts and words of French are presented consistently in terms of sound, just as they will chiefly present themselves in France.
Page 113 - I may give (que) je donne tu donnes il donne nous donnions...
Page 64 - Pres. je connais, tu connais, il connait, nous connaissons, vous connaissez, ils connaissent...

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