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Entered according to Act of Congress, September 2d. 1831, by Robert H. Small, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.



The object of the Author, in the following work, has been to collect and digest the Law relative to Pleading and Evidence into the smallest compass, and under the most convenient arrangement.

The work, consequently, not only contains the general principles of the Law respecting Pleading and Evidence, and the forms of Civil Actions, but also the form of the remedy, the pleadings, and the evidence necessary for the support of every ground of action; likewise, the pleading and evidence necessary to the support of every defence, with the Precedents of most common use in all these cases.

The contents of the work are alphabetically arranged, each title containing such portions of the Law of Pleading and Evidence as are peculiar to it ;—this arrangement having been considered the most proper, to compress and simplify the work, as well as to render it more convenient for the purpose of reference.

The arrangement of each separate title is, as nearly as possible, uniformly the same ; and, wherever subdivision is required, is explained by the list of contents at the head of each. Whenever the laws of pleading and evidence have been combined, the arrangement of the title is as follows:-As regards the plaintiff,—first, his remedy is described ; then the law which governs the form of that remedy ; next, the form itself; and, lastly, the evidence required to support that form. As regards the defendant, a similar course is pursued: instructions are first given as to the choice of his plea; next, as to the manner of framing it ; and, lastly, the evidence required to support it.

The work, to those who are not familiar with such undertakings, will convey a very inadequate idea of the pains and time employed in composing it: they, however, who have experienced the trouble of such a task, will appreciate the difficulties attendant on it. The Author, therefore, hopes for their indulgence, if, in the multitude of points of which it treats, and of references which it contains, errors may have chanced to occur.

The Author has spared no labour to render the work of extensive practical utility, and has to acknowledge the kind assistance of some of his friends, whose knowledge and experience in the profession bave materially aided him in completing it.


Sept. 8, 1828.


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