Dramatists of the Restoration: John Crowne

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William Hugh Logan
W. Patterson, 1873 - English drama

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Page 4 - The Cruelty of the Spaniards in Peru ; exprest by Instrumentall and Vocall Musick, and by Art of Perspective in Scenes, etc.
Page 31 - I'ma stranger here; I was ne'er at one of these plays, as they say, before; but I should have seen " Jane Shore " once; and my husband hath promised me, any time this twelvemonth, to carry me to " The Bold Beauchamps,
Page 10 - And match'd in race the chariot of the sun, This Pythagorean ship (for it may claim Without presumption so deserv'da name, By knowledge once, and transformation now) In her new shape, this sacred port allow. Drake and his ship could not have wish'd from Fate A more blest station, or more blest estate ; For, lo ! a seat of endless rest is given To her in Oxford, and to him in heaven.
Page 20 - em the Red Bull stands empty for Fencers ; There are no Tenents in it but old Spiders : Go bid the men of wrath allay their heat With Prizes there.
Page 12 - The streights of Time too narrow are for thee ; Launch forth into an undiscover'd sea, And steer the endless course of vast Eternity ! Take for thy sail this verse, and for thy pilot me ! UPON THE DEATH OF THE EARL OF BARCARRES.
Page 79 - Whilst yet our world was new, When not discover'd by the old ; Ere beggar'd slaves we grew, For having silver hills, and strands of gold. Chorus. We danc'd and we sung, And lookt ever young, And from restraints were free, As waves and winds at sea.
Page 13 - Where Drake first found, there last he lost his name, And for a tomb left nothing but his fame, His body's buried under some great wave, The sea that was his glory is his grave.
Page 11 - Farewell all lands, for now we are In the wide sea of drink, and merrily we go. Bless me ! 'tis hot ! Another bowl of wine And we shall cut the burning line. Hey, boys ! She scuds away ! And by my head I know We round the world are sailing now.
Page 13 - the trumpets in doleful manner echoing out this lamentation for so great a loss, and all the cannons in the fleet were discharged according to the custom of all sea funeral obsequies.
Page 4 - Notwithstanding the great expense necessary to scenes, and other ornaments in this entertainment, there is a good provision made of places for a shilling.

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