Corpus Juris: Being a Complete and Systematic Statement of the Whole Body of the Law as Embodied in and Developed by All Reported Decisions, Book 2

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William Mack, William Benjamin Hale
American Law Book Company, 1915 - Law

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Page 58 - Neither actual occupation, cultivation nor residence, are necessary to constitute actual possession . . . when the property is so situated as not to admit of any permanent useful improvement, and the continued claim of the party has been evidenced by public acts of ownership, such as he would exercise over property which he claimed in his own right, and would not exercise over property which he did not claim.
Page 168 - color of title" is defined as follows: "What is meant by color of title? It may be defined to be a writing, upon its face professing to pass title, but which does not do it, either from a want of title in the person making it, or from the defective conveyance that is used — a title that is imperfect, but not so obviously so that it would be apparent to one not skilled in the law.
Page 7 - If it is colored, coated, polished or powdered, whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or if by any means it is made to appear better or of greater value than it really is; (7) If it contains any added substance or ingredient which is poisonous or injurious to health...
Page 127 - Possession per se evidences no more than the mere fact of present occupation by right, for the law will not presume a wrong; and that possession is just as consistent with a present Interest under a lease for years or for life as in fee.
Page 56 - By actual possession is meant a subjection to the will and dominion of the claimant, and is usually evidenced by occupation — by a substantial inclosure — by cultivation, or by appropriate use, according to the particular locality and quality of the property.
Page 55 - character and value of the property, the suitable and natural " mode of using it, the course of conduct which the proprietor " might reasonably be expected to follow with a due regard to his " own interests — all these things greatly varying, as they must, " under various conditions, are to be taken into account in " determining the sufficiency of a possession.
Page 2 - If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity...
Page 225 - No action for the recovery of real property, or for the recovery of the possession thereof, shall be maintained, unless it appear that the plaintiff, his ancestor, predecessor, or grantor, was seised or possessed of the premises in question, within twenty years before the commencement of such action.
Page 12 - Illicit carnal connexion is called by different names, according to the circumstances which attend it. Unaccompanied with any facts which tend to aggravate it, it is simple fornication.
Page 152 - Is not of the essence of the contract, the vendor may file his petition asking the court to require the purchaser to perform his contract or to foreclose and sell his Interest in the property.

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