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Of moral and natural evil.

Of the true principle of virtue.

Of the nature, Divine original, and authority of conscience.

The plea of an erroneous conscience distinctly consider'd, and argued.

The influences of the Spirit entirely persuasive and moral; and its fruits of the fame kind with the dictates of natural Conscience.

Of Anger.

The time when Christianity was made known proved to be the fittest, from the state and circumstances of the World.

The wisdom of God in the various ranks and subordinations of Human hfe.

The glory of God best promoted by the moral rectitude and happiness of his Creatures.

The folly of imitating popular and fashionable vices.

The sublimity and extent 6f Christian Morals.

Of sincerity, as opposed to prejudice.

Of the true idea and improvement of Human Life.

The kingdom of God, under the dispensation of the Gospel, not an external and ritual, but a moral constitution.

Universal charity the essence and life of religion.

The peculiar guilt and infamy of prevailing wickedness in an enlighten'd and polite age.



Printed for J. Noon, at the White-Hart in Cheapsidc, near Mercers-Chapel; and A. Millar, opposite to KatharineStreet in the Strand. MDCCXLIII.

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