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cactice Questions Answered Instantly. “ Clevenger's New York Practice," com-
** Supreme Court Practice,” “Rules of Civil Practice,” “Surrogate's Court

“ New York City Court Practice,” “ New York City Municipal Court Prac-
Justice Court Practice” and “ Court of Claims Practice,” is designed to give
answers to all practice questions, thereby serving the daily needs of the busy
by saving his time.
fext Changes Shown at a Glance. All new matter added by all Practice Acts is
in italics and all old matter omitted is shown in the Annotations under “ Editorial


Practice Acts Annotated Alphabetically. The special use herein of the simple

of a Star (*) makes it feasible to annotate alphabetically the precise point of
reported New York case by means of a headnote or Headline and a subnote or Sub-
'lowed by a Reading Note. Every Headline is made from the text of the Section
ated and is arranged in logical sequence. Every Subline indexes the subject matter
Reading Note, and is arranged alphabetically. The Headline and the Subline with
ding Note, taken together, state completely the precise point decided, and furnish
| logical analysis and an alphabetical index. The use of such device marks a distinct
e in the art of annotating statutes by avoiding the serious defect, heretofore
in all statutory annotations, of annotating the same or closely related matters

both affirmative and negative headings, like “Particulars granted” and “Par-
Irs not granted,” of dividing contrary views of the same or similar facts, even of
rating conflicting cases on precisely the same point, and of requiring the lawyer
ad all the cases under both headings to find all the law. Such a division of matter
ssarily sacrifices accuracy, clearness and conciseness, as well as time and efficiency,
is never justifiable. Such a defect is caused by using both affirmative and negative
lings; it may be avoided and all related matters be annotated under one heading,
using only affirmative headings and by using the Star (*) to denote the negative.
herein every heading or Headline is affirmative, like “Particulars granted"; the
ative is denoted by the Star (*), placed before the case cited, which means, reading
Sot” into the Headline, “Particulars not granted.” For illustration, all unstarred
ses show what particulars are granted, and all starred cases show what particulars

"not" granted.
All Features of a Treatise, Digest and Encyclopedia. The fundamental rules and
finciples of practice law are stated and annotated alphabetically, with all exceptions,
palifications, extensions, limitations, explanations, criticisms, reasons, history, etc.,
led with all the countless illustrations of the applications of such rules and principles
o the varying states of fact of litigated cases, all logically analyzed and alphabetically
padexed, thereby imparting the triple nature and quality of a treatise or text-book, an
haustive digest, and a concise but complete encyclopedia of all practice points.

Assistance Acknowledged. The Editor gratefully acknowledges his indebtedness to
Pliss Anna L. Johnson for her exceptionally intelligent and strictly accurate work in
-howing all text changes made by all Practice Acts by showing new matter in italies
and old matter in the Annotations, and for her critical care in revising the proof sheets.
Woolworth Building, New York.




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