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HOLY SCRIPTURES constructed anew, and shown to involve a system of re-
lations evidential of a Divine Plan. With an Appendix, containing the principal
Institutes of Chronology, and other Dissertations. By HENRY BROWNE,
M.A., Principal of the Chichester Diocesan Theological College. In the Press.

upon the Epistles for the Sundays, Fasts, and Holidays throughout the Year;

for the Use of Families. By the Rev. J. F. HONE, M.A., Vicar of Tirley. 6s,

An ILLUSTRATION of the METHOD of explain-
ing the NEW TESTAMENT by the Early Opinions of the Jews and

Christians concerning Christ. By WILLIAM WILSON, B.D., late Fellow of

St. John's College, Cambridge. Edited by THOMAS TURTON, D.D., Dean
of Westminster. A New Edition, carefully Revised. Octavo, 8s.

ONE MANIFOLD; or, the System of WHOLE and
PARTs; being an Attempt to establish the First Principles of UNIVERSAL
PHILosophy and UNIVERSAL ORGANIZATION, in accordance with the Divine
Economy, as displayed in the Structure and Administration of the World.

By the Rev. JAMES SHERGOLD BOONE, M.A., formerly Student of

Christ Church, Oxford. In the Press.

by Dr. BENTHAM, Reg. Prof. of Divinity at Oxford, corrected by Bishop
BUTLER, and now adapted to the early and the Oxford editions. By Rev. T.
BARTLETT, M.A., Author of the Life of Bishop Butler. 2s. 6d.

The WORKS of DOCTOR DONNE, Dean of St.
Paul's in the time of James I. and Charles I. With a Memoir. By HENRY
ALFORD, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Six Volumes,
Octavo, with a fine Portrait. 31. 12s.

We cannot forbear repeating Mr. Coleridge's question, “Why are not Donne's
Volumes of Sermons reprinted at Oxford?” Surely the character of some of his
juvenile poems cannot be the reason. Donne's Life is placed in a cheap form in the
Catalogue of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, and deservedly so, in
every respect. Why does Oxford allow one hundred and thirty Sermons of the
greatest preacher, at least of the seventeenth century—the admired of all hearers, to
remain all but totally unknown to the Students in Divinity of the Church of England,
and to the literary world in general? Quarterly Review, vol. Lix. p. 6.

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A JOURNAL of CLASSICAL LITERATURE. The first Number will appear early in 1843, and be continued Quarterly.

Communications may be addressed to the care of Mr. PARKER, West Strand.

A CLASSICAL LEXICON, for the Use of Students, containing an Account of all the Proper Names, Mythological, Historical, and Geographical, that occur in the Principal Writers of Greece and Rome. By LEONHARD SCHMITZ, Ph.D., late of the University of Bonn.

Several years have elapsed since this Work was first projected by a learned foreigner, and announced by the present publisher, but from an earnest desire to render it both correct and complete, its appearance has been from time to time deferred. The main difficulties have, however, at length been overcome, and such arrangements made with Dr. Schmitz as will ensure its publication at the earliest possible period.

The PUBLIC ECONOMY of ATHENs, by PROFESSOR BOECKH, of Berlin. Translated from the German by G. CORNEWALL LEWIS, Esq., A.M., late Student of Christ Church, one of the Translators of MULLER's Dorians. New Edition, Revised. Octavo, 18s.

A HISTORY of the ROMAN CONSTITUTION, from the Earliest Times down to the Age of Justinian, by PROFESSOR WALTER, of Bonn. Translated from the German by LEONHARD SCHMITZ, Ph.D., and WILLIAM SMITH, Ph.D. In the Press.

GALLUS; or, ROMAN SCENES of the AGE of AUGUSTUS: illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Romans; from the German of PROFESSOR BECKER, of Leipsic. In the Press.

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e - | CHARICLES; or, Illustrations of the PRIVATE LIFE and MANNERS of the GREEKS. From the German of PROFESSOR BECKER. To follow the publication of GALLUS.

PINDAR'S EPINICIAN ODES, and the FRAGMENTS of his LOST COMPOSITIONS, revised and explained. With Copious Notes and Indices, by the Rev. JOHN WM. DONALDSON, M.A., Head Master of the Bury School. Octavo, 16s.

By the Same,

The NEW CRATYLUS; or, Contributions towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek Language. Octavo, 17s.

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a Translation of the London Pharmacopoeia. By W.T. BRANDE, F.R.S. 15s.



A SYSTEM of LOGIC, Ratiocinative and Inductive; being a Connected View of the Principles of Evidence, and the Methods of Scientific Investigation. In Six Books. By JOHN STUART MILL. In the Press.

BIOGRAPHIA BRITANNICA LITERARIA, a LITERARY HISTORY of the UNITED KINGDOM, arranged in Chronological Order. Published under the Superintendence of the Royal SocIETY of LITERATURE. Volume I. The ANGLO-SAxon PERIOD. Octavo. 12s. To be continued.

The PHILOSOPHY of the INDUCTIVE SCIENCES, founded upon their History. By the Rev. WILLIAM WH EWELL, B.D., F.R.S., Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University. Two Volumes, Octavo, 30s.

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II. - * A HISTORY of the INDUCTIVE SCIENCES, from the Earliest Times to the Present. By PROFESSOR WHEWELL. Three Volumes, Octavo, 21. 2s.

POPULAR PHYSIOLOGY; familiar Explanations

of interesting Facts connected with the Structure and Functions of Animals, and particularly of Man. By the late Dr. PERCIVAL B. LORD, of the Hon. E. I. C. Service. Many Engravings. Second Edition, revised. 7s.6d.

The UNDULATORY THEORY, as applied to the DISPERSION of LIGHT. By the Rev. BADEN POWELL, M.A., F.R.S., F.R.A.S., F.G.S., Savilian Professor in the University of Oxford. Octavo, 9s., with a Coloured Chart of the Prismatic Spectra.


The JOURNAL of the STATISTICAL SOCIETY of LONDON. Published Quarterly, price 2s. 6d.

The JOURNAL of the ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND. Nos. I. to XXII. Price 6s, each. Continued occasionally. .

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