The Land of Manfred, Prince of Tarentum and King of Sicily: Rambles in Remote Parts of Southern Italy, with Special Reference to Their Historical Associations

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J. Murray, 1889 - Italy - 365 pages

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Page 355 - L' ossa del corpo mio sarieno ancora In co del ponte presso a Benevento, Sotto la guardia della grave mora. Or le bagna la pioggia e move il vento Di fuor del regno, quasi lungo il Verde, Dov' ei le trasmutò a lume spento. Per lor maledizion sì non si perde, Che non possa tornar l' eterno amore, Mentre che la speranza ha fior del verde.
Page 143 - From her glowing fingers through all their frame. She sprinkled bright water from the stream On those that were faint with the sunny beam ; And out of the cups of the heavy flowers She emptied the rain of the thunder showers.
Page 96 - For wheresoe'er I turn my ravished eyes, Gay gilded scenes and shining prospects rise, Poetic fields encompass me around And still I seem to tread on classic ground...
Page 164 - Twixt him and thee there's no difference. Vm.IX Borage and Hellebor fill two scenes, Sovereign plants to purge the veins Of melancholy, and cheer the heart, Of those black fumes which make it smart; To clear the brain of misty fogs, Which dull our senses, and soul clogs.
Page 125 - Ille terrarum mihi praeter omnes Angulus ridet, ubi non Hymetto Mella decedunt, viridique certat Bacca Venafro ; Ver ubi longurn, tepidasque.
Page 111 - As, to support incumbent floor or roof, For corbel, is a figure sometimes seen, That crumples up its knees unto its breast; With the feign'd posture, stirring ruth unfeign'd In the beholder's fancy; so I saw These fashion'd, when I noted well their guise. Each, as his back was laden, came indeed Or more or less contracted; and it seem'd As he, who show'd most patience in his look, Wailing exclaim'd: "I can endure no more.
Page 89 - ... the stormy ocean. He was the protector of the weak against the strong, of the poor against the rich, of the captive, the prisoner, the slave ; he was the guardian of young marriageable maidens, of schoolboys, and especially of the orphan poor.
Page 78 - Secondo lui, ravveduti que' popoli andavano dicendo: «O re Manfredi, noi non ti abbiam conosciuto vivo ; ora ti piangiamo estinto. Tu ci sembravi un lupo rapace fra le pecorelle di questo regno; ma da che per la nostra volubilità ed incostanza siam caduti sotto il presente dominio, tanto da noi desiderato, ci accorgiamo in fine che tu eri un agnello mansueto. Ora sì che conosciamo quanto fosse dolce il governo tuo, posto in confronto dell'amarezza presente.
Page 127 - Fumolo," the quantity of minute prickles on the fruit fall off. Frederick II. made several laws to improve the race of sheep in Apulia and extend the commerce in wool; and Queen Joan II. issued an edict in 1415 to relieve the guild of wool manufacturers from various imposts and taxes. I observed that some of the flock the old shepherd was guarding looked tired and hung their heads wearily. I asked whether they were ill, and he answered, "No, but I must get rid of them, because the Lauro has taken...

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