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No first Person.
Sing. am-a, am-áto, love thou, or do thou love

am-et, am-áto, love he, or let him love Plur. am-émus,

love we, or let us love am-áte, am-atóte, love ye, or do love am-ent, am-ánto, love they, or let them love.



1. Present Tense. Sing. am-em,

I may, or can love am-es,

thou may'st, or canst love am-et,

he may, or can love Plur. am-émus,

we may, or can love am-étis,

ye may, or can love am-ent,

they may, or can love.

2. Imperfect Tense. Sing. am-árem,

I might, or could love am-áres,

thou might'st, or could'st love am-áret,

he might, or could love Plur, am-aremus,

we might, or could love am-arétis,

ye might, or could love am-árent,

they might, or could love.

3. Perfect Tense. Sing. amav-erim,

I should have loved amay-eris,

thou should'st have loved amav-erit,

he should have loved Plur. amav-erimus, we should have loved arnav-eritis,

ye should have loved amav-erint,

they should have loved.

4. Pluperfect Tense. Sing. amav-íssem,

I would have loved amav-ísses,

thou would'st have loved amar-ísset,

he would have loved Plur. amav-issémus, we would have loved amay-issétis,

ye would have loved amav-íssent, they would have loved.

5. Future Tense. Sing. amav-ero,

I shall have loved amav-eris,

thou shalt have loved amav-erit,

he shall have loved Plur. amav-erímus, we shall have loved amav-erítis,

ye shall have loved amay-erint,

they shall have loved.

INFINITIVE MOOD. Present, and Imperfect Tense. am-āre,

to love. Perfect, and Pluperfect Tense. amay-ísse,

to have loved.

Future Tense. amatú-rum esse,

to be about to love.

[blocks in formation]

1. Present Tense, Sing. mon-eo, I advise, am advising, or do advise

mon-es, thou advisest, art advising, or dost advise

mon-et, he adviseth, is advising, or doth advise Plur. mon-émus, we advise, are advising, or do advise

mon-étis, ye advise, are advising, or do advise
mon-ent, they advise, are advising, or do advise.

2. Imperfect Tense.
Sing, mon-ébam, I did advise, or was advising

thou didst advise, or wast advising mon-ébat,

he did advise, or was advising Plur. mon-ebámus, we did advise, or were advising

mon-ebátis, ye did advise, or were advising

they did advise, or were advising.

3. Perfect Tense. Sing. monu-i,

I advised, or have advised monu-ísti,

thou advisedst, or hast advised monu-it,

he advised, or hath advised Plur. monu-imus,

we advised, or have advised monu-ístis,

ye adrised, or have advised monu-érunt, v. -ére, they advised, or have advised.


4. Pluperfect Tense. Sing. monu-eram,

I had advised monu-eras,

thou hadst advised monu-erat,

he had advised Plur. monu-erámus,

we had advised monu-erátis,

ye had advised monu-erant,

they had advised.

5. Future Tense. Sing. moné-bo,

I shall, or will advise moné-bis,

thou shalt, or wilt advise moné-bit,

he shall, or will advise Plur. mone-bimus,

we shall, or will advise mone-bitis,

ye shall, or will advise moné-bunt,

they shall, or will advise.


No first Person. Sing. mon-e, mon-éto, advise thou, or do thou advise

mon-eat, mon-éto, advise he, or let him advise Plur. mon-eámus,

advise we, or let us advise mon-éte, mon-etóte, advise ye, or do advise mon-eant, mon-ento, advise they, or let them advise.



1. Present Tense. Sing, mone-am,


may, or can advise mone-as,

thou may’st, or canst advise mone-at,

he may, or can advise Plur. mone-ámus,

we may, or can advise mone-átis,

ye may, or can advise mone-ant,

they may, or can advise.

2. Imperfect Tense. Sing, moné-rem,

· I might, or could advise mone-res,

thou might'st, or could'st advise mone-ret,

he might, or could advise Plur. mone-rémus,

we might, or could advise mone-rétis,

ye might, or could advise moné-rent,

they might, or could advise.

3. Perfect Tense. Sing. monu-erim,

I should have advised monu-eris,

thou should'st have advised monu-erit,

he should have advised Plur. monu-erimus,

we should have advised monu-eritis,

ye should have advised monu-erint,

they should have advised.

4. Pluperfect Tense. Sing. monu-íssem,

I would have advised monu-isses,

thou would'st have advised monu-isset,

he would have advised Plur. monu-issémus,

we would have advised monu-issétis,

ye would have advised monu-issent,

they would have advised.

5. Future Tense. Sing, monu-ero,

I shall have advised monu-eris,

thou shalt have advised monu-erit,

he shall have advised Plur, monu-erimus,

we shall have advised monu-eritis,

ye shall have advised

they shall have advised.
Present, and Imperfect Tense.

mon-ēre, to advise.

Perfect, and Pluperfect Tense. monu-ísse,

to have advised.

Future Tense. monitú-rum esse,

to be about to advise.

[blocks in formation]

2. Imperfect Tense. Sing. regé-bam,

I did rule, or was ruling regé-bas,

thou didst rule, or wast ruling regé-bat,

he did rule, or was ruling Plur. rege-bámus, we did rule, or were ruling rege-bátis,

ye did rule, or were ruling regé-bant,

they did rule, or were ruling.

3. Perfect Tense. Sing. rex-i,

I ruled, or have ruled rex-isti,

thou ruledst, or hast ruled rex-it,

he ruled, or hath ruled Plur. rex-imus,

we ruled, or have ruled rex-istis,

ye ruled, or have ruled rex-érunt, v. -ére, they ruled, or have ruled.

4. Pluperfect Tense. Sing. rex-eram,

I had ruled rex-eras,

thou hadst ruled rex-erat,

he had ruled Plur, rex-erámus, we had ruled rex-erátis,


had ruled rex-erant,

they had ruled.

5. Future Tense. Sing. reg-am,

I shall, or will rule reg-es,

thou shalt, or wilt rule reg-et,

he shall, or will rule Plur, reg-émus,

we shall, or will rule reg-étis,

ye shall, or will rule reg-ent,

they shall, or will rule.


ye, or do

No first Person.
Sing. reg-e, reg-ito, rule thou, or do thou rule

reg-at, reg-ito, rule he, or let him rule Plur. reg-ámus,

rule we, or let us rule reg-ite, reg-itóte, rule


reg-ant, reg-unto, rule they, or let them rule.


1. Present Tense. Sing. reg-am,


may, or can rule reg-as,

thou may'st, or canst rule,

he may, or can rule Plur, reg-ámus,

we may, or can rule reg-átis,

ye may, or can rule reg-ant,

they may, or can rule.

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