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was the afternoon of the day when I got no hair to wipe 'em, but I could wash reached her house, which was at some 'em with tears too, and they'd not be tears distance from my own. Following my of grief-no, but of love, like hers was, guide, I ascended to the topmost room, for He said to her-oh! did not his dear and found it meanly furnished, and so far lips say to her ?- Your many sins be all from cleanly as to render it unpleasant forgiven you : and has not He forgiven for me to remain. I saw lying on a bed mine, quite as many as hers ? and don't I before me, an aged female, with her grey love Him?" Then the big tears rolled hair matted about her head, her eyes dim down her furrowed cheeks, and her strong with age and disease, and her whole ap- emotions almost choked her utterance, pearance most painful and repulsive. while her hands were clasped together and

Mother,” said her son, “I have brought lifted up, as if she would have embraced à gentleman to see you.”—“Who is it ?” something which she alone could see. So she mumbled, " I don't know anybody, graphic were her descriptions, and so and can hardly see at all.” “I thought," animated was her manner, that I stood said I, turning to the son, “ that she beside her listening, as it were entranced, would not know me.” At the sound of and unmindful of all around me that had my voice, she started, and aroused herself, seemed unsightly and unpleasant. saying, “Oh yes, but I do. Ah ! you are The son had quitted the chamber and the gem'man that I ha' walked so many left us alone ; but she, as if heedless of a weary mile to listen to, and after my the presence of any one, and occupied walk on my old legs, I had always to with her own musings, went on, and once stand in the aisles, as you call 'eni, for or twice spoke as if she saw before her want of room ; but I didn't mind. Oh, the very individuals about whom she was often's the time when I waited to pull conversing. “Yes,” she exclaimed, “ the you by the sleeve as you came down ill-natured Pharisee—(ah! them be always from the pulpit and passed me, that I ill-natured to poor folks and sinners like might tell you how I loved you for talking me)- huffed her, and said, if the Master so much about my old friends and knew her, he wouldn't ha' let her come acquaintances ?" “Your old friends and so near Him :-wouldn't He ? Ah! he acquaintances ?" I inquired, “whom do didn't know Him, bless his dear lips and you mean? You and your friends are his tender loving heart ! No, says He, quite strangers to me." Why, I mean," she has much forgiven her; and didn't said she, “ Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He look into her heart, and tell her to go and them like. Dear me, didn't you in peace? Why, they put Him between often tell me how that good old man two thieves ! they thought to disgrace walked with God, when he went out not Him; but He took one on 'em to heaven knowing where he was going to? And with Him! didn't He make a jewel of how poor old Jacob lost his son-dear him? Ah, and He can make me one of Joseph ? They bound him fast in the his jewels ! But la, sir,” said she, just prison, and the iron entered into his soul ; then recognising my presence, how I ha’ and," continued she, as if talking to her been talking, and you here, who I've so self, “I've got a Joseph. He's far away wanted to bear talk again. Oh, do tell from me, and I shall see him no more, me more about my friends and acquaintbut I shall leave him this book” (a large ances (meaning the Old Testament saints), folio Bible, which had been purchased for I think about them all day and night, in separate parts, and which was lying and I go about with them and hear alí before her), “ I bought it for him a long their tales, and see how they wept and

I have got no other book, how they prayed; and I see the angels, only “ the Holy War," them be all I ever too, coming and talking to them, and had ; but him (directing her attention to then I talk to them, and they to me. And the Bible), I'll give him ; he'll find it I thinks it'll not be long before I do talk wetted in many places with his old to them really." So she went on till, mother's tears. Ah! don't you remeinber," having to attend an evening service, Í she continued," that poor dear creature reluctantly left the room, promising to who went into the house after Him, and see her the next day. Some pious females stood at his feet, and wash'd 'em with her repaired early the next morning to her tears, and wiped 'em with her hair ? I humble abode.

while ago.


“Ladies," said the person whom they man left her, but folded her hands upon " she scarcely spoke after the gentle | her breast, and died in the night.”


Spiritual Correspondence.


this latter illness, however, before the DEAR SIR,—Not knowing how to come heaviest part came, he saw fit to pour a in personal contact, I am constrained to flood of heavenly light into my wretched adopt this mode of communication.

soul, and what the law could not do for me, I wish to speak of the dear Lord's mercy his love did. He gently opened my heart, and and goodness to my poor needy soul, and by the cords of his love, drew me to him, to tell you how I have tasted of his good and melted me by his loving look of pity ness, and found Jesus precious ; for he has and compassion, that, for the first time, I graciously opened my blind eyes, turned my was made to shed tears of penitence. On darkness into light, and raised me, who was Sunday, 14th September last, he thus met dead in trespasses and sins from death unto with me-blessed be his holy name ! and on life. He has put a new song into my mouth, the following Tuesday my poor soul leaped and turned this desert into a fruitful field. for joy; for then I received pardon through

For the last three years, he has by his his precious blood, and had such a sense of blessed Spirit convinced me of sin, and my my own exceeding sinfulness, vileness, and state by nature,—bas at times made one feel unworthiness of my own heart, my helplessfrightened and alarmed at the thought of ness and utter depravity, and my incapabil. death and judgment, and I have been made ity of even thinking a good or pure thought, to fall upon my kuees and cry for mercy ; much less of fulfilling one tittle of God's but the next day perhaps the conviction was holy law, that my soul's nakedness for the gone, and I felt I was a sinner and no more. first time appeared to my view : but then

I read my Bible, and we always had a came deliverance. I was enabled then and family altar, and were seat holders at there to leave my sins at the foot of the Chapel for upwards of four years ; but sir, cross, to trust implicitly in Christ's precious now I see that this was nothing but form; blood and righteousness, and in the comthe heart was rotten at the core, unchanged pleteness and fulness of his all-sufficient unwashed, unregenerated and unsanctified, sacrifice. I felt what it was to be a new therefore unclean and not right in the sight creature in Christ Jesus, and also the power of God. At that time, if any one had told and force of those blessed words, “My peome that I was a sinner unsaved, although I ple shall be willing in the day of my felt it, I should, I am sorry to say, have been power.” offended, feeling so self-righteous that I saw Oh ! Sir, the blessed hour I felt my heart no beauty in King Jesus, that I should desire and conscience sprinkled with that precious him to reign over me. I tried to serve two blood I never shall forget. As I said before, masters : oved the world, and even the I received a sense of pardon, and the assurchains that bound me; yet at the same time ance of my sins being for ever blotted out, professedly followed Jesus. At last, how never to be remembered any more, there ever, I found no rest and nothing to satisfy and then, and went on my way rejoicing, that craving which the Lord by his Spirit having joy and peace in believing, and had had put within me. I felt, in fact, a longing such continual peace and joy, and a full and for something—an aching void that the world rich assurance that the work was the Lord's could not possibly fill; but thanks and praise and not man’s, for the next two months, be unto the Lord God of my salvation! he without even a ripple, or the least buffeting knew best how to break my stubboru, black, from Satan, that although heavy affliction rebellious heart, and he saw fit to humble came on quickly, I felt I could always read me, by laying upon me a very heavy afflic my title clear, and by his mercy say, " I tion, and laying me totally aside. At first I know whom I have believed,

and also, felt only hardened by it, and the affliction that “none of these things move me.” was unsanctified; but after a respite, just knew my Redeemer lived, and although as I thought I was getting well, the dear apparently near death, was in perfect peace Lord laid me low again, but in a far more and in a holy calm, resting alone upon my severe form; but in the commencement of dear Saviour's love and merits, desirous only of clinging to thatblessed Rock founded and a fountain of sin and uncleanness ; and before the foundation of the world. I my inward corruptions and foes are so found it blessed work to lie passive in his many, that the good I would do, I do not, hands, and to be shut in that blessed Ark, and what I would not do, that I do; and with a full and constant assurance, that my also that I who have received such mercy unworthy name was included in that

am continually prone to wander, that I blessed covenant of grace, ordered in all stand aghast at, such sin and ingratitude to things and sure.

the Lord,who has bought me by his precious In November last, I was entirely laid life and blood. I know I have had, and aside ; and during that time, after the most still have, great debts to pay, but nothing perfect calm and sunshine of God's counte- to pay with; but Christ my Surety has nance and presence with me, I was suddenly paid them all, and set me free from sin and attacked by the enemy; and never was my the curse of the law. soul more distressed or surprised. I felt I have been trying to wait until I ex. then, in reality, to know by experience that perienced more fitness to join the church, there was a devil who tried to worry those but I find this to be utterly useless. My whom he could not destroy; and since that heart will not let me rest in my disobedience time, after seasons of great joy, and when any longer. My dear husband went to sometimes I felt quite lifted out of this Zion Chapel and heard you the first Sunday world, as it were, the enemy has come in after your return, and comforted me with apparently with power equal to the joy I the account of the outline of your sermons, had just received ; but then it made me and we both said, “Ah, that will do, that cry unto the dear Lord more and more, and is the preaching we need.” The word came he graciously heard my cry, and enabled with power to his soul, and my sister's also. me to lift up the banner of his love, so that An improved condition of health enabled at the sight of that the enemy has fled. I me to hear you last Sunday week; and I have been, however, attacked over and over had a feast of fat things from Isaiah. The again, and tempted to believe I was an text was, “But to this man will I look," hypocrite, and that it was not God's work &c. Your description of the Lord Jesus at all, but only excitement; and one whole Christ's look upon the contrite sinner told week I was in entire darkness—felt dead, home to my heart. Last Sabbath I heard lifeless, and withered, and I thought,--ah, you with profit, and stayed with my husband then, it is true after all! I have not been to the ordinance. You said, if any of the born again of the Spirit, and do not love the spectators were partaking of the feast Lord at all; for if I did, I should not feel spiritually, why not physically ? and bade like this ; for surely the Lord's chosen and such remember that the master did not say redeemed children cannot feel like this, – Look only, but " Take, eat," &c.; and also, and my mind was much exercised thereby. “ If ye love me, keep my commandments ;" But again was the dear Lord's goodness and I felt inwardly rebuked for my dis. greater to me than my fears, and his pre- obedience to my Lord's commands; and sence was afforded, and I found grace to this caused me to desire an interview with help me in time of need. Appropriating you. faith was again bestowed, and my soul was Will you kindly inform me how and enabled to lay hold of the promises of his when I may have the pleasure of meeting blessed word. But, dear Sir, I have since with you? I am, dear sir, yours most then realized indeed the sad, overwhelming respectfully, fact, that the heart is desperately wicked,

A. E.



A Poetic Paraphrase, and an occasional Com-
mentary upon the Book of Canticles. No. XVIII.

Verses 9, 10.-" King Solomon made himself a

chariot of the wood of Lebanon. He made

the pillars thereof of silver, the bottom thereof
of gold, the corering of it of purple, the
midst thereof being paved with love, for the
daughters of Jerusalem.
King Solomon a chariot made,

Of fragrant cedar rare;
Its floor with burnish'd gold was laid,

Its pillars silver were;
Imperial purple richly lined,

And shaded it above;

Divine and human skill combined,

Than topaz, ruby, or the diamond's sheen, To pave its midst with love.

That gleam from coronals of th' worldly great. O chariot, where heaven's King doth ride, REDEMPTION's glowing diadem is his; Resplendent moving throne!

This will he wear upon his nuptial day, Built for the church, Immanuel's bride; When the great multitude, with glad acclaim, * And built for her alone!

And voice outsounding ocean's anthem loud,

Their Allelnia chorus shall prolong. What doth this mystic chariot mean?

Arrayed in linen, fine, and white, and clean, Blest Spirit answer me !

The righteousness that clothes the saints of Gud, Cast on the sacred page thy beam,

The bride shall soar to meet the absent Lord; That I thy truth may see.

And know the blessedness of those who sit " This chariot is the cov'nant strong,

To grace the marriage-supper of the Lamb.t Made through Jehovah's grace,

Go forth ye burden d ones, the world's despised, Which bears the saints securely on,

E'en now the day of Christ's espousals dawns, To heaven, their dwelling place.”

The gladsome day of your espousals tou. O, chariot of immortal love,

The Saviour then “ Jerusalem above," I Thy wheels of glory roll,

The “Mother of us all,” shall joyous crown. And waft, to yon bright world above,

The saints shall take their chaplets from their My longing, fainting soul.

brows, God's promises, like pillars made,

Wreath a bright coronet, and grateful twine Bright, beautiful, and sure;

The temples that were once impierced with

thorns. Jes the firm foundation laid, For ever will endure;

That wedding day! its gladness who can tell ? The covering of his precious blood

When Bride and Bridegroom on one throne

shall sit, Hides all my guilt from view;

And angel voices sing their marriage song.
This purple covering shields from wrath,
And yields sweet comfort too.

Day of espousals of King Solomon ! 0, chariot of celestial fire,

Day of the gladness of his gracious heart ! I upwards soar with thee;

Day of the triumph of his blood-bought bride! And to those radiant heights aspire,

O how my panting spirit yearns for theels
Where I my Lord shall see!
Verse 11.-"Go

forth, O ye daughters of Zion, LINES ON THE DEATH OF MR. GEORGE and behold King Solomon with the crown

WALKER, wherewith his mother crowned him in the day Who was drowned at Haversham Mills on the of his espousals, and in the day of the glad

night of the 29th of Jan., 1869. Mr. Walker ness of his heart.

was a consistent member of the Baptist Church Ye who are newly taken from the world,

worshipping at Newport Pagnell. And by grace planted in God's garden fair, *

'Twas in that dark and dreadful night,
virgin chaste, young converts to the truth

When the rude tempest roar'd,
Who feel fresh love, as lately born of God,
Let not the chariot engross your sight,

And the wild waters rose in might,

And rain in torrents pour'd,
In which, unto the spirit land, ye ride:
"T'is passing rich, and meet to call forth joy; Our dear beloved Brother George
But far before this workmanship Divine

Met his unlooked-for end;
Is he who made it; Architect of all,t

His Lord in a most solemn way
This royal chariot has enchain'd your eyes,

Did for his servant sendi
But you may look upon the Monarch too:
The chariot of the King your love commands,

Not in a chariot of fire,
Then what the person of the King himself?

As for his seer of old, Go forth then, daughters of Jerusalem,

But by the mighty water-floods Descend the mountain-sides of carnal pride,

He brought him to His fold. Enter humility's perfumed vale;

Dear WALKER, he had sped his way
Blest contemplation's sacred summit climb;

Along the path Divine,
Take Faith's perspective glass and gaze afar. He wrought while it was called day;
Behold the scene of which the prophets sang, The glory, Lord, be thine.
The wondrous glories of the coming time!

He mourn’d the evils of his heart,
Behold the King, in peerless beauty crown'd;+

And felt the plague of sin, The coronation of the once-slain Lamb!

He labour'd from this foe to part,
Go forth! go forth! Behold our Solomon,

For Christ was form'd within.
In regal grandeur, in his chariot comes,
To claim his bride, and take his ransom'd home! The church connected mourn his loss,
The MEDIATORIAL crown his brow adorns,

His class, they miss their guide,
Flashing with jewels dug from earth's dark mine; His widow feels the bitter cross,
With “living stones,"l! of beauty rarer far

Though for her Jesus died.

* Chap. iy. 12.

* Rev. xix. 6.

+ John i. 3. Isa. xxxiii. 17. || 1 Peter ii. 5.

+ Rev. xix. 8, 9. Gal. iv. 26. $ Psa. xlvii. 1.

She is not left as without hope,

Grace was his blissful theme,
His hopes were fixed on Christ the Rock,

Who did his soul redeem.
Then cheer up, brethren, all is well,

He's only gone before;
His joy and triumph pone can tell-

Let's solemnly adore.
Stantonbury, Feb. 9. W. B. STRANGE.

WE trembling and astonished stand
To see God's wonder-working hand

Cut down the fruitful tree,
And leave the barren camber-ground
Where leaves are only to be found,

Oh what a mystery !
Alas for Zion ! let her weep,
When men like Stephen fall asleep;

Such friends she has but few.
He, like a brazen pillar stood
In the support of all that's good,

And holy, just and true.
Death, why didst thou strike him so soon ?
It is as if the sun at noon

Refused to give his light.
These children, why should they be left?
And why the widow thus bereft?

Great God, can it be right?

Hush, ye rebellious thoughts ! be still,
Bow to Jehovah's sovereign will,

For though he cause us pain,
He is incapable of wrong,
And it will not be very long,

Till He make all things plain.
We would have kept, for many years,
Our brother, in this vale of tears,

But ours is selfish love:
The knife that cuts us to the heart,
Cut all dear Stephen's bands apart

That he might soar above.
If Moses must depart to-day,
The Lord will send a Joshua

To take his place to-morrow.
Or, if he for Elijah calls,
His mantle on auother falls-

Israel, cease thy sorrow.
Our Jesus, in abundant grace,
Makes in our hearts a vacant place

Which he will come and fill;
And thus afford a sweet relief,
And compensate for all our grief,

And whisper, “ Peace, be still."
He will be Husband, Father, Friend,
Will love, provide for, and defend,

By all-sufficient grace.
And then, in the appointed day,
We, too, shall quit this mortal clay,
To see his lovely face.

J. S. A.


The Fifty Years' Struggle of the Scottish | years, and who lived to see what was Covenanters. By J. DODD. Houlston

treason in 1680, to be reason, law, and and Wright.

settlement in 1688. In 1680, Richard This book has come into the world just Cameron returned from Holland to Scotwhen it was wanted-bearing a marvellous land, to duty, suffering, and martyrdom. contrast with books of a latitudinarian Rallying round him the bolder spirits of kind, and serving to check that mercenary the age, he formally renounced allegiance tergiversation, which sets a premium on to the Stuart Dynasty, and on the 22nd dishonesty and sells out truth at a dis- of June, in company with twenty of his count. Of late we have been so thoroughly companions, rode slowly up the main street disgusted with the conduct of public men, in the ancient burgh of Sanquhar, where at who have made merchandize of religion, the cross on the market-place, his brother and knocked dowu their principles to the Michael, read amidst the breathless silence highest bidder, that we turn to this well- of a gathered multitude, a paper, afterwritten volume with no ordinary feelings wards called the Sanquhar Declaration. of relief and pleasure. Here we feel a Fearful times followed : times still referred sacred glow, in presence of an altar con- to with a shudder, as the “killing times of secrated to the essential principles of civil Scotland.” But the Cameronian Covenan. and religious liberty, ---the ornaments and ters had sealed the doom of the reigning glory of genuine Christianity : an altar that monarch. Charles foamed and died. James bore upon its bosom the fire of God, which stepped into the throne, intending to estabofttimes paled and waned, but which many lish personal government and Roman waters could not quench vor wintry blasts Catholicism. The effort failed, revolution destroy. All honour to men whu braved ensued, and the "bloody” house of the the brand-storm of persecution for fifty Stuarts passed away.

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