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Then this precious word is backed up by a sweet promise, “I will help thee," a wonderful condescension, a mysterious revelation : it comes just when and where needed. Jesus said to his disciples, “It is I: be not afraid.” “I will help thee.” Subjects of fear, here is a promise for you. The poet said

• In darkest shades, if he


My dawning is begun.' Light, life, and liberty spring forth at the appearance of Jesus ; salvation is in that glorious One. “ I will,” and who can frustrate that will? Who can stand against it? “I will create," “ I will destroy,” “I will bless," " I will work," and who shall hinder ?—Who? Perhaps we have tried, Satan has, the world does, old nature tries, but “I will,” is the same for ever and ever. What a rock for foundation !- the will and purpose of our covenant God. Storms and tempests may rise, winds and waves may beat, and the mighty billows may roll, but this foundation and superstructure is immoveable. “ I will,” for the helpless! Help, help, for the helpless! God helps to think, to desire, to believe, to pray, to rejoice, to praise, to love. God helps to creep, to walk, to run, yes, and sometimes to mount. Jesus said to his disciples, “Without me, ye can do nothing." How true is this, creature help is sometimes necessary (though not to salvation), but Jesus' help is always necessary, for temporals as well as spirituals : he helps us into life, and helps us all through life. Nothing can be done without it; and it is Divine, suited to the fearer, and adapted to the helpless, to every one. It is timely, constant, aud enduring ; it is food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, riches to the poor, rest to the weary, strength to the weak, salvation from sin, deliverance from law, curse and condemnation, yea, it is everlasting life to the dead.

That little word thee, comprehends a very great deal,—the universal church of Jesus Christ, an innumerable host; Jacob or Israel, of whatever nature or clime, they are the seed of Abraham, the seed of God, the favourites of Jehovah, chosen, sanctified, redeemed, justified, loved with an everlasting love, and not as a whole merely, but individually, personally, eternally, and experimentally, to each and every one ; yea, the little, weak, and despised one, -not one is forgotten by “our Father.”

Some that read these few sentences may begin to reason and doubt within themselves, as to whether they are partakers of this precious grace, help. They say, All that you have said is true, and I can endorse it, but the question is with me, Am I one of them ? The answer is, You never would have felt the anxiety about it if you were not of them; the very longing of your soul after this unspeakable blessing, help, is an evidence that the seed of grace is implanted, and this seed will increase and multiply, for the work of grace never ceases.

The worldly professor and ungodly, do not want help ; they are strong in themselves, they often make use of a false phrase in heart, lip, and life,—"God helps them that help themselves ;" but God's way is to bring his own to feel their need of help, and then he says to them, God is thy refuge and strength : a very present help in every time of trouble,--the trouble first-then the help. There may be others who can say, to the glory of his precious name, Hitherto the Lord hath helped me ; Well, what he has done, he can do,-he will do. The consolation is that God hath promised, and he always fulfils his promise : “God is faithful.”

I hope I have not trespassed too much upon your time and patience. These are just a few thoughts that sprung up in my mind, I trust by the Spirit's unction. They are at your disposal, and inay God Almighty accompany the same with his rich blessing, and he shall have the glory. Numb. vi. 24, 25, 26.

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Paul's THREE DESIRES.—The apostle had three great desires, and each centred in Christ :- The first was, to be found in Christ (Phil. iii. 9). The second was, to magnify Christ (Phil. i. 20). The third was, to be with Christ (Phil. i. 23). Each was realized.


THE COMMUNINGS OF CHRIST AND | In countless numbers on thy neck are seen. HIS CHURCH :

Jewels bright and rare, in beautiful array, A Poetic Paraphrase, and an occasional Com

The love gifts of thy Lord, thy necklace form, mentary upon the Book of Canticles. No. XXI. Of heavenly workmanship and matchless worth,

The doctrines of my word, like golden chains, By J. W. COLE, BRAUNSTON, RUGBY.

Spangled with priceless pearls of sacred truth, CHAPTER IV.

Attractive glistens on thy neck divine. Verse 4.-" Thy neck is like the tower of David, Borne by the heralds of Jehovah's grace,

All those who love to hear the joyful news builded for an armoury, whereon there hang, Who on the battlements of Zion sound a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men."

The silver trumpets of their much-loved King, Thy neck, erect and firm, and fairly formed, Extol the ornaments and use the arins Is, to my sight. like David's armoury,

That on thy tower-like neck continual hang. Zion's stronghold, where the mighty hang their

shields, And find their weapons in the time of war.

TREASURE IN HEAVEN. Ambassadors divine thy neck compose;

"Where the treasure is, there will the heart be These all exalt their Saviour, Christ their Head;

also." And, from the Head, through them is food conveyed,

No longer now for pleasure To feed the body, and sustain the church :

I vainly seek on earth, They, from myself, derive their soul's support,

In heaven is my treasure The saints, from them, their nourishment obtain.

Of vast, of untold worth; Not as a bowing wall, or tottering fence, *

Earth's scenes are bright and thrilling, That feels the force of every passing gale,

But very soon must fade;
Is thy well-fashioned neck, my gentle bride; The heart with joy now filling,
But, as a citadel, compact and strong,

Anguish may soon invade.
Bravely appears, through strength ensured by me.t

'Tis sweet at noon to wander All my sent messengers are men of war,

Beside some silvery stream, They quail not at the gaze of carnal eyes,

On joys gone by to ponder, But bold appear before a frowning world.

Like some forgotten dream. With weapons keen, well furnished for the fight,

While leafy trees are shading Immovable and prominent they stand,

From Sol's effulgent ligbt; As a fair fortress that is seen afar.

But autumn comes, and fading,
They bend not at the noise of flattering lips,

They wither in our sight.
Nor ask the favours of the earthly great,
But bravely meet the onslaught of all foes,

But there's a river flowing,
That seek to rob Immanuel of his own,

Of life that never dies,
Or harras souls who hang their hopes on him. And fadeless trees are growing,
The tower of David stood for stacks of arms,

Along its banks they rise : and on its walls a thousand bucklers hung,

There saints now tell their story
Armour of nobles, “shields of mighty men;"— Of free redeeming grace;
So thy fair neck the panoply contains,

And Jesus is heaven's glory,
In love provided by the Lord of hosts,

The Sun of Righteousness.
For all wbo under Jesus' banner fight.
The ramparts of King David's arsenal gleamed

Earth's riches all are passing,
With flashing harness of Judea's sons ;-

And soon may fly away, So thy fair neck is hung with furnished arms,

Its beauties time defacing, With which the spiritual wage deadly war,

They'll sink into decay: On denizens of the infernal pit. $

But in that land so glorious, These tempered arms are goodly to behold,

Where nothing can corrode, Girdles of truth, the loins which strengthen well,

The saints, o'er death victorious, Bright breastplates of inputed righteousness,

Are changeless, like their God. That ne'er were yet pierced by Apollyou's spear,

And friendship here is dying, Sandals of gospel peace that give firm tread

'Twill pass away in grief, To all who wear them on life's thorny road,

It often leaves us sigbing Shields that withstand all Satan's fiery darts,

When most we need relief; And blunt the arrows of the strife of tongues, S

But Jesus loves for ever
The Spirit's sword that valiant soldiers wield,

The souls that trust in him,
And rout therewith the gathering hosts of hell,
And burnish'd helmet of salvation strong,

Nought cau them from him sever,

His love will ne'er grow dim. With nodding plume, spotless as driven snow, All weapons to withstand the soul's fierce foes, Jesus, thy love to sinners

Constrains to love again; * Psa. lxii, 3. † Psa. xxxvii. 39. 1 2 Cor. x. 4. Ś Psa. xxxi. 20.

|| Eph. vi, 13–17. 11 Eph. i. 10,

Of life thou'st made us winners,

When under temptation my soul is cast down, With thee iu bliss to reign:

And on me my Saviour appeareth to frown, Thou art the life of heaven,

Then led by thy Spirit to thee will I cry,
The joy of saints above,

“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” Thou hast our sins forgiven, Our “ Treasure” is thy love.

When death apprehends me to bear me away, E. P. To regions of bliss where love bears the sway,

Then soaring in triumph, to thee will I cry, LINES ON PSALM LXI. 2.

“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” BY T. ATTWOOD.

And when I'm safe landed in glory above, When within me my heart is o’erwhelmed with I'll join the blest song with those that I love,

And singing salvation to thee will I cry, grief, And I to the Saviour repair for relief,

“Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I." From the end of the earth to thee will I cry," Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

When sorrows encompass my pathway around,
And comfort no more in the creature is found,

How dim and indistinct the past becomes,

As times advance, pregnant with events, In the depths of distress to thee will I cry,

And with a resolute majestic hand, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

Obliterates the memory of years. When losses and crosses my path still attend, Days come, they tell their tale, and pass away, And persons prove foes who once were my friends, They sink in distance and oblivion; In these tribulations to thee will I cry,

Or, like a dream, from memory recede. “ Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.” Not so the time when first affection burned When walking in darkness, 'midst thousands of Within my breast, towards a pardoning God; fears,

Succeeding blackness, tempest, wrath and sin, My couch, like to David's, well wetted with tears, and apprehensions of eternal woe, In those painful seasons to thee will I cry,

Like eastern glory at the opening day, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

And o'er my soul harmonious stillness reigned.

His revelation of salvation's words, When brought very low through affliction and Their endless form, and promises expressed, pain,

Brought me sweet happiness; Though in my frail body diseases should reign,

Though now to changeful periods resigned, With pain still increasing, to thee would I cry,

To mournful numbers, and a harp unstrung. “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”




pit is not a thing of man's device. It is a LET us seek to prize the means of grace Divine institute. The speaker is an amwhile we have them. In a country which bassador in his Master's name, charged is the reputed palladium of liberty, with a vast mission from the court of where the greatest of all liberty, the liberty high heaven, and the house of God is the of the truth, has been purchased by the appointed audience-chamber. God does blood of our fathers, -the time we trust, not indeed (nay, far from it), forsake the with God's help, may never come when “ dwellings of Jacob.” The lowliest cotthese bulwarks will be overthrown, when tage-home may become a Bethel, with a our sanctuaries will be closed, our Bibles ladder of love, set between earth and proscribed, our Sabbaths blotted from heaven, traversed by ministering angels ! the statute-book, and bigotry, in league The secluded sick-chamber may become a with rampant infidelity, again forge Patmos, bright with the manifestation of the chain and rear the dungeon. But, re- the Redeemer's presence and grace! But, member, that protracted sickness or disease nevertheless, “ Thy way, O God, is in the may overtake us, and debar us from the sanctuary.The promise remains, “ I will precious blessing of the public sanctuary. make my people joyful in my house of Yes, I say, the public sanctuary! God's prayer.” It is the solemn "trysting-place," appointed ordinances can never be super- the pledged ground of the covenant interseded or rendered obsolete by human communion. “THERE I will meet with substitutes. Some may urge that books, thee, and commune with thee from off my now-a-days, are better than any preaching, mercy-seat !" "The Lord loveth the gates that the press is more potent and eloquent of Zion!! How goodly are the tents, O than any living voice. But church or pul. Jacob! and thy tabernacles, O Israel !"

Reader, let me ask, How stands it with hortations, may become hallowed magnets, you? Are you conscious of a reverential drawing you nearer and binding you closer regard and attachment to God's holy place? to the mercy-seat? Oh, let not the boon of Does the return of the Sabbath awake in Sabbath privileges degenerate into an your heart the old melody of the sweet empty form, the mere pageant of custom. singer of Israel: “This is the day which Let the Sabbath hours be sacredly kept, the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be let their lessons be sacredly treasured. glad in it!" Do you go to the solemn Let their close find you a Sabbath day's assembly, not to hear the messenger, but journey nearer heaven. Let their hallowed the message ; not to pay homage to a piece fragrance follow you through the week, of dust (the vilest and most degraded form let them be landmarks in the pilgrimage, of idolatry), but feeling yourself a beggar towering behind you the further you go, in the sight of God. Do you ap like Alp piled upon Alp, flushed with proach it as the place of prayer, over which roseate light, guiding and cheering you the cloud hovers, laden with spiritual bless- when low down in the valleys of trial and ings? Do you go to it as the house of God, sorrow, and when called to descend the seeking fellowship and communion with last and gloomiest valley of all. the Father of spirits, desiring that all its

J. R. MACDUFF. services, its devotions, and praises, and ex

Spiritual Correspondence.

A LETTER TO A YOUNG INVALID. and Satan tempts you to fear, think of

MY DEAR YOUNG FRIEND,-I was very George, and what grace did for him, and pleased to find by your letter that you were remember it can do the same for you. still in the land of the living, for when I Should it be the Lord's will to raise you wrote to you I had my fear lest your resi- up, and grant you health to enjoy life, I dence should have been changed to a land shall be glad, and I pray that you may where the postman could not find you. enjoy much communion and fellowship But why should I have feared your de- with the Lord Jesus. parture, and why should you be unwilling The object for which that great and good to go ? Did Christ die for you? And has man Paul lived, was, that he might know the Holy Spirit quickened your once dead Christ; and if he was not ashamed to live soul, and made sin a burden to you, and for such an end, why should we? We taught you to cry for mercy? Then you need not only to know there is a Christ, need fear death no more than you would a but to be on terms of friendship with him. dark passage leading to a splendid mansion. He is the best company, for his words are For God is your Father, and heaven is your words of wisdom, and cause our hearts to home, and Jesus Christ is your elder burn with love. He is the best friend, for Brother, who has gone before you to get he takes an interest in all that concerns us, all things ready for your reception, and and is never weary of hearing us tell out will come again to meet you and guide you our sorrows; moreover he is able to help up to your high abode. Then there will be and to comfort us, and even to make us an end of pain; that poor weak body of rich in wealth which will outlive time yours which you have not been able to itself. He is the nearest and should be the drag about for so many months will be as dearest relation we have. Do you want beautiful as Christ, and nimble as a lark. the love of a mother!—“As one whom his Still it is natural to cling to life, and I do mother comforteth, so will I comfort you not know that it is sinful, so long as we are (Isa. lxvi. 13), saith the Lord. Do you not rebellious against the Lord's will. want the tender care of a father?" Like Flesh shrinks from the pangs of separating as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord from earthly friends. But grace is able pitieth them that fear him. For he knownot only to make us willing, but glad to eth our frame; he remembereth that we are go. I was not surprised to hear of the dust” (Psa. ciii. 13, 14). Yes, dear child, he death of G. P., and was thankful to know knoweth your frame, how weak it is, and that his end was peace.

Well do I re- how you have suffered. Do you want the member his prayer at the new year's constant affection of a husband |—"Thy weeting, which caused me to feel a great Maker is thy husband; the Lord of hosts uniou of soul to him. When you are ill, is his name” (Isa. liv. 5). Do you thirst

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for the fond love of a brother !—"Jesus exclaim, Why me, thus honoured! But it “ is a friend that sticketh closer than a is the Lord's doing, and marvellous in our brother” (Prov. xviii. 24). Oh what sweet, eyes. But there had long been a shadow what dear relationships he sustains to those cast over my humble home, in the form of who love him, and I pray that you may consumption, slowly, yet surely, eating away know him in those relationships. Let it be a life, and that of our youngest child and the aim of your life, and he will more than daughter, who for six or seven years had make up for all you may lose for his sake. | been declining under its power; and though

I trust you continue better, and are able we had declined to bope for favourable to get to the house of God, and find it good changes, yet, when the blow came, it fell to be there, and with our united Christian heavily. And so she, who for the last time love to yourself and all your circle, believe went beyond the precincts of the house to me as ever, your affectionate friend in the witness her brother's baptizing, the last Lord Jesus,

Thursday in April,—the last Thursday in

J. S. A. May, laid in the silent repose of the last P. S.-Ask Alfred how Mr. Ripley's enemy Death: he did his work at the

Lord's bidding, and the prisoner was rebantam crows; he will know what I mean.

leased from the clog of sin and disease, and I hope the poor bird's comb is not cut !

passed, as in a childlike slumber, to be for

ever with the Lord. Truly it has been LIGHT AND SHADE.

a sanctified time to my soul, and I trust to

others as well. In this I am able to see “In the day of prosperity be joyful; in the wise and benevolent arrangement of the day of adversity, consider.” Thus

my heavenly Father,—the tender plant spake the word of truth to the sons of taken out of all the storms of an evil God; and it will even be the wisdom of world before the parents who had so tenhis children to observe the Lord's doings, derly loved and cared for her,—thus being who alone is excellent in wisdom, doing spared the trying feelings of leaving so wonders, and who is pleased to intersperse weak a vessel to a boisterous ocean. Neverour path with variety that we should be theless, I doubt not, even then, my merciful well-disciplined in his word of promise, God would have equalized the load, acand be looking for the realization of the cording to his word; and he did sweetly things that God has covenanted to give to enable me to say, “The Lord gave, and the his people; and among that family, of Lord taketh away : blessed be the name of whom I trust I form an unworthy section, the Lord.” it bas been my lot to experience many We laid her mortal remains with her changes, yet, believing that all are working dear brother's, who died, 1865 (aged 17 together under the all-wise arrangement of years) in Jesus, in the City of Londou God, for my good and his glory, and Cemetery, Ilford. Our young brother thinking it might possibly be some good to Griffin, of Jireh, spoke to us and the many the followers of Jesus to hear of some of friends assembled, in a very solemn, faithhis wonderful work, I have ventured to put ful, and comforting manner, and as we left pen to paper.

the grave, mingled tears and groans toThen, first, as to light. It was my un- gether. My soul felt as wax under the speakable privilege, on the last Thursday softening hand of God. I inwardly exin April, to baptize my eldest son with claimed, " It is well.” another young man, at West Ham. It

Yours faithfully in Jesus, truly was a solemn time to me, as well as

W. BRACHER. & touching scene, many were greatly moved, and, I trust, profited. I could well Field-road, Forest-gate, E., June, 1869.


Compensation of Ecclesiastical Persons in tion entitled to compensation from the the Irish Church. By CHARLES CROSSLIE. State ?” “When,” he says, “ those servants Collingridge.

entered the service of that institution, The author of this pamphlet, speaking they entered the service of the State." of the Irish clergy, asks, (p. 4) “ To what Of course they did. We have always extent are the servants of such an institu. maintained this, as a necessary corollary

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