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ALISON. History of Europe. By Sir ARCHIBALD ALISON, Bart.,

D.C.L. 1. From the Commencement of the French Revolution to the

Battle of Waterloo.

LIBRARY EDITION, 14 vols., with Portraits. Demy 8vo, £10, 10S.
ANOTHER EDITION, in 20 vols. crown 8vo, 66.

PEOPLE'S EDITION, 13 vols. crown 8vo, 62, IIS.
2. Continuation to the Accession of Louis Napoleon.

LIBRARY EDITION, 8 vols. 8vo, £6, 78. 6d.

PEOPLE'S EDITION, 8 vols. crown 8vo, 348. 3. Epitome of Alison's History of Europe. 17th Edition, 7s. 68. 4. Atlas to Alison's History of Europe. By A. Keith Johnston.

LIBRARY EDITION, demy 4to, £3, 38.

PEOPLE'S EDITION, 313. 6d. Life of John Duke of Marlborough. With some Account of his Contemporaries, and of the War of the Succession. Third Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. Portraits and Maps, 308.

Essays : Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous. 3 vols. demy 8vo, 458.

Lives of Lord Castlereagh and Sir Charles Stewart, Second and Third Marquesses of Londonderry. From the Original Papers of the Family. 3 vols. 8vo, £2, 28.

Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland. 8vo, 18s.

Practice of the Criminal Law of Scotland. 8vo, cloth boards, 18s.

The Principles of Population, and their Connection with Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8vo, 308.

On the Management of the Poor in Scotland, and its Effects on the Health of the Great Towns. By WILLIAM PULTENEY ALISON.

o wreat Towns. By WILLIAM PULTENEY ALS M.D. Crown 8vo. es s ADAMS. Great Campaigns. A Succinct Account of the Principal

Military Operations which have taken place in Europe from 1796 to 1870. By
Major C. ADAMS, Professor of Military History at the Staff College. Edited by
Captain C. COOPER KING, R.M. Artillery, Instructor of Tactics, Royal Military
College. 8vo, with Maps. 168.

AIRD. Poetical Works of Thomas Aird. Fifth Edition, with

Memoir of the Author by the Rev. JARDINE WALLACE, and Portrait.
Crown 8vo, 75. 6d.

The Old Bachelor in the Old Scottish Village. Fcap. 8vo,

48. ALEXANDER. Moral Causation ; or, Notes on Mr Mill's Notes

to the Chapter on “Freedom” in the Third Edition of his ‘Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy.' By PATRICK PROCTOR ALEXANDER, M.A., Author of 'Mill and Carlyle,' &c. Second Edition, revised and extended.

Crown 8vo, 6s. ALLARDYCE. The City of Sunshine, By ALEXANDER ALLAR

DICE. Three vols. post 8vo, £1. 58. 6d. ANCIENT CLASSICS FOR ENGLISH READERS. Edited by

the Rev. W. LUCAS COLLINS, M.A. Complete in 28 vols., cloth, 2s. 6. each; or in 14 vols., tastefully bound with calf or vellum back, £3, ios.

CONTENTS OF THE SERIES. HOMER: THE ILIAD. By the Editor. THE COMMENTARIES OF CÆSAR. By AnHOMER: Tue ODYSSEY. By the Editor. I thony Trollope. HERODOTUS. By George C. Swayne, Tacitus. By W. B. Donne. M.A.

CICERO. By the Editor. XENOPHON. By Sir Alex. Grant, Bart. PLINY'S LETTERS. By the Rev. Alfred EURIPIDES. By W. B. Donne.

Church, M. A., and the Rev. W. J. BrodARISTOPHANES. By the Editor.

ribb, M.A. PLATO. By Clifton W. Collins, M.A. Livy. By the Editor. LUCIAN. By the Editor.

Ovid. By the Rev. A. Church, M.A. ÆSCHYLUS. "By the Right Rev. the Bishop CATULLUS, TIBULLUS, AND PROPERTIUS. of Colombo.

By the Rev. Jas. Davies, M.A. SOPHOCLES. By Clifton W. Collins, M. A. DEMOSTHENES. By the Rev. W. J. BrodHESIOD AND THEOGNIS. By the Rev. J. ribb, M.A. Davies, M.A.

ARISTOTLE. By Sir Alexander Grant, GREEK ANTHOLOGY. By Lord Neaves. Bart., LL.D. VIRGIL. By the Editor.

THUCYDIDES. By the Editor. HORACE. By 'Theodore Martin.

LUCRETIUS. By W. H. Mallock. JUVENAL. By Edward Walford, M.A. PINDAR, By F. D. Morice, M. A. PLAUTUS AND TERENCE. By the Editor. AYLWARD. The Transvaal of To-day: War, Witchcraft, Sport,

and Spoils in South Africa. By ALFRED AYLWARD, Commandant, (late) Transvaal Republic; Captain, Lydenberg Volunteer Corps. 8vo, with a Map,

158. AYTOUN. Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers, and other Poems. By

W. EDMONDSTOUNE AYTO UN, D.C.L., Professor of Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres
in the University of Edinburgh. Twenty-sixth Edition. Fcap. 8vo, 78. 6d.
- An Illustrated Edition of the Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers.
From designs by Sir NoEL Paton. Small 4to, 218., in gilt cloth.

Bothwell : a Poem. Third Edition. Fcap., 7s. 6d.

Firmilian ; or, The Student of Badajoz. A Spasmodic
Tragedy. Fcap., 5s.
- Poems and Ballads of Goethe. Translated by Professor
Aytoun and THEODORE MARTIN. Third Edition. Fcap., 68.

Bon Gaultier's Book of Ballads. By the SAME. Thirteenth Edition. With Ilustrations by Doyle, Leech, and Crowquill. Post 8vo, gilt edges, 8s. 60.

The Ballads of Scotland. Edited by Professor AYTOUN. Fourth Edition. 2 vols. fcap. 8vo, 128.

Norman Sinclair. 3 vols. post 8vo, 31s. 6d.

AYTOUN. Memoir of William E. Aytoun, D.C.L. By THEODORE

MARTIN. With Portrait. Post 8vo, 128. BAIRD LECTURES. The Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures.

Being the Baird Lecture for 1873. By the Rev. ROBERT JAMIESON, D.D., Minister of St Paul's Parish Church, Glasgow. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d.

The Mysteries of Christianity. By T. J. CRAWFORD, D.D., F.R.S. E., Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh, &c. Being the Baird Lecture for 1874. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d.

Endowed Territorial Work: Its Supreme Importance to the Church and Country. By WILLIAM Smith, D.D., Minister of North Leith. Being the Baird Lecture for 1875. Crown 8vo, 6s.

Theism. By ROBERT FLINT, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh. Being the Baird Lecture for 1876.

Second Edition. 78. 6d. BATTLE OF DORKING. Reminiscences of a Volunteer. From ‘Blackwood's Magazine.' Second Hundredth Thousand. 6d.

The Dilemma. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo, 68.

A True Reformer. 3 vols. crown 8vo, £ 1, 58. 60. BLACKWOOD'S MAGAZINE, from Commencement in 1817 to

December 1877. Nos. 1 to 746, forming 122 Volumes. - Index to Blackwood's Magazine. Vols. I to 50. 8vo, 155.

- Standard Novels. Uniform in size and legibly Printed. Each Novel complete in one volume.

Florin Series, Illustrated Boards. Tom CRINGLE's Log. By Michael Scott. | REGINALD DALTON. By J. G. Lockhart. THE CRUISE OF THE MIDGE. By the Same.PEN OWEN, By Dean Hook. CYRIL THORNTON. By Captain Hamilton. | ADAM BLAIR, By J. G. Lockhart. ANNALS OF THE PARISH. By John Galt. LADY LEE's WIDOWHOOD. By Col. Hamley. THE PROvost, AND OTHER TALEs. By SALEM CHAPEL. By Mrs Oliphant. John Galt.


phant. THE ENTAIL. By John Galt.

Miss MARJORIBANKS. By Mrs Oliphant. Miss Molly. By Beatrice May Butt. ! JOAN: A Love Story By Mrs Oliphant.

Or in Cloth Boards, 28. 6d.

Shilling Series, Illustrated Cover. The Rector, and THE DOCTOR's Family. | Sir FRIZZLE PUMPKIN, NIGHTS AT MESS, By Mrs Oliphant.



Or in Cloth Boards, 18. 6d.
Tales from Blackwood. Forming Twelve Volumes of
Interesting and Amusing Railway Reading. Price One Shilling each in Paper

Cover. Sold separately at all Railway Bookstalls. 1. THE GLENMUTCHKIN RAILWAY, and other Tales. 2. How I BECAME A YEOMAN, &c. 3. FATHER TOM AND THE POPE, &c. 4. MY COLLEGE FRIENDS, &c. 5. ADVENTURES IN TEXAS, &c. 6. THE MAN IN THE BELL, &c. 7. THE MURDERER'S LAST NIGHT, &c. 8. DI VASARI: a Tale of Florence, &c. 9. RosAURA : a Tale of Madrid, &c. 10. THE HAUNTED AND THE HAUNTERS, &c. 11. JOHN RINTOUL, &c. 12. TICKLER AMONG THE THIEVES, &c. They may also be had bound in cloth, 188., and in half calf, richly gilt, 308.

or 12 volumes in 6, half Roxburghe, 218., and half red morocco, 288.

Tales from Blackwood. New Series. Published Monthly. Price One Shilling each, in Paper Cover.

BLACKMORE. The Maid of Sker. By R. D. BLACKMORE, Author

of Lorna Doone,' &c. Seventh Edition. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. BOSCOBEL TRACTS. Relating to the Escape of Charles the

Second after the Battle of Worcester, and his subsequent Adventures. Edited by J. HUGHES, Esq., A.M. A New Edition, with additional Notes and Illustrations, including Communications from the Rev. R. H. BARHAM, Author of

the ‘Ingoldsby Legends.' 8vo, with Engravings, 16s. BRACKENBURY. A Narrative of the Ashanti War. Prepared

from the official documents, by permission of Major-General Sir Garnet Wolseley, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. By Major H. BRACKENBURY, R.A., Assistant Military Secretary to Sir Garnet Wolseley. With Maps from the latest Surveys made by

the Staff of the Expedition. 2 vols. 8vo, 258. BROUGHAM. Memoirs of the Life and Times of Henry Lord

Brougham. Written by HIMSELF. 3 vols. 8vo, £2, 88. The Volumes are sold

separately, 16s. each. BROWN. The Forester: A Practical Treatise on the Planting,

Rearing, and General Management of Forest-trees. By JAMES BROWN, Wood-
Surveyor and Nurseryman. Fourth Edition. Royal 8vo, with Engravings,

£1, 118. 6d. BROWN. A Manual of Botany, Anatomical and Physiological.

For the Use of Students. By ROBERT BROWN, M.A., Ph.D., F.L.S., F.R.G.S.

Crown 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 128. 60. BROWN. Book of the Landed Estate. Containing Directions for

the Management and Development of the Resources of Landed Property. By

ROBERT C. BROWx, Factor and Estate Agent. Large 8vo, with Illustrations, 218. BUCHAN. Introductory Text-Book of Meteorology. By ALEX

ANDER BUCHAN. M.A.: F.R.8. E.. Secretary of the Scottish Meteorological
Society, &c. Crown 8vo, with 8 Coloured Charts and other Engravings,

pp. 218. 48. 6d. BURBIDGE. Domestic Floriculture, Window Gardening, and

Floral Decorations. Being practical directions for the Propagation, Culture, and Arrangement of Plants and Flowers as Domestic Ornaments. By F. W. BURBIDGE. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 7s.6d.

Cultivated Plants: Their Propagation and Improvement. Including Natural and Artificial Hybridisation, Raising from Seed, Cuttings, and Layers, Grafting and Budding, as applied to the Families and Genera in

Cultivation. Crown 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, 128. 6d. BURN. Handbook of the Mechanical Arts Concerned in the Con

struction and Arrangement of Dwelling-Houses and other Buildings; with Practical Hints on Road-making and the Enclosing of Land. By ROBERT SCOTT

BURN, Engineer. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, 68. 6d. BUTT. Miss Molly. By BEATRICE MAY BUTT. Cheap Edition,


- Eugenie. By the Author of 'Miss Molly.' Crown 8vo,

68. 6d.
- Delicia. By the Author of 'Miss Molly.' One Volume,

crown 8vo. BURTON. The History of Scotland : From Agricola’s Invasion to

the Extinction of the last Jacobite Insurrection. By JOHN HILL BURTON, Historiographer-Royal for Scotland. New and Enlarged Edition, 8 vols., and Index. Crown 8vo, 63, 38.

BURTON. The Cairngorm Mountains. Crown 8vo, 38. 6d.

- History of the British Empire during the Reign of Queen Anne. In 3 Vols. crown 8vo.

[In the press. CAIRD. Sermons. By John CAIRD, D.D., Principal of the Uni

versity of Glasgow. Thirteenth Thousand. Fcap. 8vo, 58.
- Religion in Common Life. A Sermon preached in Crathie
Church, October 14, 1855, before Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Albert,
Published by Her Majesty's Command. Price One Shilling. Cheap Edition,

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CARLYLE. Autobiography of the Rev. Dr Alexander Carlyle,

Minister of Inveresk. Containing Memorials of the Men and Events of his

Time. Edited by John Hill BURTON. 8vo. Third Edition, with Portrait, 148. CAUVIN. A Treasury of the English and German Languages.

Compiled from the best Authors and Lexicographers in both Languages.
Adapted to the Use of Schools, Students, Travellers, and Men of Business;
and forming a Companion to all German-English Dictionaries. By JOSEPH
Cauvin, LL.D. & Ph.D., of the University of Göttingen, &c. Crown 8vo,

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CHARTERIS. Life of the Rev. James Robertson, D.D., F.R.S.E.,

Professor of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History in the University of Edinburgh.

By Professor CHARTERIS. With Portrait. 8vo, 1os. 60. CANONICITY; or, Early Testimonies to the Existence and Use of

the Books of the New Testament. Based on Kirchhoffer's 'Quellensammlung' Edited by A. H. CHARTERIS, D.D., Professor of Biblical Criticism in the University of Edinburgh.

(In the press. CHEVELEY NOVELS, THE.

I. A MODERN MINISTER. 2 Vols. bound in cloth, with Twenty-six Illustrations.

178. II. SAUL WEIR. 2 Vols. bound in cloth. With Twelve Illustrations by F. Bar

nard. 168. CHURCH SERVICE SOCIETY. A Book of Common Order :

Being Forms of Worship issued by the Church Service Society. Fourth Edi

tion, 58. CLIFFORD. The Agricultural Lock-Out of 1874. With Notes

upon Farming and Farm Labour in the Eastern Counties. By FREDERICK

CLIFFORD, of the Middle Temple. Crown 8vo, 78. 6d. COLQUHOUN. The Moor and the Loch. Containing Minute

Instructions in all Highland Sports, with Wanderings over Crag and Correi, “Flood and Fell." By John COLQUHOUN. Fourth Edition, greatly enlarged.

With Illustrations. 2 vols. post 8vo, 248. COTTERILL. The Genesis of the Church. By the Right. Rev.

HENRY COTTERILL, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh. Demy 8vo, 16s. COURTHOPE. The Paradise of Birds : An Old Extravaganza in

a Modern Dress. By William John COURTHOPE, Author of 'Ludibria Lunæ,'

Second Edition, 3s. 6d.
CRANSTOUN. The Elegies of Albius Tibullus. Translated into

English Verse, with Life of the Poet, and Illustrative Notes. By JAMES CRAN-
STOUN, LL.D., Author of a Translation of 'Catullus.' Crown 8vo, 6s. 6d.
- The Elegies of Sextus Propertius. Translated into English

Verse, with Life of the Poet, and Illustrative Notes. Crown 8vo, 79. 6d. CRAWFORD. The Doctrine of Holy Scripture respecting the

Atonement. By the late Thomas J. CRAWFORD, D.D., Professor of Divinity in the University of Edinburgh. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 8vo, 128,

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