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misfortune. It probably would have been better for Britain to have preserved America in due allegiance, and to have had the command of her resources, and of her market, though her population, instead of six millions, had only reached to four, and that our exports had not been half of what they have been for some years past. Better half a loaf than no bread. We should not have been annoyed by non-importation acts and embargoes,commercial interferences, disputed treaties, &c.—Let us look well to our remaining North American colonies, lest the same thing should be

fal us.


No. I. ..

Duties payable in Canada, on Importation, under

several Acts of the British Parliament.

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& so do 6 Geo. II. c. 13. Foreign sugars, per cwt. . 0 5 0

Ditto, white or clayed, per cwt. I 2 O
Foreign indigo, per lb.. .. 0 0 0
Ditto, coffee, per cwt. -

Madeira 2 4 Geo. III. c. 15.

Fayal Wines, per tun 7 ó o
Teneriffe )
Portugal, Spanish,and other wines,
[ from Great Britain, per tung o

( British plantation coffee, per cwt. 070 Geo. III. c. 35. Molasses, per gallon •- 0 0 1

( British pimento, per lb. - 0 0 0
Brandy, or other spirits, manufac-

tured in Britain, per gallon
Rum, or other spirits, imported

from the West Indies, per ditto
Ditto, from Colonies in America 0 0 9

Brandy, or other foreign spirits, lo 14 Geo. III. c. 88.

imported from Britain : s
Rum, or spirit, the produce of Co->

lonies in America, not under
· the doininion of his Majesty, Yo 1 0

imported from any other place

than Great Britain -
! Molasses, in British bottoms - 0 0 2

D.tto, in any other

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Additional Duties laid on by the Provincial Par

liament. Acts 33 Geo. III. cap. 8.-35 Geo. III. c. 9.-and 41 Geo. III. c. 14.

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Foreign brandy, or other foreign spirits, per gallon
Rum, per gallon -
Molasses and syrups, per gallon -
Madeira wine, by one act 4d. and by another 2d.
Other wines, by one act 2d. by another id.
Loaf, or lump sugar, per Ib. .
Muscovado, or clayed sugar, per lb.
Coffee, per lb. i-
Leaf tobacco, per Ib.
Playing cards, per pack
Sali, per minot -
Snuff, per lb.
Tobacco, manufactured in any other way

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Duties imposed by a Provincial Act, for building

Gaols, to continue six Years, from the 25th

March, 1805, Bohea tea, per lb.

. . 0 0 2 Souchong, black, per ditto Hyson - - - - - - 006 (reen teas

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2 0 0 4 Spirits, or other strong liquors, per gallon Vines Molasses and syrups

Goods sold at auction, 9 per cent, on amount of sales.

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No. II.

Allowances at the Custom-house.

Deduction of Weight.
On coffee, in bales or bags, 3 lbs. for every cwt.

in casks, 12 lbs. per ditto.
Loaf sugar, in casks or boxes, 15 lbs per ewt.
Leaf tobacco, in casks, 12 lbs. per cwt.
Leakage on wines, spirits, and molasses, 3 gallons on every

For waste of articles, subject to duty by weight, an allowance

of three pounds on every hundred pounds. On salt, an allowance of 3 minots per hundred. The import duty on salt is 4d. per minot. Salt landed below the east bank of the river Saguenay, on the north side of the St. Lawrence, and below the east bank of the river Grand Mitis, on the south side, is not subject to duty. There shall be drawn back, at the Custom-house, 4d. on every bushel of salt exported from the port of Quebec, to any place beyond the above limits ; 78. on every tierce of salmon; and 4d. on every barrel of salted beef or pork, or salted fish of any sort, exported from this province.

No. III.

Post Office Regulations. At the beginning of every month a packet sails from Falmouth for North America, having on board a mail for Quebec. In the summer months she puts in at Halifax, in her way to New York, . and there delivers the mail for Canada. From Halifax they are forwarded by land to Quebec. In the months of November, December, January, and February, the packets pass Halifax, and deliver the mails for Canada, to the agent for British packets at New York, who forwards them through the United States by post to Montreal.

A mail for England is dispatched from Quebec once every fortnight in summer, and once a month in winter, to be sent by first packet for England.

A mail for Burlington, in the United States, is made up at Quebec every Thursday, and at Montreal every Saturday, by which conveyance letters may be sent for Europe, under cover, to a friend at New York, on paying the Canadian postage. The post for Montreal leaves Quebec every Monday and Thursday, and leaves Montreal for Quebec on the same days. Post arrives at these places on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A monthly communication, by post, betiteen Lower and Upper Canada, has been lately opened.

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