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The Moslem orphan went with her protector,

For she was homeless, houseless, helpless: all Her friends, like the sad family of Hector,

Had perished in the field or by the wall: Her very place of birth was but a spectre

Of what it had been; there the muezzin's call To prayer was heard no more! And Juan

wept, And made a vow to shield her, which he kept.



Note 1, page 385, stanza vui.
All sounds it pierceth,

« Allah! Allah! Hu! Allah Hu! is properly the war cry of the Mussulmans, and they dwell long on the last syllable, which gives it a very wild and peculiar effect.

Note 2, page 386, stanza ix.
Carnage» (so Wordsworth tells you) is God's daughter: etc.

But thy' most dreaded instrument
In working out a pure intent,
Is man arrayed for mutual slaughter;
Yea, Carnage is thy daughter !

Wordsworth's, Thanksgiving Ode.

'To wit, the Deity's, this is perhaps as pretty a pedigree for Murder as ever was found out by Garter King at Arms.--What would have besn said, bad any free-spoken people discovered such a lineage?

Note 3, page 389, stanza xviii.

Was printed Grove, although his name was Grose. A fact; see the Waterloo Gazettes. I recollect remarking at the time to a friend :

1:–« There is fame! a man is killed, his name is Grose, and they print it Grove.» I was at college with the deceased, who was a very

ariable and clever man, and his society in great request for his wit, gaiety, and chansons à boire?»

Note 4, page 390, stanza xxIII.

any other notion, and not national ;)
See Major Vallencey and Sir Lawrence Parsons.

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