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Marriage, and Debates,Repeal of the Assize of Bread Laws in

London.Financial Acts.Speech of the Prince Regent on the Pro-

rogation of Parliament. - ...... ["50

■:' CHAR Vr.

France.Stale of Parties.Unpopularity of the Bourbon Government.

Landing of Buonaparte.His progress.Measures to oppose him.His

Decree at Lyons.Joined by Ncy.Enters Paris.Declaration against

him by the Allied Powers.His muse adopted by the majority of Ike

Nation.Opposition in the South.Duke and Duchess of Angoitlerne.

Brittany and La Vendee.Reports of the State of Affairs.Treaty

between the four Allied Powers.Louis XVlLL-r-Buonaparle's additional

Act to the Constitution.Bxtraord:nary Commissioners.Fouche's Report,

and Imperial Decrees.Champ de Mai.Internal Commotions. Cham-

ber of Representatives.Brituh and Prussian Armies on the Flemish

border.Buonaparte repairs to the Army.Actions of June 15, J 6, 17, and

18, ending with the Battle of Waterloo.Buonaparte's ieturn to Paris.

His Projects and Abdication.Proceedings of the Chambers:Commis-

sion of Government.Adoance of the Allies towards Paris.—Wellington's

Proclamation.Address of Louis XVIIL to the French.The Capital

invested.Anions.Convention of Paris. .... [55


Proceedings of Joachim Mural, King of Naples.His peculiar Situation

Suspicions against him.He blockades Rome.His complaints against

France.—Conduct on the landing there tf Buonaparte.Arrives at

Ancona, and attacks the Austrians at Ccsena.Proclaims the inde-

pendence of Italy .—Advances to the Panaro, and the Austrians retire

to the Po.Neapolitans enter Florence, and follow the Austrians to

Pis tola Joachim reaches F'errara, whence he is compelled to retreat.

Neapolitans fall back on all sides.Armistice refused.Action at To-

lentino.Battle of San Germano.Flight of Neapolitans, and their

Army broken up.English Squadron at Naples.Convention The

City occupied by the Austrians.The Kingdom submits to Ferdinand,

who enters the Capital.Mural's attempts in Corsica.Lands in Calabria.—

Executed by Martial Law. ..... . [73


Russian and Austrian Troops arrive on the Borders.—Their Advance.—

The Chr.mbers remain sitting.Declaration of that of Representa-

tives.Message from the Provisional Government; and the Chambers dis-

solved.Entrance of the King into Paris.Ministry appointed.Paris

occupied by the Allied Armies.Animosity of the Prussians.Arrival

of the Sovereigns.—Election of new Deputies.Proceedings of Bun-

naparte.Goes on board an English Man of War.Brought to Tor-

bay, and embarked for St. Helena.Progress of the Allies, and sub-

mission of the F'rench Generals.Royal Ordinances, and Proceedings

against the culpable and disaffected.Restrictions on Periodical Publi-

cations.-—Disbanding and rc-organizalion of the Army.Proceedings

agaiuit Traitors.Labcdoyere condemned.The Peerage rendered he-
reditary.Disturbances in the South of Trance Protestants perse-

secuted at Aismes.Roifal Proelainut'wn.Change in the Miflistri/.—
Opening of the Chambers-The Museum of (he Louvre strict of the
fruits of Conquest.Letter to the King by the tale MinistersRe- for the Suppression of Seditious Cries.Cour Royul
opened, and Speech if the Vresident.Ney's 'Trial end Condemnation.
Further Outrages at Nisnus.Finul 'J'u-aly between the Allied Pouers
end France. .......... [g|


Affairs of the Netherlands.Virion if the Seventeen Provinces under the

prince of Orange as King, completed.New Constitution.Protest of

the Belgian Prelates-.Inauguration of the King.Proceedings of the

States-General.Marriage of the hereditary Prince of Oiunge to u
Elites of the Emperor of Russia. ...... [cfi


Ctrmany.Affairs of JVurtemberg.Contest between the King and the

States:Saxony: Note if the King to the Allied Powers.Mutiny of

the Saxon troops in lilucher's Army.Final Treaty uilh Prussia, and

Dismemberment af the Saxon Territory.Hanover: Speech of Ctranl

Munster to the States.Prussia; the /ting's Proclamation to the Li-

habitants of Pvsen, and of Dantzic and Thorn.Royal Decree on the

representation of the People in Prussia.Organization of the Prussian

Monarchy.—Act of German Confederation, - . £lU8


Kingdom of Poland under the Emperor of Russia.Sweden.—Norway.

Siecdish Pomerania annexed to Prussia.—Switzerland.The purl tains

ly it in the ff'ar.Disturbance in Untcrwalden pucijied. - [HO


Spain.Proclamation by the Inquisition.Royal Manifesto.Requisition

to the Congress.Porlier's Insurrection. —Spanish Armies enter France

e,»i retire.—Prosecution of the Liberates and Final Sentence.—Italy.

Papal Proclamation to the Legations.Pope's Allocution.Attempts for

Ecclesiastical Restoration,Elba. ... . - [115


America.—rRemaining Incidents of the War with the United Stales.

Capture of the President Frigate.Failure of the Attack on Ncui

Orleans.Fort Mobille taken.-^Treaty of Peace ratified, and Presiding s

Message.Treaty with the Creeks.Actions of the American Navy

a^e.inst the liarbary Powers.Commercial Connection with Great Bri-

tain.President's Message in December.—South America.—Arrival of

the Spanish Expedition.Polosi taken by the Insurgents.Operations


Front Ike Duke of Wellington.—Occupation of Paris - - - 188

JV»m Capt. Maitland.Surrender of Buonaparte --.--, 189

from Aim. Viscount Keith.Occurrences in the Gironde - - 189

From Baron de Montalembert.—The same - ----- 19*

From Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe.—Marseilles 193

From Gen. Sir J. Leith.—Occupation of Martinique - - - 193

From Gen. Sir C. Brownrigg.—Conquest of Candy 19*

From Sir Hudson Lottie.—foulon -204

From Ada. Lord Exmouth.—Marseilles 207

Dispatches from India relative to the War in Nepaul ... 209

Notification relative to St. Helena - 2I9

From Gen. Sir James Leiih.—Reduction of Guadeloupe - - 219

Further dispatches from India - - - - - - - 228

From Lord Exmouth.—Surrender of Gaeta ----- 238

Dispatches from the Earl of Moira relative to Nepaul - - - 236

Public General Acts - - - S4°


Price 1. Worthington.—Validity of a Will - - '• - 253

Yapp v. Saunders.The same ------- 259

Chalmers v. Catherwood.The same 201

Higgin v. Harrison.The same - - - - - * - 202

Hendu v. Hcndy.—Thc same 203

Shadwellv. Shadwell.—The same 205

Sherard v. Sherard.—Appointment of Executors - - - - 200

Henshaw v. Atkinson.—Validity of a Will and Codicils £07

Barfordv. White.—Posthumous Child 271

Taylor v. Diploci—Question of Survivorship - - - - 272

Attorney-Gen, v. Mills and Freeman.—Device not perfected - - 274

Fellows v. Stewart.Fraudulent Marriage ----- £77

Stallwood v. Tredger.—Marriage disputed - - - - - 279

EarlofRoseberryv. Countess of Roseberry .—Crim. Con. - - ^83

Bennett v. Underbill.—Liability for apparent Wife - - - 286

Sir F. M. Stanley v. Hodgson.—A racing wager - - - - 288

Ditchbum v. Goldsmith.-^Wager relative to Johanna Southcott - 289

King v. Wraxall.—Libel f90

Duke de Sorcntino v. Lord Blayney.—Libel ----- 2Q3

Bttrgess\. Clements.—Responsibility of an Innkeeper 295

Halman v. Whitmo.e.—Insurance cause - - - - - 290

Kine\. Howell and Izard—Conspiracy to injure a Bank - - 2g8

M'Kellar v. Bellamy.—Recovery of a sum investcdin the Bank - 299

Gas Light Company prosecuted for a JNuisance - - - - 300

Bolty.Meadowcroft.—Diverting Water from a Mill - - - 303

Lord leDespenserv.Evelcieh.—Tithe Cause - - - - - 304

Earl of Cholmondeley v. Lord Clinton.—Question respecting a Ao-

licitor ...--- 305

Baillic T. Warden.—Action for false imprisonment - - - 307

Lamont, a Catholic priest, indicted for celebrating a Marriage - 309

Dr. Troy and the Dublin Grand Jury.—Dismissal of Chaplain to a

Gaol 311

Trial of John Blackburn, for forging Stamps _,-„"" ' * 5

Trial of Bagnall and Sons for counterfeiting Bank Dollar Tokens - J10

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