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Average of the Year.
64 41 1 37 10 | 30 3$ | 23 10i | 36 O

Price of the Quartern Loaf according to the Astize of Bread
in London, 1815.

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Statement of the Quantity of Ale brewed by the Seven principal Houses, from July 5, 1814, to July 5, 1815.


Stretton and Co 27,074

Wyatt and Co 22,146

Charrington and Co 20,444

Goldingand Co 14,491


Hale and Co 10,134

BaUandCo 7,935

Thorpe and Co 5,433

LIST OF THE PRINCE REGENT'S MINISTERS, At it stood at the opening of the Session, Nov. 8, 1814.


Earl of Harrowby Lord President of the Council.

Lord Eldon Lord High Chancellor.

Earl of Westmoreland Lord Privy Seal.

_ . , T. , $ First Lord of the Treasury (Prime

Earl of Liverpool j Minister) ">

T>- L. n XT- u„-'h— i Chancellor and Under-Treasurer of Right Hon. Nicholas Vansittart... } the Exchet}Uer

Lord Viscount Melville First Lord of the Admiralty.

Earl Mulgrave Master General of the Ordnance.

Lord Viscount Sidmouth { Secretary of State for the Home

l_ Uepartment.

Lord Viscount Castlereagh {^S ^ ^ ** ^"^

^IBathurst {^^jar

Earlof Buckinghamshire j ^e££Board* Control

Right Hon. C. Bragge Bathurst.. f Chan«»or of the Duchy of LanRight Hon. W. W. Pole.. Master of the Mint.


Right Hon. George Rose Treasurer of the Navy.

Earl of Clancarty President of the Board of Trade.

Right Hon. F. J. Robinson j ^t^t^ °f "" *""* *

Right Hon. Charles Long 1 Joint Paymaster-General of tho

Lord Charles Somerset ( Forces.

Earl of Chichester 7 T . . „ , _ ,

Earl of Sandwich. ... } Joint Postmaster-General.

Viscount Palmerston Secretary at War.

Right Hon.Charles Arbulhnot... l „ . • , , _,

S. R. Lushington j Secretaries of the Treasury.

Sir William Grant Master of the Rolls.

Sir William Garrow Attorney-General.

Mr. Serjeant Shepherd Solicitor General.


Viscount Whitworth Lord Lieutenant.

Lord Manners Lord High Chancellor

Right Hon. Robert Peel Chief Secretary.

Right Hon. W. Vesey Fitzgerald Chancellor of the Exchequer.


Mem. The Months comprise some days of the preceding Month.

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G. P. R. May 22.

"J TIS Royal Highness the

X~X Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, thinks it right to inform his faithful Commons, that in consequence of events which have recently taken place in France, in direct contravention of the treaty entered into at Palis last year for preserving the peace of Europe, ne has judged it necessary to enter into engagements with his Allies, to adopt such steps as circumstances may require ::gainst the common enemy, and for preventing the revival of measures wl:ich could only have for their object to destroy the peace and liberties of Europe; and his Royal Hignness confidently relies upon the House of Commons to support him in such steps as he may find it necessary to take, in conjunction with his Allies, at this momentous crisis.

"His Royal Highness has given orders that copies of the treaties into which he has entered with the Allies should immediately be laid before the House, for its information."

Regent's Message.

June 22. "G. P. R. The Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of his

Majesty, having taken into hi-serious consideration the signal and splendid victory gained by the army uncles the command of the Duke of Wellington, on the ISth of June instant, over the French army, under the command of Buonaparte in person, which haadded fresh renown to the British arms, and contributed largely to the independence of Europe, recommends to the House of Lords to concur in such measures as may be necessary to afford a further proof of the sense entertained by Parliament of the Duke of W'ellingten'stranscendant services, and of the gratitude and munificence of the British nation."

Message from the Regent,
June 27.

G. P. R.

"The Prince Regent acting in the name and on the behalf of his Majesty, thinks it proper to acquaint the House of Common;, that a marriage, to which his Royal Highness duly gave his consent, has been solemnized between his Royal brother the Duke of Cumberland and the daughter of the reigning Duke of Meckknburgh, niece to her Majesty, and relict of the Prince of Salni; and from the proofs of attachment which the House of Commons have always manifested towarrii


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