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For 1808.


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1st. Intelligence of a very interesting nature has lately been received from Lisbon, respecting the flight of the Portuguese Court to the Brazils. Lord Strangford, on his return to Lisbon, immediately directed his steps to the palace, expecting to find it occupied by its former inhabitants. Nothing, however, could equal his surprise, when he learnt that the Royal Family were gone. Don Roderigo, and Don John D'Almeida, were on board the Principe Real, along with his Royal Highness: Aranjo was in the Minerva frigate, not, however, in disgrace, as was generally reported. The Prince is said to have expressed great anxiety, that captain Moore, the officer appointed to accompany him, might take only four sail of the line, and notproceed beyond a certain latitude. The very day on which the court embarked, . an aide-de-camp of Junot's reached the capital, and brought intelligence of the arrival of 6000 French troops at Santarem, a place situated at the distance of about fifty-six miles from Lisbon. This information being confirmed, the prince got every thing VOL, I. PAST II.

ready for his departure by the 28th, and, when on the eve of sailing, the aide-de-camp requested an audience of the prince on board his ship. He was received by his Royal Highness with politeness; but nothing further is mentioned with respect to the object of the conference. It was supposed to have been the object of the aide-de-camp to amuse his Royal Highness with new offers, until his retreat should be cut off by the French troops getting possession of the forts St Julien and Cascaes, which, it appears, they were strenuously endeavouring to accomplish.— By this time they had approached within a few miles of the city; but, fearing to create a sudden alarm, and, with a view, no doubt, to cover their real designs, instead of proceeding directly to the capital, they took a circuitous route to Loire, from which place they intended to have marched towards fort St Julien and Cascaes. The prince, in the mean while, having dropped down the river, lay with the ships, at single anchor, till the following morning, when the Frenchman was landed, and his Royal Highness having joined Sir Sidney Smith, took

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