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speakers and writers in so doing is in itself almost a refutation of the charge. But the practical loyalty to Protestant England of an Irish Catholic minority of proved sense, education, and courage, is a fact in modern Irish politics not enough considered, perhaps, by any political party. Can this class be increased in number, more brought forward, more strengthened, and encouraged? This question should, indeed, engage the thoughts of all unprejudiced, fair-minded men interested in the welfare of Ireland; and it specially demands the attention of those whose health, talents, and position enable them to take active part in the government of that unfortunate country. Unfortunate, indeed! There is no doubt about that. All parties unite in so terming it. Harsh, landlords, dishonest tenants, bigoted Roman Catholics and bigoted Protestants, all agree in calling Ireland what their own conduct, far more than soil or climate, have certainly made it. The remedy, according to the lessons of history, lies not in the power of any social class or religious denomination exclusively. It cannot be reasonably expected till the influential among all religious and political parties acknowledge, at least to themselves, their own errors, instead of exaggerating, with bitter exclusiveness, that of opponents, and thus act according to the spirit of Christianity, which nearly all Irishmen call their guide, their model, and standard of practical duty.


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