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THE FIRE FIEND got in its work on the building of the Medical Department of the University of Tennessee on the morning of Friday, Nov. 11. It was first discovered about 7 A. M., and despite the efforts of the fire department, one of the members losing his life, all but the lower story was destroyed. The loss will amount to between $15,000 and $18,000, pretty well covered by insurance. Notwithstanding the unfortunate event, it occasioned but little interruption to the course of study, as before the day was over new quarters were secured and everything was moving along serenely. For a lecture hall the faculty are now using the old City Hall, on the Public Square, with very suitable anatomical rooms on Summer street, both of which will suit most excellently for temporary quarters. That the fire had but little effect on this active and energetic faculty was clearly demonstrated by the fact that two students were matriculated in front of their building on Broad street before the fire lad. dies and their paraphernalia had left the scene of action. Active steps are being taken, and a new building will soon take the place of the old, although the present class the largest ever in attendance-will sustain no loss by the brief interlude, and the graduates of this session can ever after claim that they have been tried by fire.

A New CALENDAR with original and unique designs has just been issued by the Antikampia Chemical Co., of St. Louis, Mo. If you have not received one, a postal card addressed as above will secure something that you wili appreciate during the entire year 1899.

COUNT THE RED BLOOD CELLS and you will see that Pepto-Mangan (Gude) is an oxygen-carrying, hæmoglobin-producing chalybeate tonic in anæmia, chlorosis, or blood impoverishment from any cause. M. J. Breitenbatch Co., 56 and 58 Warren Street, New York, will be pleased to send you clinical reports demonstrating this important fact, which from continued trial we have found to be a fact.

ARSENAURO AND MERCAURO have given most excellent evidences of their value as therapeutic agents. They have been introduced to the profession through strictly ethical channels, and the manufacturers rely solely upon the medical profession for their use and avail themselves only of literature furnished by medical men in extending their usefulness. The label on their bottles contains no dosage for use by unprofessional users, only the exact strength of each product for use of the practitioner. Having received many requests from the laity in regard to their prodnct they uniformly send out a stereotyped letter of which thc following is a true copy:

"Your valued favor at hand. There is no question regarding the remarkable therapeutic value of our preparations. It is, however, a matter of importance that they be administered under the careful observation of a medical practitioner. The question of dosage is most important, it being necessary to increase it, or decrease it, as certain manifestations appear. These points can only be determined by a medical practitioner . If you will send us the name of your physician, we will with pleasure communicate with him, placing beforə him all the facts which we possess in reference to our products. Our line of work is entirely tbrough ethical channels and while we claim that our products are in many ways extraordinary ones, it is only possible to secure their full therapeutic value through proper administration. We are manufacturing chemists and as it is soley the province of physicians to prescribe, you will understand why we cannot send what you ask for.

Respectfully yours,


THE ONLY ONE.—"I am glad to be able to give you the following testimony regarding a patient who has been an invalid for many years, and has had great trouble with her diet, I think due to a sub-acute inflam. mation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and bowels. For months at a time she has been unable to take a particle of starchy food, and naturally a number of the prepared foods have been tried and different ones have seemed for a time to agree with ber, but Imperial Granum is the only one she can always rely on, often using it exclusively as a diet for weeks at a time. In one or two instances we feel that it has almost saved her life."

A HIGHLY EFFICIENT COMBINATION for the treatment of feebleness and loss of weight dependent on exhausting chronic diseases and retarding convalescence, will be found in Gray's Glycerine Tonic Comp., Formula Dr. John P. Gray. In the loss of flesh caused by too rapid growth in youth, the waning nutrition of advancing age, and often in tuberculons cases, good results may be depended upon. Weakly children boon show its beneficial effects, and for debilitated women it 18 unsurpassed.The Purdue Frederick Co., 15 Murray Street, New York City.

IN LARYNGEAL OR WINTER COUGHs.—Dr. Walter M. Fleming (Jour. of Mental and Nervous Disease) says that in acute attacks of laryngeal or winter cough, tickling and irritability of larynx, Antikamnia and Codeine Tablets are exceediugly trustworthy. If the irritating spasm prevails at night the patient should take a five grain tablet, containing 4 grains of Antikamnia and grain of Codeine, an hour before retiring and repeat it hourly until the irritation is allayed. Allow the tablet to dissolve slowly in the mouth, swallowing the saliva. After taking the second or third tablet the cough is usually under control, at least for that paroxysm and for the night. Should the irritation prevail in the morning or at midday,

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the same course of administration should be observed until subdued. In neuralgia, in short, for the multitude of nervous ailiments, he doubts if there is another remedial agent so reliable, serviceable and satisfactory, and this without establishing an exaction, requirement, or babit in the system, as morphine does. The New York Medical Journal.

THERE Is No QUESTION with the medical profession, but that Hay. den's Viburnum Compound is the most powerful and safest antispasmodic known in this country. In all internal diseases, especially complaints of women aud children it has no equal.

Specially indicated in disorders of the bowels, diarrhea, dysentery, cholera infantum and cholera, giving prompt relief.

Thirty-two years in the hands of the profession, and still increasing in usefulness the more it becomes known.

McGEE'S WINE OF COD LIVER OIL WITH HYPOPHOSPHITES is a full strength preparation of Hypophosphites, equal in strength of the latter, to any reliable syrup, and contains in addition to the lime, soda, potassa, manganese, quinine, and strychnia twenty-five per cent. of cod liver oil as represented by its extractives or alkaloidal principles, which have been demonstrated by Germain-See and others of like prominence to contain the therapeutic qualities of the crude oil. It also contains a concentrated extract of the fresh berries of the Saw Palmetto, which is unquestionably a nutrient, tonic, and diuretic as well as a sedative to the mucous surfaces. It is not a nutritive agent, but improves nutrition, produces fat, and possesses marked vitalizing powers over the reproductive organs.

HYPO-SUBSTITUTE FOR OPIATES. Dr. Obe F. Watlington, of Memphis, Tenn., writes in the Medical Brief, “I have in my possession a hypodermic alkaloidal solution which is a specific in drug addictions (opium habituation, alcoholism, etc.). On receipt of a two-cent stamp I will take pleasure in furnishing any of the medical profession the formula, by the use of which a number of the fraternity have been enabled to cure themselves of opiumism, alcoholism, and insomnia. I used morphine hypodermically for ten years. Obtained a perfect cure by this prescription.

When several hundred medical men have tested a remedy, and found it good, there is temptation to try it. But when thousands of medical men all over the world have tried and tested a preparation like Aletris Cordial in the diseases in which it is recommended, viz,:Amenorrhea, Leucorrhea Prolapsus Uteri, Sterility, to prevent Miscarrige, etc., and have given the most brilliant report as to its value, it seems as though physicians who have cases of this kind would have an irresistible desire to at least test it.

POSTPONEMENT OF THE THIRD PAN-AMERICAN CONGRESS:-In accordance with the request of the Goverment of Venezuela, and of the Committee on Organization, the III Pan-American Medical Congress is hereby postponed to meet in Caracas in December, 1900. For the International Executive Commission.



We call the special attention of our readers to the advertisement of the Robinson-Pettett Co., Louisville, Ky., which will be found on another page of this issue. This house was established fifty years ago, and enjoys a widespread reputation as manufacturers of high character. We do not hesitate to endorse their preparations as being all they claim for them.

DR. ALBERT A BRAMS, author of the “Antiseptic Club," has written & series of satirical sketches which abound in rich humor, and are pro nounced his best work. They will appear in the Medical Fortnightly, be ginning January 1st, under the head of "Scattered Leaves from a Physician's Diary.”

THE GELATIN CAPSULES of H. Planten & Son are old and tried friends of the last two decades, and to which we become more and more attached. Their Perloids of Sandal Oil are "pearls above price," Yes,

gems indeed.

THE CANTON SURGICAL AND DENTAL CHAIR Co. are sole manu. facturers of “The Yale,” which stands without a peer, and should be a feature of every progressive doctor's office.

VOLUME XX. now being complete, we desire to tender our sincere thanks to our many friends and readers for their contributions, their subscriptions and their many kind words of encouragement, and to suggest that renewals of subscriptions are now in order, promising to make our next volume more attractive and interesting than any preceding it.

Entering on our 21st year of Editorial work, we can look back on the past with satisfaction in making such a promise.

EVE'S SURGICAL INFIRMARY, located in front of Vanderbilt Cam

, located in front of Vanderbilt Campas, 850-54 Lamar Street, in the highest, healthiest, and most desirable portion of the city BUILDINGS roomy and well ventilated, home-like, free from institutional features, and devoted exclusively to SURGICAL CASES. GROUNDS comprise more than two acres. SURGICAL OPERATIONS done with the strictest Antiseptic and Aseptic precautions. RATES REASONABLE.





No. 12.


Southern Practitioner,




NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. Entered at the Post-office at Nashville, Tenn., as second-class matter.






IN POWDER AND TABLETS-MERRELLS The investigations of Professor Latham (Cambridge, England) confirmed by Drs. Charteris and MacLennon (University of Glasgow), warn the profession against the use of artificial acid of commerce and its Sodium salt. They conclue that: Commercial

are slow, but certain poisons. Salicylic

produce symptoms closely resembling delirium tremens.

patients become delirious.

dangerous to human life.
have to be watched and not to be trusted.
retard convalescence.

should not be administered internally, however much they may Sodium Salt have been dialyzed or purified.

For internal use the true Salicylic Acid and its Sodium Salts should only be dispensed.

Merrell Co.'s “Green Drug" Fluid Extracts, True Salicylic Acid, Salts of Hydrastis, Fluid Hydrastis and Specialties may be obtained of wholesale druggists throughout the United States, at the Home Office at Cincinnati, the New York Office, 96 Maiden Lane, New York



The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Company.


J. G. GREENER & CO., Nashville, Tenn.

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