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Chief clerk
Assistant clerk..
Calendar clerk
Reading clerk
Doorkeeper --
Mailing clerk

Hon. Joseph Simon

S. L. Moorhead .-J. Fred Yates F. C. Middleton

---J. D. Lee -J. S. Purdom

W. W. Smith H. H. Humphrey

H. H. Belt Frank Hartinan

Wiley. Driver

University of Minnesota

IAN 27 1938



Columbia, Washington and Tillamook — G. W. Patterson.
Coos, Curry and Josephine-C. E. Harmon,
Crook, Klamath and Lake-B. Daly.
Douglas – A. W. Reed,
Gilliam, Sherman and Wasco-E. B. Dufur.
Lane-. D. Driver.

Multnomah - George W. Bates, J. E. Haseltine, Donald Mackay, Ben Selling

Polk — B. F. Mulkey.
Sherman and Wasco - John Michell.
Umatilla and Union - T. C. Taylor.
Union and Wallowa - Justus Wade.


Baker and Malheur - William Smith.
Benton and Lincoln — John B. Daly.
Clackamas— George C. Brownell.
(lackamas and Marion – L. L. Porter.
Clatsop - C. W. Fulton.
Grant, Harney and Morrow - J. W. Morrow.
Jackson - Theodore Cameron.
Lane-W. Kuykendall.
Linn — J. Clem, P. R. Kelly.
Marion - L. J. Adams, N. H. Looney.
Multnomah-Joseph Simon.
Umatilla - George W. Proebstel.
Washington-E. W. Haines.
Yamhii - W. A. Howe.


Agriculture and forestry-Looney, Kelly, Clem.

Assessment and taxation — Mulkey, Mackay, Porter, Cameron, Taylor.

Claims-Howe, Fulton, Daly of Lake.
Commerce and navigation --Selling, Howe, Proebstel.
Counties - Mackay, Taylor, Howe, Cameron, Patterson.
Education - Kuykendall, Harmon, Porter.
Elections and privileges Harmon, Brownell, Wade.
Engrossed bills - Daly of Benton, Reed, Michell.
Enrolled bills - Patterson, Mulkey, Cameron.
Federal relations- Driver, Proebstel, Dufur.
Fishing industries — Reed, Michell, Bates.
Horticultur e-Daly of Benton, Patterson, Looney.
Insurance and banking - Haines, Adams, Bates.
Printing - Michell, Selling, Haines.
Irrigation - Proebstel, Cameron, Morrow.
Judiciary-Fulton, Brownell, Michell, Kelly, Dufur.

Medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry— Daly of Lake, Kuykendall, Morrow.

Military affairs-Haseltine, Taylor, Wade.
Penal institutions - Haines, Driver, Looney.
Mining Cameron, Harmon, Smith.
Municipal corporations - Haseltine, Harmon, Smith.
Public buildings and institutions — Adams, Haseltine, Reed.
Public lands— Porter, Mulkey, Howe, Driver, Wade.

Railroads— Brownell, Patterson, Daly of Benton, Mackay, Morrow.

Revision of laws Kelly, Reed, Fulton, Daly of Lake, Smith.

Roads and highways— Bates, Looney, Daly of Benton, Proebstel, Clem.

Ways and means— Taylor, Mulkey, Kuykendall, Selling, Adams.


SALEM, Oregon,

September 26, 1898. Pursuant to a proclamation issued by his excellency, William P. Lord, governor of the state of Oregon, calling together the legislative assembly on the twenty-sixth day of September, A. D. 1898, in special session, and this being the time and place designated in said proclamation, the senate was called to order by Senator Taylor of Umatilla county.

For temporary president, Senator Mulkey of Polk county, placed in nomination Senator Taylor of Umatilla county.

Senator Dufur of Gilliam, Sherman and Wasco, placed in nomination Senator B. Daly of Crook, Klamath and Lake.

On motion of Senator Brownell of Clackamas. S. L. Moorhead was elected temporary chief clerk for the purpose of calling the roll.

The ballot was thereupon taken and Senator Taylor received twenty-four votes.

Senator Daly received six votes.

Senator Taylor, having received a majority of all the votes cast, the temporary chief clerk declared him duly elected temporary president.

The next thing in order being the election of the temporary officers of the senate, Senator Kuykendall of Lane, placed in nomination the name of S. L. Moorhead for temporary chief clerk.

Senator Morrow placed in nomination Mr. J. P. Williams.

The ballot was thereupon taken and Mr. S. L. Moorhead received twenty-four votes.

Mr. J. P. Williams received six votes.

Mr. S. L. Moorhead, having received a majority of all the votes cast, was declared duly elected temporary chief clerk.

Senator Daly of Benton and Lincoln then placed in nomination the name of Mr. J. Fred Yates for assistant clerk, and Senator Clem of Linn nominated Mr. B. F. Ramp.

A ballot was thereupon taken and Mr. J. Fred Yates received twenty-four votes, and Mr. B. F. Ramp received six votes.

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