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Iri/h parliament of James Repeal of the acls of

settlement Enormous acl of attainderIniquitous

flan of coinage Attack on the. university

. Persecution of the proteslants Delay of Juccour

from England —Progress of Schomberg -He

encamps at Dundalk Calamitous condition of his

.. troops —Military operations Decampment of

Schqmberg—Discontents in EnglandVarious operationsViclory of the EnnifkillenersCapture of X fames''s vessels in the bay of DublinSurrendry of CharlemountLanding of King William. Page 11 o



Progress of king WilliamProceedings of king James Reconnoitering at the BoyneWilliam woundedBattle of the BoyneFlight of JamesStale of

Dublin —Proceedings of William Foreign

transaclions Proceedings cf the catholics—:—

Progress of WilliamReduclion of the south eastern townsRepulse of Douglas at AthloneDescription

of Limerick Attack of Limerick Artillery

destroyed by SarsefieldStorming of Limerick1

. RepulseReturn of William from Ireland His

character. 132



\ Redvclion of Cork and Kinsale by the earl of Marlborough Departure of the French Rapparees

-—Civil regulationsBattle of the moat of Grenoge State of affairs of the Iri/hMilitary operations Attack of AthloneDesperate passage of the ford

Flight of Saint-RuthProceedings of Ginckle

Battle of AghrimDeath of Saint-RuthDefeat of the IrishSiege of GaiwayAffairs^ of the Irish

Death of Tyrconnel Siege of Limerick False

report concerning LuttrelCapitulationCondition "of prisoners-Articles of Limerick —EmigrationEnnoblement of Ginckle and Rouvigny. Page 156


Authorities for Irish historyLelar.dReflexions

Legislation of the Englifli parliament for Ireland

A parliamentLords justices A parliament

William MolyneuxRuin of the Irish woollen manufactureThe >nanusacture of linen not a compensation

Impolicy of restrictions on Irish industry

Resumption of the forfeitures Proceedings of the

Irish parliamentSacramental test—Penal statutes Violence of partyTories and whigsDispute about the lord mayor's electionUnconstitutional interference of the English parliament. 180


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