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example of humility, love and zeal every other fades. Therefore God also bath highly exalted him. Before honour is humility. « The high and lofty One, who dwell. “eth in unapproachable glory, looketh to that man “ who is of a contrite and humble spirit.”

The gospel of life and immortality is our guide to glory. We few unto you this excellent way—the way that leads to real, distinguifhed and eternal glory. Is the gospel, which has the clearest signatures of wisdom and grace, to be despised? Is he to be despised, who was proved by his doctrine and mighty works, to be the wisdom of God, and the power of God? The line that separates deism from atheism is not easy to be perceived.

Man has the lowest thoughts of himself, when he has exalted thoughts of God. With such thoughts he will give up a favourite hypothesis, when the authority of the sacred oracles requires it. Be not wise in thine own eyes. Truft in the Lord with all thine beart. Paul was a great genius and proficient in science. But when it pleased God to enlighten his soul with the knowledge of the divine glory in Jesus Christ, he de. termined to know nothing else comparatively. He demanded, “Where is the wise ? where is the dispu“ ter of this world? Hath not God made foolish the “ wisdom of this world ?" Do you covet fame? Religion shews

you may gain an everlasting name. The just shall be in ever. lasting remembrance. Why should any envy kings and emperors their fceptres? Religion ensures a crown of righteousness, a crown of glory that fadeth not away. Is glory and praise from men fought with great pains ? Much more should the honour that comes from God be sought. The King of kings, and Lord of lords, will give to all, who confent that he should reign over them, to fit on his throne, when the great and mighty, the infidel and fcoffer shall cry to the rocks to fall on them, and to the mountains to hide them from his presence.

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If the author of our religion was an impostor, it would not be honourable, but in the highest degree opprobrious, to follow him. But, admitting his divine mission, no honour may compare with reverencing him as the Son of the Blessed. Those are the wi. felt and most honourable of the human race, to whom he is an honour. He fought not his own glory, but his Father's, whose miniftering servant he was ; in doing, suffering, and finishing whose will and work he had meat to eat, of which the world were ignorant. Distinguished for the greatest self-denjal, humility and philanthropy, he went about doing good. He had compaffion on all who laboured under any disease, or were fainting under spiritual wants. No guile was in his mouth. He was reviled, but reviled not again. He committed himself to him who judgeth righteously. He laid down his life for enemies. He knew no sin, but died for the ungodly. His design in coming down from heaven, where he had a glory from eternity, was univerfal peace and benevolence. Of him we learn humility and charity. The more is done and suffered in the cause of truth, the more honour. The primitive disciples could say, “ To us it is given," as a privilege, " to suffer shame for his name. If


be reproached “ for the name of Christ, happy are ye; for the Spirit “ of glory and of God resteth on you-on your part “he is glorified. By patience in well doing seek for “ glory, honour and immortality.”

Religion is the restoration of man's fallen nature to the highest perfection and glory of which it is capable: Its friends are the friends of universal holiness, peace and happiness. All, who are not entirely lost to a sense of moral excellence, esteem and honour them. The yoke of religion is easy, and its burden light. It supplies an inward spring of comfort, independent on outward fources. Is it not honourable ? If Christ was the light of the world, to hear him is to honour our understanding, to fhew ourselves wise.

He indeed doth not give as the world giveth. But, compared with his peace, even the joy of faith and assurance of hope, riches, and honour, and the delights of the fons of men are contemptible. With all these, the wicked are as the troubled sea. Christians, let not your hearts be troubled. Your joy is the testimony of a good conscience; and neither earth nor hell can take it from you.

Reflect further, that all human glory is consigned to dust. The grave abolishes all the distinctions among men. There is no order there. The future recompence of religion is ultimately intended by the declaration, The wife fall inherit glory. They look for the blessed hope, and glorious appearing of Jesus Chrift, when they also shall appear with him in glory. They shall be like him. Their bodies being changed, and fashioned like unto his glorious body, he will present them without spot to his Father. He will be admired and glorified in them. The glory they shall inherit, eye hath not feen, nor can the human heart imagine what it is. But the unerring approbation of the Judge-bearing his image in the glories of immortality-immediate communications from the fountain of life-the assurance of the everlasting love of God in Christ--a crown of glory that will never fade, but grow brighter and brighter ; this honour, this glory shall the wise inherit. They shall not be ashamed before him at his coming. “ Those who afflicted them fhall see it, and be trou“ bled and amazed. Repenting and groaning for an

guish of fpirit, they shall say within themselves, “ These are they whom we had sometimes in derision, “ and a proverb of reproach. We fools accounted “ their life madness; and their end to be without

honour.” Behold, how they are now more than conquerors, through the Captain of their falvation. Behold them “ before the throne, clothed in white “ robes, with palms in their hands!"

Infidels and men of bad morals would, if possible, subvert our faith and our souls. Shall we, in compliance with their wishes, disregard him, who is higher than the angels? Where is their honour, while they treat EMMANUEL with scorn, and would seduce us? Or what sense of honour have those, who, through shame, facrifice their own principles, their peace, and their immortal hopes ? Thinkest thou, who art afhamed of the Saviour, that he will not be had in honour by others? Or doft thou think of that day, when he will consign thee to everlasting contempt?

Infidelity must be referred to the source pointed out in our Lord's address to the Pharisees : “ How can ye “ believe who receive honour one of another, and "feek not the honour that cometh from God?” The unbeliever loves darkness rather than light, whether his unbelief proceeds from a vain imagination of the sufficiency of human reason, or from an immoral life. The fimplicity of the gospel offends men who offer incense to their own presumed luminous talents, and expect that others should overrate them as much as they do themfelves. They do not point out a way of pardon for offenders. They do not shew how the sout may be renewed, and the dominion of fin removed. They do not discover a resurrection and immortality. They do not remove the darkness, impotency and death under which we labour. Why, in the name of reason and gratitude, do they reject a religion which accomplishes all these ends ? I conclude with the Saviour's words ; Blessed is he whosoever shall not be offended in me.

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