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The circumstances which call for this kind of

prayer are too many and various to be enumerated-our per, fonal circumstances, those of our connections and friends, of our people, of the church and world. Daily occurrences afford occasion through the day to look up to heaven. We know not what a day, an hour or moment may bring forth. Our circumstances, or those of others, may be greatly changed in an instant. Will you wait for the return of the

hour of prayer, before up any devout emotions suited to such change of circumstances? Rather lift up your souls to God, in prayer or praise, according to the occasion. If there is time or opportunity only for the shortest ejaculation; or if even this cannot be expressed in words, yet the sentiments and desires of the soul may ascend to God.

There are circumstances in which the special interposition of God can alone extricate circumstances which leave us no human resource. While we are wholly at ease, and think that no evil or danger is nigh, we may, in an instant, be exercised with torturing pain: Or a signal misfortune may befal us: Or an esteemed friend or relative may be removed instantly. We may be pressed by some strong temptation; or may be in a situation, wherein the measures we immediately adopt may be followed with important and lasting effects. These are circumstances which cannot be foreseen or provided for. We are in a manner impelled to fly to God for direction, support and relief. Has excruciating bodily pain suddenly attacked us, while we were wholly at eafe? Are we fallen, in a moment, from easy circumstances to indigence? Does our enemy triumph in our wrong? Is our heart, from a full tide of joy, overwhelmed with forrow? Is our way hedged up, so that we see not what course to steer? Or are we in imminent danger? It is a privilege, in situations like to the above mentioned, that the heart may be poured out to him who is a very present help in trouble.

Societies, families, individuals, may, at an unthought of hour, be involved in the deepest distress. In fuch case, a just concern for personal safety, or the safety of our dependents or people, will be expressed by our prayer, without delay, to the Difpofer of events. H. rael, on leaving Egypt, were pursued by the strength of that kingdom. Deftruction stared them in the face, what way foever they looked. No other than the immediate hand of God could deliver. Moses, full of faith, faid, "Fear not. Stand still, and ye shall fee “ falvation of the Lord this day.” Then God arose, divided the fea for his people to pass through, and brought it back upon their pursuers.

They who jeopard their lives on the high places of the field, may, in the time of action, address the God of armies to fhield them. A foldier may be devout as well as brave. Piety is the surest basis of valour. The mariner in a tempest may pray to him whom winds and seas obey, as Peter beginning to sink, “Lord, save us, we perish.' He has much occasion for pious ejaculation, while “mounting up to the heavens, and go

ing down to the depths, and at his wits end." The pestilence walketh in darkness, unknown in its rise and progress. Does this rage? Are the flain of the Lord multiplied? Do all faces gather paleness? And shall not all give themselves to prayer?

Are you at any time on the borders of fin, from the enticement of vicious companions, or the luft of your own heart, or the sudden assault of a great temptation? Pray immediately for a way to escape.

Do such embarrassments attend you, that you are perplexed to determine on the course of prudence and duty? A mind tofled with doubts and folicitude may pour out tears unto God. Looking to him it is lightened.

Are you in a situation to do effential service to your friends or people? At the same time, must your exertions, in the present situation of their affairs, subject

you to great felf-denial and hazard? No course can be so proper as prayer, that God would give you wisdom, strength and fortitude to fulfil the good offices which they need from you.

Beside special mercies or afflictions, which call for the duty we speak of, events of common and daily occurrence call for it. The good man attends to the universal course of providence. Pious thoughts and wishes poffefs his mind in the house and by the way, in whatever business he is employed, whether he is in company or alone, His treasure, conversation and heart are in heaven. In every thing he makes known his requests unto God.

Even those who object to external worship, yet admit, in a sense, the duty of ejaculatory prayer. They admit that dependent creatures should cherish the fpirit of devotion. It is incumbent upon us then to cultivate inward sensations of piety. If we do so, we worship God in the spirit. Shall we not then do his will? Internal devotion is kept alive by explicit acts of worship. The latter will degenerate into empty form, if the heart does not often ascend in pious ejaculations. On the maintenance of this kind of prayer, the improvement, if not the existence, of the Christian life may much depend,

A practical belief of the moral perfections and superintendency of God, and of the truth of the Christian religion, is of the highest moment.

His unlimited and unintermitting government in the natural and moral world claims the attention, reverence and joy of heaven and earth. “A sparrow does not fall to the “ ground without” him. “There is no wisdom, un“ derstanding or counsel against” him. He hath the hearts of all in his hand. His “eyes run to and fro " through the whole earth, that he may fhew himself

strong in behalf of them whose heart is upright." To them there ariseth light in the darkness. Joy fprings up from forrow. The things which may seem

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to be against them are all meant for good. God is their refuge in affliction. “His ears are open to their

prayer. He will hide them in his pavilion. They “ abide under the shadow of the Almighty. He will

give grace and glory: No good thing will he with“ hold from them.” Such a view of God and providence, and the affections which these sentiments are adapted to excite, are awakened and strengthened by pious ejaculations, as events in our state, in that of others, or of our nation, or of the church, or of mankind may suggest. A serious fense of God and religion will languish, unless frequent occasion is taken, in the way we recommend, to supply fuel to it.'

If there is such occasion for prayer as we have remarked, let every opportunity for it be improved. Visible objects unite with native depravity and the devices of Satan to call off the mind from spiritual, eternal concerns. Prayer is part of the armour with which we are to withstand the wiles of the devil,” our in ward corruption, and the corruptions of the world, A sense of our insufficiency of ourselves to think, to will or to do, should lead us, in every thing, to apply to him of whom is all our sufficiency.

It is a mighty encouragement to pray always, that “ we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ “the righteous, who is the propitiation for the sin of o the whole world." We may hope, by attention to the duty of

prayer, that any special circumstances in our lives, every common event in them, every common business and action, may bring glory to God, and turn to our own beft account. The acknowledgment of God in all our ways, while it is a principal mean of improvement in vital piety, will greatly contribute to the true enjoyment of life. His blessing with the comforts of life enhances their value. Thus we enjoy God and ourselves the confolations, supports and hopes of religion, and our portion in this world, be it more or less.

Our young people will suffer the exhortation to begin life and spend it by addressing humble prayer to the God of their life and mercies from day to day-In the morning give yourselves up to his direction and influence through the business and temptations of the day. At evening commit yourselves to his keeping who never slumbers, who alone maketh you to dwell in safety. Wait on him all the day. Let all your expectations be from him. Ever eye his footsteps, and follow where he leads. Be thankful for mercies, and fubmiffive under frowns. In affliction pray to him who giveth songs in the night, who seeth your tears, and will hear your prayer—if not in the things for which you make request, yet in better. Give thanks to him for all things; and he will command his loving kindness on your prosperous days. Prepare for future events; not by a folicitude to know what shall befal you in the world—whether you shall be rich or poor; or shall take an higher or lower room-or shall be healthy or fick. Refer these things to the Arbiter of events. Prepare then for future events, by committing your pursuits, your souls, your all to God. Be in his fear all your life long. “For of him, and through “ him, and to him are all things; to whom be glory for ever and ever." AMEN.


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