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Confalls-A venerid's Willow ith Miss Shipperste

ganset Bay-Disarming of the Tories-Skirinish in the Har: Fishkill Village--Escape of Crosby.His Exploits at Teller's
bor-Engagement at Sea-Continued Hostilities in Newport Point-A very old Man and rejected Lover-Trinity Church
Harbor--Privateers-Arrival of a large British Force-Con Printing of the first Constitution of the State of New York
duct of the Enemy ............................Page 51-73 Head-quarters of Baron Steuben-Anecdote of the Baron

- The Society of the Cincinnati--Final Proceedings in the


Organization of the Institution-Plan and Name of the So-

Condition of Rhode Island in 1777 Re-encampment of the ciety of the Cincinnati-The Constitution-Opposition of

British-General Prescott-His Character and bad Conduct Judge Burke and others-Certificate of Membership of the

-Colonel Barton's Plan for capturing him -- Biographical Cincinnati-The Design and Engraving -- Alteration of the

Sketch of Barton-Expedition to capture Prescott-Pres. Plate-The Order of the Society-The successive Presidents

cott's Quarters - A Sentinel deceived-Names of Barton's General-Departure for West Point ...........Page 98-129

Men-Entrance to Prescott's Room--Seizure of the Gen-

eral and his Aid-de-camp—Barton rewarded by Congress-


Predatory Excursions--French Fleet for America Count West Point and its Associations-Mrs. Faugeres-Sufferings of

D'Estaing---France and England-Excitement in Parliament Mrs. Bleeker--Scenery around West Point. The military

-The King's Speech - Boldness of the Opposition - The Establishment-Wood's Monument - Interesting Relics-

British and French Fleets--Sandy Hook and Amboy Bay Size of the Mortars and Chain-Position of the Chain in the

General Spencer's Expedition against Rhode Island - His River--Other Relicsw-Kosciuszko's Monument His Garden

Resignation - French Fleet off Newport-- American Land -Other Localities--Fort Arnold-Fort Putnam-View from

Forces--Destruction of British Vessels-Landing of Ameri. the Ruins of Fort Putnam--Names of the Highland Peaks-

cans on Rhode Island - Naval Battle-Great Storm-State Drake's “ Culprit Fay"-Fortifications in the Highlands or-

of the American Troops-Refusal of the French to co-operate dered-Action of the New York Assembly-Fort Constitu.

They sail for Boston-- Protests-Retreat of the Americans tion-New Forts in the Highlands proposed-West Point se.

to Butts's Hill-Battle of Quaker Hill-Scene of the Engage. lected - Radière and other Engineers from France-West

ment-Loss of the Belligerents-Evacuation of Rhode Island Point in 1780-Construction of the great Chain--History of

by the Americans--Return of La Fayette from Boston-Ex the Work-Map of West Point-The Chain weakened by

pedition against New Bedford Murmurings against the Arnold-Importance of West Point - Establishment of the

French-Evacuation of Rhode Island by the British-Severe military Academy there-Forts Webb, Wyllys, and Putnam

Winter-Sir Robert Pigot-Return of La Fayette to France - Visit to Constitution Island-Remains of Fort Constitution

--His Zeal and Success-Washington appointed Lieutenant --Buttermilk Falls-A venerable Boatman --- Beverly Dock

General by the French King --Good Tidings brought by La and Robinson House-Arnold's Willow - Arnold in Phila-

Fayette Their Effect--Arrival of the Allies-Encampment delphia--His Extravagance-Marriage with Miss Shippen-

at Newport-British blockade of Narraganset Bay--Clinton's Memoir of Beverly Robinson-Arnold's Residence and Style

Expedition-Death of Ternay-Washington in Newport of Living-His fraudulent Dealings--Charge of Malfeasance

Property destroyed in Newport-Ride to Butts's Hill-Hos preferred against him-Arnold ordered to be tried by a Court-

pitality --Fort on Butts's Hill-View of the Battle-ground martial-His Trial, Verdict, and Punishment-Its Effects

North View from Butts's Hill-The Narraganset Country Interview with Luzerne-His Wife and Major Andrè-Sym-

Massasoit and his Song-King Philip-His Jealousy-Treaties pathy of Schuyler and Livingston Visit to the American

with the Whites--Curtailment of his Domains--His chief Camp-Washington deceived by him-Obtains the Com-

Captains-John Elliot--Enlightenment of the Indians--Sassa mand at West PointCorrespondence of Arnold and Andre

mon--Rising of the New England Tribes--Daniel Gookin --Proposed Plan of the British to gain Possession of West

Philip's Appeal-Condition of the Indians-Commencement Point-Andrè appointed to confer with Arnold--- An Inter.

of Hostilities-Canonchet-Mather's Magnalia-Indian Meth view proposed by the Traitor--Letter to Colonel Sheldon

od of Warfare-Destruction of New England Villages-Ter Effect of Andrè's Letter to Sheldon-Arnold's attempted In-

rible Retaliation by the Whites-Decimation of the Indians terview with Andrè-His Letter to Washington-Joshua H.

---Strifes among them-Philip a Fugitive--His Death-His Smith-Further arrangements for an Interview - Arnold's

Son-Captain Church-Sufferings of the Colonists~ A happy Correspondence with Beverly Robinson-Washington on his

Change-Capture of the Pigot by Talbot-His Promotion Journey Again deceived by Arnold's Duplicity.-Smith em-

Departure from Newport-Adieu to New England-Halleck's ployed to bring Andrè from the Vulture.His Difficulties

Connecticut ...........

........74-97 Refusal of the Colquhons to accompany Smith-Final Com-

pliance--Landing of Andrè, and his first Interview with Ar-


nold-Arrival of the Conspirators at Smith's House--The

The Hudson Highlands-Newburgh-The Indian Summer-Its Vulture fired upon--Plan of Operations arranged-Colonel

Character-The “Hasbrouck House" and Vicinity--Its in. Livingston-The Papers taken from Andrè's Boot" Artillery

terior Construction- Purchased by the State--Ceremonies Orders"-Forces at West Point-Villefranche's Estimate

at its Dedication - Washington's Dining-hall-Anecdote con Return of the Ordnance in the different Forts at West Point

cerning it—Lady Washington's Gardening-Settlement of --Arnold's Description of the Works-His Pass-Smith's Re.

Newburgh --First Settlements in Orange County - Indian fusal to take Andrè back to the Vulture-His insufficient Ex.

Wars-Sufferings of the People Attack on Minisink-Intem cuse--Andre's Exchange of Coats--He and Smith cross the

perate Zeal of the Volunteers-Unwise Decision--Battle of Hudson-Smith's Letter to his Brother-Ambiguous Mem-

Minisink-Its Location-The Massacre - Brant's Defense orandum ........................................130-150

Effect of the Massacre-Salvation of Major Wood-Interment

of the Remains of the Slain-Monument--Cantonment of the


Army near Newburgh-Head-quarters of the Officers-Nico. Arnold's Composure in presence of his Aids-Washington's re-
la's Proposition to Washington-Washington's Letter of Re turn from Hartford--His Approach to Arnold's Quarters-
buke to Nicola-Patriotism of the Chief-Discontents in the His Delay in reaching Arnold's Quarters-Announcement
Army--Memorial to Congress-Resolutions of Congress re of Andrè's Arrest-Flight of Arnold-His Wife and Son-His
specting Claims-The Army still dissatisfied-Action of the Passage to the Vulture-Treatment of his Oarsmen–Wash-
Officers - Major Armstrong - Meeting of Officers privately ington's Visit to West Point- Discovery of the Treason-
called-Anonymous Address to the Army-Dangerous Tend. His presence of Mind--Condition of Mrs. Arnold-Attempts
ency of its Recommendations-Bold Tone of the Address to "head" the Traitor-His Letters from the Vulture-Bev.
Similar Opinions held by Hamilton Washington's Counter erly Robinson's Letter to Washington--The Army at Tappan
action --- Second anonymous Address -- Meeting called by put in Motion-Andrè ordered to West Point-Ride to Fort
Washington-- Major Burnet's Recollections-Washington's Montgomery--Mrs. Rosem A speculating Daughter-Sites of
Address to the Officers Action of the Meeting of Officers Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Lake Sinnipink-Beverly
A strong Resolution-Record of Proceedings sent to Con. Garrison--His Recollections--Captain Molly'-Character
gress-Washington's Opinion of Armstrong's Motives-His of Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Chevaux-de-frise-Con-
farewell Address His Tour to the Northern Battle-fields dition of the British Forces-Putnam's intended Expedition
Called to Princeton-A Statue ordered by Congress--Gen -Sir Henry Clinton's Stratagem-Landing of British Troops
eral Clinton-A very little Maiden - Her Dignity -- Plum -Governor Clinton informed of the Landing of the British
Point-Fortifications there-An Acrostic-Redoubt on Plum A reconnoitering Party - Skirmish near Doodletown
Point - Chevaux-de-frise - Anecdote -- Head-quarters of Treachery of a Messenger - Putnam deceived Skirmish
Greene and Knox-Ball at the Quarters of Greene and Knox near Fort Montgomery-Forts ordered to be surrendered
-Signatures of young Ladies-Washington on Dancing Attack on Forts Clinton and Montgomery-Flight of the
The Square-A Spy in the American Camp-Dispatch in a Americans--Destruction of Vessels and the Chevaux-de-frise
silver Bullet-Name and Fate of the Spy-Site and probable -Evening Voyage in a Fisherman's Shallop-Anthony's Nose
Form of the Temple-View from it-The Camp Ground and Peekskill--Situation of the Village-The Birdsall House
Vicinity.The Temple, as described by Major Burnet-Two An Octogenarian-Oak Hill-Van Cortlandt Mansion-Philip
living Patriots-Visit to Major Burnet-Public Life of Major Van Cortlandt-Paulding's Monument, and St. Peter's Church
Burnet and Sergeant Knapp-Washington's Letter to Greene ! -Gallows Hill-Execution Place of a Spy---Putnam's laconic

-The Commander-in-chief's Guard-Its Organization, Char. Letter-View from Gallows Hill - Relative importance of
acter, and Uniform-Its Officers--Sergeant KnappReturn Peekskill - Stratagem of Sir William Howe. Invasion of
to Newburgh-Departure for Fishkill-Return of the Com. Peekskill-Destruction of Stores-Destruction of Continental
mander-in-chief's Guard-Fishkill Village-The “ Wharton Village-Peekskill possessed by the Americans-The Sol.
House'.-Enoch Crosby-The “Spy Unmasked"-Exploits dier's Spring-Verplanck's Point--Hudson and the Indians
of Crosby Incidents of his Life-Ancient Dutch Church Fortifications at Verplanck's Point-Capture of Fort Fayette
Castle--Its arts Roostence of Washil's Monumenery


-Surrender of the Garrison-Disposition of the American : NightThe Battle in Trenton-Colonel Rall mortally wound.

Troops on the Hudson-Preparations for attacking S tony ed--Capture of the Hessians--Complete Victory of the Amer-

Point- The Negro Spy--Condition of Stony Point-Wayne's icans-Washington's Visit to the dying Rall-Parole of Hon.

Proposition to storin it-Biography of Wayne-His Monu or signed by the Hessian Officers-Colonel Rall's fatal Ca-

ment-Approach of the Americans to Stony Point-Capture rousal Names and Signatures of the Hessian Officers at-

of Sentinels-Storming of the Fort-Wayne wounded-His tached to the Parole-Retreat of the Enemny from Borden.

Bravery-Surrender of the Fort--Wayne's laconic Dispatch : town-Their Line of Posts broken up-Good effect of the

--Fort Fayette cannonaded-Relieved by Sir Henry Clinton Victory at Trenton-Washington made a military Dictator

-Galley with Ordnance sunk at Caldwell's-Medal awarded He recrosses the Delaware to occupy Trenton- Efficient Aid

to Wayne--His Popularity-Medal awarded to Colonel De by Robert Morris-Approach of Cornwallis toward Trenton

Fleury-Promised Rewards for the bravest Men Division -Battles at Trenton Bridge and the Ford–The Americans

of the Spoils among the Troops-Medal awarded to Major in Peril Cornwallis out-generaled - March of the Ameri-

Stewart ....

...... Page 157-182 cans toward Princeton-Their Approach discovered by the

Enemy-First Skirmish near Princeton -- Effect of British


Bayonets-Dispersion of the Americans-Washington on the

King's Ferry - Jolly old Waterman-Stony Point-Evening Field-General Mercer mortally wounded by Bayonets--His
walk toward Haverstraw-"God's Acre"-Benson's Tavern Bravery till the Last Place of his Death-View of the Bat-
-Interview with a Builder of Stony Point Fort-View from tle-ground-Loss of the Americans-Death of General Mer-
Smith's House--Ancient black Walnut-tree-Tarrytown cer-His Monument-Skirmish near Nassau Hall in Prince-
Cow-boys and Skinners - Neutral Ground - Place where ton-Destruction of the King's Portrait in Nassau Hall-
Andrè was captured-Journey of Andrè and Smith to Crom Prisoners taken-Skirmish at Worth's Mills-Cornwallis at
pond-Vigilance of Captain Boyd - Andrè's Uneasiness Princeton-Disappointment of the Enemy - The Loss sus.
Volunteer Expedition against the Cow-boysArrest of Andrè tained- Washington's Pursuit-Fatigue of the Americans-
-Discovery of Papers in his Stockings-Deposition of David Capture of British Baggage-wagons - Evacuation of New
Williams-Strange Conduct of Colonel Jameson--His Letter Jersey by the British-Estimate of Washington's Character
to Arnold-Better Judgment of Colonel Tallmadge-Major in Europe-Appointment of general Officers for the Conti-
Andrè at Sheldon's Head-quarters-Andrè's Letter to Wash-
ington--Taken to West Point, thence to Tappan--His Dis. 1 Battle-ground-Morven, Stockton's Estate-Desolated by the
closures to Tallmadge-His Case and Hale's compared British-Sufferings and Death of the Owner-Annis Stock-
Bridge over Sleepy Hollow Creek-Ichabod Crane and the ton-Nassau Hall - Governor Belcher's Donation - Ritten-
Headless Horseman--Castle Philipse-Tarrytown Cemetery house's Planetarium - Life of its Inventor - Portraits of

Greenburgh, on the Nepera - Van Wart's Monument Washington and Mercer by Peale-Character of the College
View of Sunnyside, the Residence of Washington Irving, the of New Jersey-White Hallm-The Floral Arch in Honor of
ancient" Wolfert's Roost'-Jacob Van Tassel-The “Roost" Washington --- His triumphal Journey --His Reception by
a Castle-Its Garrison - Attack upon and Defense of the the Ladies at Trenton-interest of the Scene-Washing.

Roost"_Dobb's Ferry-Old Fort at Dobb's Ferry-The Liv. ton's Note to the Ladies--Reflections-Grave of Mr. Arm-

ingston Mansion-Rendezvous of the British--The Palisades strong......................................Page 215-246

-Tappan-Massacre of Baylor's Corps at Tappan-The “ 76

Stone House," where Andrè was confined-Washington's


Head-quarters---Court of Inquiry in Andrè's Case-The Pris Departure from Trenton-Buck's County-St. Tammany-Old

oner's ConductNames of those who composed the Court Villages-Frankford-Its revolutionary Events—Kensington

--Judge Laurance-Washington's Approval of the Decision --Arrival in Philadelphia-Christ Church and its Sounding-

of the Court-Memoir of Andrè-Honora Sneyd-Mr. Edge board_The Grave of Dr. Franklin and others-His early-

worth-Miss Seward --Andrè's Death-warrant- His Will written Epitaph-Description of Christ Church The Natives

Disposition of his Remains---His Monument-Equity of his on the Delaware and Schuylkill-The Delawares - Their

Sentence-Efforts to save him--Embassy of Colonel Ogden Character portrayed by William Penn-First Settlements on

- Washington vilifiedProposition to Exchange Andrè for the Delaware by the Dutch and Swedes-Troubles with the

Arnold declined-A Deputation from the British General Indians-Gustavus Adolphus-Extension of Swedish Settle.

Result of the Efforts to save André-His Letter to Washing. ments-Opposition of the Dutch-Stuyvesant's Conquests

ton, asking to be shot-Willis's Paraphrase-Andrè's com. Charter granted to William Penn-Emigrations-Arrival of

posure of Mind- Pen-and-ink Sketch of himself-Name of Penn--His Biography - Annexation of Delaware -- Penn's

his Executioner-Dr. Thacher's Account of his Execution just Dealings with the Natives--Effect of his Justice-Treaty

Feelings of the Spectators — The Place of his Death and

Burial-The Captors of Andrè rewarded-Disinterment of ing of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth, and the City of Phil.
his Remains-Honored by the Duke of York-Desire to se. adelphia-Secession of Delaware - Penn's Difficulties--His
cure Arnold-A Plan to abduct him—Its Execution commit liberal Concessions Pennsylvania Charter-Penn's Heirs-
ted to Major Henry Lee-Sergeant Champe-His Sense of His Successors hostile to the Indians - Popular Feeling
Honor-Consents to attempt the Abduction of Arnold-His against the Proprietaries--Dr. Franklin-The Stamp Act
Desertion favored by Lee Pursuit of Champe-His Skill in Spirit of the People-Party Rancor-Franklin lampooned-
eluding his Pursuers--Escapes to a British Galley-Sir Henry William Bradford-The Pennsylvania Journal-Repeal of
Clinton deceived --Champe sent to Arnold-Joins his Legion the Stamp Act--Rejoicings—Dickenson's Letters-Firmness
- Preparations for carrying off the Traitor-Champe foiled of Pennsylvania, Tea Ships-Destruction of Tea at Green.
-Taken by Arnold to Virginia-Escapes, and rejoins his Le wich-Revolutionary Movements---Members of Assembly in-

gion in the Carolinas--Ramapo Valley and Village--Mr. Pier structed-Quakers opposed to the Revolution Testimony'!

son-Movements of the two Armies in 1777_Washington's of their yearly Meeting in 1775-James Pemberton and others

Perplexities–March of the American Army toward the High sent to Virginia - Arrest and removal of Governor Penn

lands---Howe's Destination determined The Clove - The and Chief-justice Chew-Execution of Roberts and Carlisle

Ramapo Pass - March of the allied Armies to Virginia - - Justice of their Punishment-Desecration of Carpenters'

Clinton deceived by Washington's Letters-The "Hopper Hall-Congress Hall-Prevalence of a Desire for Union-

House" -- Patriotism of the Owner - Interesting Relics ---First Movements toward a general Congress--Election of

Burr's Head-quarters Burr at Suffern's-Confusion of the Delegates—Names of the Representatives of each Colony--

Militia-Night Attack upon the British Pickets near Hacken. Character of the first Continental Congress-Its Organiza-

sack .....

......183-214 tion-Peyton Randolph-Charles Thomson-Opening of the

first Continental Congress-Patrick Henry--The first Prayer


in Congress-Sessions with closed Doors-Sympathy with

Departure for the South-Mode of Traveling-Characteristics Massachusetts-Declaration of Rights--- American Associa-

of the Journey-Interesting Associations-Perth Amboy tions"_Mr. Duché--State Papers issued by Congress-De-

Its original Settlement and Prospects-Governor William bates--Diversity of Opinion-Dartmouth's Circular--Joseph

Franklin-Dunlap's Recollections of military Affairs at Perth Galloway--Opinions concerning the Adamses -- Sketch of

Amboy - Journey to Crosswicks -- Missionary Operations Galloway's public Life-Disposition of his Estate.... 247-270

there - The Friends' Meeting house - Mrs. Idell ----Borden-

town - Revolutionary Events there -- Joseph Bonaparte-


General Dickinson -- Trenton -- M'Conkey's Ferry, where The State House--Independence Hall--Hancock's Chair--Por-
Washington crossed the Delaware-Long Bridge-. Capture traits of Penn and La Fayette-Picture of the Treaty Tree
of Forts Washington and Lee - Retreat of the Americans Statue of Washington - Liberty Bell Its History -- Inde.
across New Jersey-Decrease of the Army-Tardy Move. pendence not early nor generally desired, except by a Few

Patrick Henry's Prediction--Testimony of Washington and
tor's Horse-Biography of Lee-His Division commanded by others concerning the Loyalty of the Colonies--Paine's Com.
Sullivan - The Delaware between Washington and Corn mon Sense-First public Movements favorable to Independ.
wallis-Weakness of the American Army-Gloomy Aspect ence--Paine's Crisis--The Ministry order it to be burned-
of Affairs-Putnam in Command at Philadelphia-Reorgan. The Result-Timidity in the State Legislatures--State Gov.
ization of the Army--Adjournment of Congress to Baltimore ernments recommended-Lee's Resolution for Independence

The Quakers-Howe's Plans-Injudicious Disposition of -Absence of R. H. Lee--Jefferson's Draft of the Declaration
the British Troops--- Augmentation of Washington's Forces --Reasons why he was chosen to write it-Original Draft of
-Successful Diversion by Putnam in favor of Washington the Declaration of Independence, and Amendments. The
The American Army cross the Delaware on Christmas Debaters--Action of the several Colonies on the Subject of


Independence--Adoption of the Declaration-The Declara-1 Hancock's House-Death of the Owner-Return of the Ma.
tion of Independence as adopted-Ringing of the Liberty Bell rauders to Philadelphia-Light from Europe Alliance with
--Signers of the Declaration-Its Reception in New York France-Rejoicings at Valley Forge-Lord North's Concilia.
and elsewhere.The Principles of the Declaration, and their tory Bills-Appointment of Commissioners--Chathamn's Op-
Effect3Opinions of Raynal, Mirabeau, and Napoleon-Or position to American Independence-His sudden Illness and
ganization of State Governments-Adjournal of Congress to Deathm Copley's Picture of the Scene -- His Funeral and
Baltimore-Trip to Red Bank-Fort Mercer-Donop's Grave Monument-North's conciliatory Propositions rejected-Ar-
-Whitall's House-De Chastellux's Visit there-Anecdote rival of Commissioners--Governor Tryon-Letter of Com.
of Mrs. Whital.-Old Cannon- Distant View of Fort Miffin missioners to CongressAction of Congress concerning them,
---Military Works on the Delaware -- Obstructions in the and their Mission-Mrs. Greme-Attempt to bribe General
River-Their Removal by the British-Capture of Billings Reed-Mrs. Græme's part in the Affair--Memoir of General
port-The American Fleet in the Delaware--Hessian Expe Reed-Sir Henry Clinton Commander-in-chief-Condition
dition against Fort Mercer-Storming of the Fort-Repulse of the American Army-Exchange of General Lee-Oaths
of the Hessians at Red Bank-Count Donop -- Lieutenant of Allegiance--Evacuation of Philadelphia by the British-
colonel Greene-Monument at Red Bank--Attack on Fort Pursuit by the Americans -- The British harassed in New
Mifflin-American Flotilla-Lieutenant-colonel Smith-Suc Jersey--Extent of the British Line Washington's Determ.
cessful Defense of Fort Mifflin-Preparations for another At ination to Fight--Preparations of both Armies for Battle
tack-Plan of the Fort-Washington's Efforts to re-enforce British Camp near Monmouth Court-house - Their Move.
his Army-Conduct of Gates and Putnain-Second Attack ment toward Sandy Hook-Lee ordered to attack the British
of Fort Mifflin-Gallant Defense of the Fort-- Destructive --Approach of the American advanced Corps-Conflicting
Effects of Cannons and Bombs-Plan of Operations on the Intelligence -- Preparation for Battle-Plan of Action-The
Delaware -Retreat of the Garrison - Destruction of the British attacked by Wayne - Oswald's Artillery -- Wayne
Fort -- Movements in New Jersey - Fort Mercer aban checked by Lee-Strange Conduct of Lee-His Orders mis.
......................................Page 270-299 understood-Retreat of two Brigades-A general Retreat or-

dered by Lee-General Maxwell-Forward Movement of the

Division under Washington--Meeting of Washington and
Ancient Philadelphia-The “Slate-roof House" and its Associa Lee-Harsh Words between them-The pursuing Britons

tions--Loxley's Housem--Mrs. Darrah and the British Adjutant checked-Courage and Skill of Washington-Lee's Conduct,
General Information sent to Washington's Camp by Mrs. Trial, and Sentence-The fiercest of the Battle--Picture by
Darrah-Disappointment of the British-Swedes' Church Mr. Custis-Captain Molly-Gallant Conduct of Lee-Form-
Wharton's Mansion-house-The Mischianza--Immorality of ing of the second Line-- View of the Battle-ground-Advance
the Army-Major Andrè's Description of the Mischianza of Grenadiers under Monckton--His Death-Close of the
Philadelphia Provost Prison -- Cunningham - Washington Day and the Battle Retreat of Sir Henry Clinton-Charac.
Square-Office of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs - The ter of the Moninouth Battle-Clinton's official Dispatch criti.
Secretary's Aids—British Fortifications in Philadelphia-The cised — The Loss-Sufferings of the Soldiers--- Visit to the
British Encampment -- Personal Appearance of the British Battle-ground-Woodhull's Monument-Williarn and Gilbert
Officers--Loss of the Delaware Frigate - Torpedoes sent Tennent-Inscription upon Woodhull's Monument-Capture
down the River from Bordentown-"Battle of the Kegs" and Execution of Captain Huddy--Case of Captain Asgill-
Alarm during the Mischianza Fête--Boldness of Americans Remarkable Case of William Tennent-His own Descrip-

Interesting Places near Philadelphia - Patriotism of the tion of his Feelings — Loss of his Papers - The Pine Roh.
Philadelphia Women-Mrs. Reed and Mrs. Bache-De Chas. bers..........

..........Page 330-368
tellux's Visit to Mrs. Bache-Contributions of Clothing for
the Soldiers- Germantown James Logan-Speech of Lo-

gan the Indian Chief Officers of Government at German- | Departure from Valley Forge-The Paoli Tavern-Place where
town-Chew's House-Destructive Effects of War-Benja. Americans were massacred Wayne's Encampment, near
min Chew-Maneuvers of the two Armies on the Schuylkill Paoli-British attack upon his Detachment-The Massacre
--The British Army at Germantown--Preparations to attack Chaplain David Jones-His Address to the Troops at Ticon-
it-Approach of the Americans to Germantown--Attack on deroga- The Paoli Monument-The Inscriptions upon it
the British Pickets-Chew's House a Defense-Remissness The Dead of Paoli-Journey to West Chester---Departure
of the Militia-Victory lost to the Americans--Battle of Ger for the Brandywine Battleground-Jefferis's Ford-Sconnel
mantown-The Americans, deceived, abandon the Field Town, Osborne's Hill, and Birmingham Meeting-house
Washington's Chagrin - The Loss-Letter of General Ag. Landing of the British at the Head of Elk-Washington's
new's Servant to the Lady of that Officer concerning his Preparations to meet them--March of Americans from Phila.
Death-American Officers killed-Washington and his Offi delphia--Encampment on Red Clay Neck-Howe's Procla.
cers honored-General Stephen-Washington's Head-quar. mation --Retreat of the Americans across the Brandywine-
ters at Whitemarsh – Skirmish there American Encamp. Approach of the British to the Brandywine-The Fords of
ment- Retreat of the British to Philadelphia-Departure of that Stream-Plan of the Battle-Position of the American
the Americans from Whitemarsh-Barren Hill--La Fayette Army on the Brandywine-Movement of the British-Locali.
--His first Impulses favorable to the Americans-His Liberal ties of the Battle-ground--Skirmishing on the March toward
ity-- Visit to England - Attempts to leave France-Sketch the Brandywinem Engagement near Chad's Ford-Skirmish-
of his Career-Sword presented to him by Congress-Mem. ing on the Brandywine-Sullivan deceived by conflicting In.
oir of him--Pictorial Devices on his Sword-His arrival in telligence- Washington's Suspense-Passage of the Brandy-
America ----Biography continued-His Burial-place--Applies wine by the British Army-Forming of the Lines for Battle
to Congress-His Appointment--Interview with Washington --Conduct of Deborre--Commencement of the Battle-Skill
-Attached to the Army--La Fayette on Barren Hill-Maneu and Courage of the Belligerents--Effects of the British Ar-
vers of the two Armies- The British deceived.--Retreat of tillery--Retreat of the Americans–March of Greene to their
La Fayette across the Schuylkill to Valley Forge-Generals Support - La Fayette wounded - The British checked by
Poor and Woedtke-Iron Ore near the Schuylkill-Consho. Greene-Knyphausen preparing to cross the Brandywino -
hocken-Its Industry--Morristown-Swedes' Ford..299-330 General Muhlenberg--Passage of the Brandywine by Knyp.

hausen-Bravery of Wayne-General Retreat of the Ameri.

cans-Result of the Battle-Washington again made Dicta:
Approach to Valley Forge-"King of Prussia Tavern"-Village tor -- Attempt to attack the British Army - Du Coudray-

of Valley Forge Washington's Head quarters - The old Patriotism of the Israels-Battle prevented - March of the
Flour-mill and its Associations-Hamilton and Lee-View Americans toward Germantown--Localities near the Brandy.
from Rogers's Observatory - Camp at Valley Forge-Re: wine. The Quarters of Washington and Howe-Kennet
ligious Services-- Preparation of Huts ---- Disposition of the Square-A Storm-New London and Elkton-Scene of Mili-
American Army at Valley Forge--The Huts and their Occu tary Operations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania--An Even-
pants-Condition of the Army-Great Sutterings-Number ing on the Chesapeake-Baltimore-Battle Monument at Bal.
of Soldiers in Camp-Toryism displayed-Hopefulness of timore ..........

Washington--Conspiracy to deprive him of the chief Com-
mand Persons named as Malcontents ---- Forged Letters--

Thomas Conway-Character of the Congress of 1778–Pre- Baltimore and its Associations - Washington's Monument
tensions of Gates and Lee-Anonymous Letters-Conway's Maryland Historical Society--Pulaski's Banner - Moravian
Letter to Gates--Quarrel between Gates and Wilkinson-- Nuns at Bethlehem-Hymn of the Moravian Nuns"-Patriot.
Board of War-Expedition against Canada proposed - La ism in Baltimore Committees of Correspondence and Ob.
Fayette appointed to the Command-Grossly deceived-Dis. servation-Treatment of Loyalists-Meeting of Congress in
claimers of Gates and Mifflin-Opinion of Dr. Gordon-Con. Baltimore-La Fayette in Baltimore--Journey to Annapolis
way's Resignation-Duel, and repentant Letter to Washing. -- Departure from right Road--Hospitality-City of Annap.
ton-Baron De Steuben--His Arrival in America, and Ap. olis--Founding of the City-First Lord Baltimore--Explora-
pointment as Inspector General - Biographical Sketch of tion of the Chesapeake--Maryland Charter--Character of the
Steuben-His Aids and his Monuments - Washington's Ef. first Charter-Toleration its chief GloryBaltimore's Policy
forts in behalf of his Soldiers---Hostile Parties sent out from His Toleration --First Settlers-Leonard Calvert-Settle.
Philadelphia -- The Queen's Rangers - Advertisement for ment at St. Mary's First Legislative Assembly --- Religious
Recruits-Expedition against Militia Posts in New Jersey Animosity-Toleration of the Roman Catholics-Baltimoro
Skirmish at Quintan's Bridge, on Alloway's Creek-Expedi & Courtier-Civil War-Maryland a royal Province-Repub).
tion to Hancock's Bridge--Perils of the MarchMassacre at lican Constitution-Annapolis--Stamp-master's Effigy hanged

and burned--The Sons of Liberty-Statue of the King and - Visit to Powhatan-Energy of Smith-Bartholomew Gos.
Portrait of Camden-Governor Eden-Arrival of a Tea Ship nold--Progress of Jamestown Colony-Smith's Voyage up
--- Burning of the Vessel and Cargo - Treatment of John the Chickahominy --His Capture-His Adventure in Europe
Parks---Maryland and Independence- The State House and -Outwits the Indians-His Trial and SentencePocahontas
its Associations -- The Senate Chamber where Washington -Her Marriage, Death, and Descendants-Smith's Life saved
resigned his Commission-Portraits-- Departure of Rocham by Pocahontas-Condition of Jamestown-Newport's Folly

.... Page 390-403 --Smith's exploring Expedition--Lord De la Ware--Com.

missioners-Anarchy at Jamestown-Famine-Timely Re-

lief--Arrival of new Emigrants and Supplies ---Prosperity of
Journey from Annapolis to Washington-Profusion of Gates the Colony-Implantation of Republicanism-New Constitu.
Queen Anne and its Decline. First View of the Capitol tion-Massacre by the Indians Retaliation--The Patents
Rainbow at Noon.--The Federal City, Capitol, and Congress canceled - Policy of Charles I.-Governor Harvey-Wyatt
Library The National Institute - The Widow of General and Berkeley- The Commonwealth-Intolerance in Virginia
Alexander Hamilton--Washington's Camp Chest-His Let -Indian Wars—Berkeley and Loyalty-Opposition to parlia.
ter to Dr. Cochran-Pomp of Ancient Generals The Sword mentary Commissions-Concession to the Colonists-Com.
and Staff" _ Revolutionary Relics -- Franklin's Press-His. mercial Restrictions-King of Virginia - Indian Hostilities
tory of its Importation to America-Character of the - "Bacon's Rebellion” – Republican Triumphs - English
Franklin's Remarks in 1768-Peale's Picture of Washington Troops - Burning of Jamestown--Death of Bacon -Venge-

-Its History The Senate and House of Representatives ance of Berkeley-His Recall and Death-Jamestown and
Greenough's Statue of Washington - The Rotunda and its its Associations .............

IIS .............................Page 434-462
Contents-Description of Greenough's Statue Tuckerman's
Poem- A Chippewa's Speech -- Persico's Group-Tripoli

Monument - President Polk-Arlington House --- Mr. Custis | Departure from Jamestown- Remains of Fortifications -
and the "Washington Treasures"-Alexandria--Its Museum "Spencer's Ordinary" - Retreat of Cornwallis --Simcoe's
-The Hessian Flag captured at Trenton-Anecdote of Wash Expedition-Engagement between the advanced Guards of
ington - His Bier and other Relics --Departure for Mount the Belligerents--Battle at Spencer's Ordinary - Simcoe's
Vernon_The Mansion-The Library and its Associations Stratagem- A drawn Battle - The Loss — Burial with the
Key of the Bastile-Destruction of that Prison Pictures at Honors of War - March of Cornwallis from Williamsburg-
Mount Vernon--Chimney-piece-Monumental Eulogy- The Movements of La Fayette-Cornwallis's Stratagem-March
old Vault of the Washington Family-Attempt to steal the from Green Spring. Colonel Armand--The Battle Order-
Remains of Washington --The new Tomb-Sarcophagi of Attack upon the Outpost~The Enemy in full Force-Re-
Washington and his Lady-Tomb of Lady Washington treat of the Americans-Wayne's Charge upon the British
Narrative of the Re-entombing of Washington's Remains--- Line-Retreat of Cornwallis to Portsmouth--Tarleton's Ex-
Their AppearanceDeparture from Mount Vernon--Pohick pedition-Williamsburg -- Remains of Dunmore's Palace-
Church--Occoquan and its Reminiscences-Dunmore's re Brenton Church--Lord Botetourt_His Reception in Virginia
pulse at Occoquan--Visit to Pohick Church-Its dilapidated -Ode--Ancient powder Magazine. The old Capitol --Re-
Condition-Worship there -- Reverend Mason L. Weems-- sumption of the historical Narrative Plan of Williamsburg
Washington's Pew-A Swallow's Nest --- Location of the --Culpepper-Lord Howard and Nicholson-Federal Union
Church-Vestrymen--A curious DocumentaLast of Brad proposed - Orkney and his Deputies --Spottswood - His
dock's Men --- Return to Washington - Thunder-shower in Character---Conflicting Claims of the French and English--
December -- Aquia Creek - Almost a serious Accident Injustice toward the Indians The Ohio Company-Jealousy
Potomac Church-The Rappa hannock - Fredericksburg of the French-Erection of Forts-Dinwiddie's Measures--
Washington's Birth-place-First monumental Stone-Nota George Washington sent to the French Commandant-
bles of Westmoreland-Site of Washington's Birth-place Friendly Offices of the Indians--St. Pierre-His Letter to
His Ancestors-Arms and Monuments - First monumental Dinwiddie-Washington's Journey-Preparations for Warm
Stone to his Memory-Virginia Residence of the Family-- Expedition against the French -- Attack upon the Virginians
His early Life-Death of his Brother Laurence-The Wash. -Fort Duquesne-Fort Necessity-Surprise of Juinonville
ington Farm- Residence of his Mother-His early military -Death of Colonel Fry-Washington in Command-Fort
Career-Washington's last Interview with his Mother-Her Necessity-Washington's return home-The Great Meadows
Death and unfinished Monument-Corner-stone laid by Presi. --Loss at Fort Necessity-French Duplicity-General Brad-
dent Jackson-The unfinished Obelisk for the Tomb of Wash dock--Provincial Governors-March toward Fort Duquesne
ington's Mother-Departure from Fredericksburg-General -Alarm of the French-Passage of the Monongahela - The
Mercer's Son-The wrong Road-Pamunkey River-Hano Battle-Washington's Advance-Death of Braddock - Wash-
ver Court House-The old Tavern-Anecdote-Early Years ington's Skill-Providential Care acknowledged-Lord Lou.
of Patrick Henry--The " Parson's Cause" _His Debut as an doun-New Expedition-General Forbes--His Movements
Orator, described by Wirt.-New Castle--Road from Hano Defeat of Grant-Attack on Bouquet- Abandonment of Fort
ver to Richmond - Birth-place of Henry Clay - Virginia Duquesne-Washington's Resignation Development of his
Market-wagons ..................................404-433 Military Character ..........


Early Settlement at Rockett's and Powhatan--Captain Smith Effect of the Stamp Act in Virginia-Boldness of Patrick Henry

-Abandonment of “ Nonesuch"-Fort Charles-Founding -His Resolutions in opposition to the Act-Effect of his Res.
of Richmond-Scenery on the James River at Richmond olutions---His Eloquence and Skill - Dissolution of the As.
Expedition of Arnold to Virginia-With his Fleet in the James sembly-General Congress proposed-Repeal of the Stamp
River--Approach to Richmond-Activity of Jefferson --The Act-Lord Botetourt-Thomas Jefferson-Dissolution of the
Militia- The British at Richmond-Old City Tavern- Baron Assembly - The Apollo Room-Death of Botetourt-Lord
Steuben-Depredations by British Frigates --Departure of Dunmore-His Character -- Committees of Vigilance and
Arnold from Richmond-French Fleet in Hampton Roads Correspondence-Fast-day in Virginia--Assembly dissolved
Houdon's Statue of Washington-Monumental Church-De by Dunmore-Meeting at the Raleigh-The Proceedings-
struction of the Richmond Theater---St. John's Church-Vir Delegates to the Continental Congress-Expedition against
ginia Washington Monument - The Constitutional Conven. the Indians — Dunmore's Schemes – Camp at the Great
tion-Its Members and their Vote-Mayo's Bridge-The “Old Kenawha-Battle at Mount Pleasant--March to the Shawnee
Stone House" -Its Reminiscences-Anecdote of Monroe Towns---Old Chillicothe-Fort Gower-Junction of the Ar-
Patrick Henry-Departure from Richmond--Aspect of the mies of Dunmore and Lewis-Camp Charlotte-Logan and
Scene-Effect of Patrick Henry's Eloquence- His Residence Cresap--John Gibson-Logan's Speech-His Death Sketch
-Appearance of the Country below Richmond-Westover of Colonel Cresap--Treaty with the Indians-Sentiments of

Colonel Byrd-Birth place of President Harrison-Anec Dunmore's Officers - Indian Wars in the West - Daniel
dote of Harrison's Father-Charles City Court-house-Birth Boone- His Family on the Kain-tuck-ee-Boone's Fort as-
place of President Tyler-Jefferson's Marriage--His Marriage Bailed by Indians--Capture of his Daughter and Companions
License-bond--Historical Associations of Charles City Court. _Construction of other Forts--Indian Assaults-Expedition
house-Attack upon the American Militia--Carelessness of against the Kentucky Settlements--George Rogers Clarke-
Dudley — "Sherwood Forest" -- Ex-president Tyler -- The His Explorations in the Wilderness-Expeditions against
Slashes of the Chickahominy -Difficulties at the Ferry-The British Forts--Simon Kenton-His life and sufferings-Sur-
Chickahominy and its Associations Green Spring and its prise of Kaskaskia-Capture of the Garrison Location of
Associations-Distant View of Jamestown Island-Changes Kaskaskin Surprise of Cahokia-Capture of Vincennes--Its
in the River Banks_Tradition--Mr. Coke's Plantation - The Loss and Recapture-Terrible March over the “ Drowned
Council Tree - Remains of old Jamestown Church and Lands"---Colonel Hamilton made Prisoner--Detroit-Tory
Grave-yard--Wirt's Musings at the Church at Jamestown Emissaries-Dr. Connolly - Official Tampering with the In-
The Ancient Monuments-Paulding's Ode-Efforts at early dians-Girty before Fort Henry-Massacre of a reconnoiter-
Settlement-Loss of Sir Humphrey Gilbert-Raleigh's Per ing Party-Attack upon the Fort-Elizabeth Zane and Mrs.
geverance-Amidas and Barlow --Native Hospitality abused Merrillo-Effect of a log Field-piece- Arrival of Succor

Grenville and Lane-Hostilities with the Indians-Col. Abandonnent of the SiegeEscape of M'Culloch-Fort
onists return to England-Another Expedition-"City of Mölntosh-Expedition against Sandusky Towns-Successful
Raleigh"-Virginia Dare-Loss of a Colony-Other Expedi. Expedition from Detroit against Kentucky Forts---Colone)
tions-London and Plymouth Companies-- Death of Raleigh Clarke in Virginia-Made a Brigadier - Battle at the Blue
-Newport-Captain John Smith-Founding of Jamestown Licke-The Indians subdued-Affairs at Williamsburg-lat.


Outragea Trials

rick Henry's bold Resolutions in favor of military Prepara. ! racks - Extensive Gardening General Condition of the
tions-His eloquent Defense of them-Effect of his Speech Troops- Removal of Troops from Charlottesville Their
--Seizure of Powder by Dunmore-Patrick Henry with a final Dispersion-The Germans-Departure from Petersburg
military Force-A Compromise-Dunmore's Oath - General - Capital Punishment-Husbandry in Lower Virginia ----
Excitement Proceedings of the Assembly-Attempt to de. Fruits of the social System-Gee's Bridge-Capture of Col.
stroy the Magazine-Dunmore's Flight-Military Prepara onel Gee-A Yankee OverseerPassage of the Roanoke into
tions-Dunmore at Norfolk –New Government planned Carolina-Cotton Fields--Route of Greene's Retreat-Jour-
Militia organized, Great Seal Declaration of Independence ney toward Hillsborough-Tobacco Culture-Williamsburg
proclaimed at Williamsburg-Officers under the new Gov. and Oxford-Tar River - Fording Streams - The princely
ernment-Freneau's Prophecy ...............Page 482-506 Domain of Mr. Cameron--Night at a Yankee's Farm-house-

Arrival at Hillsborough-Early Settlements in North Carolina

--First Charter of North Carolina-Early Settlements on the
Ride to Yorktown-William Nelson, Esq.--Location and Ap. Chowan and Cape Fear-Planters from Barbadoes-The ab.

pearance of YorktownIts early Settlement-Old Church surd“ Fundamental Constitutions' of Shaftesbury and Locke
at Yorktown-The Nelson Tombs-Cornwallis's Cave-An Sketch of the Authors---Extent of the Province---Abroga-
Imposition Present Appearance of the British Works -- tion of the Constitutions-Government Officers imprisoned
American and French Armies—Morris and Peters-Change -Governor Sothel bapished-John Archdale-Settlements
in Plan of Operations-Cornwallis ordered to the Chesapeake in the Interior Indian Hostilities-Flight of the Tuscaroras
-Takes Postat Yorktown and Gloucester, and fortifies them Pirates-First Royal Governor-First Legislative Assem-
-Sketch of Cornwallis--Southern Campaign-De Grasse in bly-The Governor and People at Variance-Removal of the
the Chesapeake-Sketch of De Grasse -- Cornwallis's At Seat of Government to Wilmington--Immigration of Scotch
tempt to escape into Carolina--Admirals Hood and Graves Highlanders - The Rebellion of '45~Peril and Flight of the
proceed against the French Fleet--Naval Battle off the Vir. Pretender-Extinction of his Family..........Page 541-564
ginia Capes--French Squadron-Loss in the naval Action-
March of the allied Armies - Arrival of Washington and

French Officers at Williamsburg-Arrival of Troops at Will. The Scotch-Irish and their Principles-Their Emigration to
iamsburg-Washington's first Interview with De Grasse Carolina-Moravian Settlements-The religious Element in
Approach of the Armies_Death of Colonel Scammel.York. our Government Origin of the Scotch Irish-First Printing-
town and Gloucester invested—General Arrangements of the presses in North Carolina - Carolina Troops in Virginia
land and naval Forces French Officers—Biographical Sketch Governors Dobbs and Tryon-Opposition to the Stamp Act,
of Lieutenant-colonel Stevens - Position of the American The Enfield Riot-Revolutionary Proceedings at Wilmington
Corps-Approach by Parallels-Cannonade and Bombard. -Ruins of St. Philip's Church at Brunswick - Resignation
ment- Burning of the British Ships-Continued Approaches of the Wilmington Stamp Master-Unpopularity of Tryon-
toward the British Works-Preparations to storm Redoubts Discontents in the Interior—"Regulators__Tryon's Request

Plan of the Siege of Yorktown—Successful Assault upon for a Palace-Maneuvers of his Family-Heavy Appropria.
two Redoubts-Loss sustained by the Combatants-Bravery tion-View and Description of the Palace-Excessive Taxa-
and Loss of the French Grenadierg-Desperate Situation of tion-Tryon's Proclamation against the Regulators. His bad
Cornwallis --- Sortie -- His Attempt to Escape Providential Faith-Extortions of Officers--Arrest of Regulators-Hills.
Interposition-Count Dumas--Patriotism of Governor Nel borough menaced-Forbearance of the People--Legal Trials
son-Bombardment of his Mansion-Cornwallis's Proposition -Tryon's return to Newbern--Prevalence of Quiet-New
to surrender-Destruction in Yorktown-Terms of Capitula Outbreaks-Riots at Hillsborough-Outrages upon Fanning
tion proposed --The Commissioners -Synopsis of Articles -Sketch of his public Life-Mock Court and Trials-Yorke
of Capitulation--Fac Simile of the fourteenth Article of the --Military Expedition against the Regulatorn-Bad Treat-
Capitulation Ceremonies at the Surrender of the British ment of Husband-Tryon's March to Hillsborough--His Offi-
Army-Delivery of the Colors—Conduct of Cornwallis in the cers-Dispersion of Waddell's Troops-Tryon's March to-
Carolinas-Laying down of Arms-Loss of both Armieg ward the Allamance-Dr. Caldwell's Mediation - Battle-
Washington's expressed Approbation of Officers-Disposi Flight of Husband-Defeat of the Regulators-The Battle-
tion of Prisoners--A Jubilee for Prisoners-Intelligence of ground-Cruelty of Tryon-Tryon's Prisoners exhibited in
the Surrender at Philadelphia-Proceedings of Congress Chains--Execution of six of them-Effect of the Regulator
Rochambeau.-Awards of Congress to Officers-General Re Movement Career of Husband - Committees of Corre-
joicings-Proceedings in Parliament-Lord North's Agitation spondence-Difficulties between the Governor and People

Designs upon Southern British Posts-St. Clair's Success Conventions of the Patriots--Approval of a General Con-
-Washington's Journey to Philadelphia Localities at York gress, and appointment of Deputien-Provincial Congresso
town--Moore's House and its Associations Place of Surren Maneuvers of Governor Martin-Symptoms of a servile In.
der-Governor Nelson's House-Departure for Hampton surrection-Destruction of Fort Johnson-Provincial Con-
Arrival there-Old Point Comfort Early History Hamp. gress at Hillsborough-Action of the Congress--Military Or.
ton Roads - Dunmore's Attack - His Repulse St. John's ganization - Minute-men -- Sketch of Cornelius Harnett -
Church-Attack on Hampton in 1813--Voyage to Norfolk Friendship of the Highlanders courted-Called to take up
St. Paul's Church and its Associations--Ride to the Great Arms by Donald M‘Donald-Hora M Donald-Her Influence:
Bridge Description of the Locality-Dunmore at Norfolk - The Pretender saved by her-Patriot Expedition against
Seizure of Holt's Printing-office-Holt's Career-Prepara the Highlanderg-Pursuit by Colonel MooreaCaswell and
tions for Battle-Fortifications at the Great Bridge-Attack Lillington-Caswell's Letter to his Son-Peril of the High-
on the American Redoubt-Death of Captain Fordyce-Strat landers--Preparations for Battle-- Lillington Hall-Battle at
agem of Major Marshall-Close of the Battle-Terror of the Moore's Creek-Feat of Mrs. Slocum-Effect of the Battle
Captives-Norfolk entered by the Americans-Dunmore's Humanity of the Whigs — Governor Martin--Organization
Threat Destruction of Norfolk-Distress-Disposition of the of civil Government-Proclamation of Sir Henry Clinton
American Troops - Dunmore at Gwyn's Island - General Desolation of Howe's Plantation Localities at Hillsborough
Lewis-Attack upon Dunmore-His Flight-Distress upon -Departure for the Allamance-Place of Pyle's Defeat
Gwyn's Island — Destruction of Property by Collier and Cornwallis at Hillsborough -- Expedition under Lee-Pur-
Matthews- Leslie's Expedition — Deep Creek and Dismal suit of Tarleton-Approach of Tories, under Colonel Pyle
Swamp-Drummond's Lake Moore's Poem - Return to --Plan to Ensnare them --Destruction of the Loyalists —
Norfolk-Portsmouth and Gosport - French and English Escape of Colonel Pyle - The Battle-ground - Escape of
Fleets-Attempt to Capture Arnold.....


Washingure's House an House-Depearly History St. John's

..507-540 Tarleton......



Departure from Norfolk-Misfortunes of an Hostler-Forts The Allamance - Factory Labor - Regulator Battle-ground
Nelson and Norfolk-Craney Island-Voyage up the James Greensborough-Guilford Battle-ground-Gates superseded
River--City Point-Petersburg-Blandford Church-Found by Greene-Greene's arrival in Carolina--Courtesy of Gates
ing of Petersburg-Sudden Storm-Services of Steuben - Disposition of the belligerent Armies--Greene and Morgan
Military Operations between City Point and Williamsburg -Battle at Ramsour's Mills-General Rutherford-Morgan
Skirmish near Williamsburg -- Retreat of the Americang pursued by Cornwallis-Escape of the Former-Passage of
British Occupation of the Town-Mrs. Bolling--British Oc. the Catawba by the British-Their Success-Death of General
cupation of Bollingbrook-Skirmish at Osborne's—Destruc Davidson-Queen's Museum-Dispersion of Militia-Com-
tion of the American Flotilla-- Troops of Arnold and Phillips mencement of Greene's Retreat-His Passage of the Yadkin
-Depredations at Manchester and Warwick-La Fayette at Cornwallis foiled The Trading Ford Numbers of the two
Petersburg-Death of Phillips-Entrance of Cornwallis into Armies - Passage of the Yadkin by Cornwallis-American
VirginiaThe State in Danger -- Retirement of Governor light Army organized Colonel Williams--Line of March-
Jefferson-Monticello-Cornwallis's unsuccessful Pursuit of Death of Lee's Bugler - A Skirmish and Race- Efforts to
La Fayette-Expeditions Westward-Jefferson's Seal, and reach the Dan-Greene's Passage of the Dan-Passage of the
Monument, and Inscriptions_Expedition of Simcoe against whole Army-Disappointment of Cornwallis-Greene's Prep.
Steuben-Attempt to Capture Jefferson and the Legislators arations to recross the Dan-March toward Guilford-Ma.
-Destruction of Property--Cornwallis baffled by La Fayette 'neuvers of the Belligerents-Skirmish on Reedy Fork-Aug.
--His Retreat toward the Coast-Detention of the Convention mentation of the American Army - Disposition of the two
Troops--Their Parole-March of the Convention Troops to Armies_Skirmish at New Garden Meeting-house-Defeat of
Virginia--Their Route to Charlottesville-Sufferings-Riede Tarleton--Lee driven back-American Army at Guilford
sel and his Family--Jetferson's Hospitality-Erection of Bar ! Plan of the Battle-Approach of the British--Battle-Flight

curaction-Destruction Action of the Congress

Harnett -

re's cmreparnell's suit by

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