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prince that Jhall come Jkall destroy the city and the fancluary, and the end thereof fhall be with a flood; and unto the end of the war dffolatiom are determined. And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he Jhall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate.. even until the consummation, and that determined, shall be poured us on the desolate.

Moses. This scripture is accomplished and sulfilled in us this day. This a truth known to all nations of the earth; but where is the covenant confirmed with many, and who is the Messiah that confirmed it? These two essentials shall be the principals of this debate, and which knowledge ail Israel most ardently hopes fpr.

Boy. You agree, that Jesus Christ is of the lineage of David, and that he was put to death at the time marked by the above prophecy.

Moses. Most assuredly; I do not deny these two points; also, the accusation for which he suffered and manner, circumstances and what occurred in his lise and at his death, which was on a gibbet. I have already given you a detail to which I resser,, and to his disciples who wrote your Gospels.

Boy. Change of religion is of that delicate texture, and must proceed from self-conviction or insufficiency of the religion they are- in, which should be its own criterion. This shall be the standard that we will, abide by. 1 will theresore, make no use of the new scripture until we prove them so by the old; from the old ; . * ; . - the the new must; stand or fall, and this depends on Jesus Christ being the Messiah.

Moses. Your reasons are placed on the most solid rock, this being a proof that cannot be contradicted, or ever aster raise doubts or sera*pies in the mind. It is the most firm basis.

Bey. Notaries, will you bring sorward the heads or points discussed and agreed to.

Notaries. One God, but distinct persons. Messiah God and man, who confirmed the covenant, when he was put to death, rose from death, ascended into heaven, where he sits on the right-hand of God. The Jews as was foretold by the prophet, assisted at his death. Forty years aster, according to the time marked by the prophets, Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans, under Titus, the temple destroyed and sacrifice ceased, to the time present, near two thousand years, and the Jews no longer a nation, but a proverb and a bye-word in the mouths of all nations. The priesthood of the new covenant, aster the order of Melchisedech, whose offering was bread and wine, when the temple stood it was a heathen temple, at present a Turkish mosque, and Jerusalem trodden down by the Gentiles, &c.

Boy. Psalm i. IVhy da the heathen rage'and the people imagine a vain thin? The kings of the earth stand up, and the rulers take counsel against the Lord and against His Christ. Let us break their bonds asunder, and east away their cords from us. He that dvaelleth in heaven shall laugh them 'to scorn ', the. Lord' sbail have them in deriston. Then shall he sytak m'.o them in his wrath, and Vex than in bis fore displeasure. Tet have I Jet my King upon my holy bill of Hion; I wili preach the law, whereof the Lord hath jsid unto me: Thou art my Son, this day have 1 begotten "Ibee Desire of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance: and the utmost parts of the earth for thy possession. 1 hou shalt bruise them with a rod of iron, and break them in pieces like a potter's vessel. Be wise now, therefore, O ye kings^ be learned, ye that are judges of the earth. Serve the Lord in fear, and rejoice unto him with reverence. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and Jo you


if His wrath be kinr I are all they that put

Moses. 1 his Psalm Is a sur.her confirmation of the Heads going besore, quoted by the No

tariCS' .i n i' V 3 ' n vdr

Boy. You will reflect who^'u was at the time

the Messiah appeared, was appointed by the heathens, kings or princes in Jerusalem, or over the Jews, they being tributary to the Romans, and who were the rulers of the Jews, also, who or what peison they raged and took counscl against: ascertaining these heads will Irad us with other scripture confirmations to the

;gefljah. ..; .V. ,.,

Moses.. Herod, Pontius Pilate^ Annas and Caiphas, were at that time appointed; but who the Messiah, that they, with the rest, raged and took counsel against as a criminal, we know

not. "..' ...' . „.,!;., .. .... ,r.'..s},ys'.

.. Boy. The Jews have been noted sor transmitting occurs ences, particularly in mat ter|©f

religion, they would not overlook or neglect the very article that they have been throughout their whole scriptures, beginning with their great law-giver, Mofrs, to Malachi, their latest prophet, apprized and sorewarned of. But, without propheting by these timely precautions, Israel not only stands guilty of this bloody tragedy, but remains to this day obstinate and irreconcileable. when ligrft • wili appeah-in its meridian. It 7* theresore essentially necessary, when the greatest5 subject: that can enter into the heart of man the person of the Messiah, on which salvation exists, is concerned, and to be determined upon, thar wisdom should be our guide, by which every' enemy or obstacle will be taken away; the daystar will then break forth and remove1 bur doubts; to embrace and still doubt is folly.';;!


Moses. You cannot charge the Jews with ob* ftinary in a matter they are ignorant and would wish to know. Our scriptures being from Almighty God we know are true j ar.d these scriptures affirm, that the Jews have cut osf their Messiah. This, theresore, is confirmed, but who is the Messiah out of many pretending at the time appointed to that title and dignity we know not. Each drew a number of the common vulgar with their magic and form bodies of disciples, who running headlong into every licentiousness, thousands were executed.

Boy. t he princes of the earth stood up and the rulers take counsel against the Lord and against His Christ. In relation to Impostors drawing the rabble aster their low cunning and magical charms and behaving riotoufly, is not

ly and abiolutely affirms, that the princes and rulers raged and took council against Christ and put him to death. This is the point we - are investigating and searching out.

Moses. Impediments that cloud and cast shades on truth must be removed by canvassing


Observe the scripture pofitive

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Boy. I consider your motive and acknowledge the fundamental principle on which it is founded j I heartily acquiesce.

Moses. At the period or time marked by^thtf scriptures, for the appearance of the Messiahs many impostors rose up, declaring each"SHe^ that he-was the Messiah. Simon Magus, a-Sa^maritan, of the village of Gitton, who*' cording to your christian historian Eusebiusy who also takes notice of an apology wrotelby the philosopher Justin, a man famous among the prosessors of Christianity, soon after ttni£r times of the apostles, to the emperor Antonthus,'Was one of these impostors, who claimed divine worship. These are the words of Justin: "And after the Ascension of our Lordy.l4ft$ heaven. the devil sent forth certain men wKor stiled themselves gods, whom you were so far ftom persecuting, that you worship them. Among them there was pne Simon, a Samaritan, of the village named Gitton, who, in she reign of. Claudius Cæsar, having performed many magical wonders; by the assistance and art of devils, within your city of Rome, the* metropolis of the empire-, 4?as accounted a:iGod!

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