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Place the numbers according to their value : then sub tract as in whole numbers, and point of the decimals as in Addition.

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6. From 480 take 245,0075

Ans. 234.9925 7. From 236 civis. tako ,549 dols. Ans. 82:15,til 8. From ,145 tahe ,09684

Bils, .04816 9. Frun .2754 take ,2371

Ans, ,0383 10. From 271 takie 215.00

us. 35s 11. Froiu 2711,2 take 75,4075 Ans. 19467925 12. From 107 take ,0007

Hus. 106,9993 13. From an unit, or 1, subtract the millionth part of -tself.

slus. ,999999

[blocks in formation]


RULE. 1. Whether they be mixed numbers, or pure decimals, place the factors and multiply :hem as in whole numbers.

2. Point oft so many figures from the provluct as there are decimal places in both the factors; and if there be [Mtsn many places in the product, supply the defect by refixing cyphers to the lelt hand.

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To multiply by 10, 100, 1000, &r. remove the separa. ting point so many places to the right hand, as the niultiplier has cople's.

Multiplier br 10, makes 4.25
Su 425

by llo), makes 1

- by 1000, is 423, For ,445x10 is 4,250, $.c. .


· RULE. 1. The places of the decimal parts of the divisor and potwnt cuinted together, must always be equal to those in the dividend, therefore divide as in whole numbers, anel from the right hand of the quotient, point off so many places for decimals, as the decimal places in the divi vend exceell those in the divisur. 6. It is performed by removing the separatrix in the divi. 14. demil, so many places towards the left hand as there are 1. cypliers in the divisor.

2. If the places in the quotient be got so many as the rule requires, supply the defect by prefising cyphen's tim, He leit hierd of said quotient.

Note..-If the decimal places in the divisor be more than those in the diviend, annex as mallu cyphers to the alivider:d as you pleas', so as to maha ii eruul. (ai least) to the livinor. Nur, is there be a remainder, you may annos cypisers to it, and carry on tie quotient wanny dheee gree of exactress.

9,51)77,41 14(8,14 3,3),21518(,0561


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r 10, the quotient, ts 57,2 572 divided by 100, ... - - 5,2

| 1000, - ... ,572


T'o reduce a lulgar Fraction to its equivalent Decimal.

Annes cyphers to the numerator, and divide by the
Jenommator; and the quotient will be the decimal re-

NOTE. So inany cyphers as you annex to the given.
raumeratur, so many places inust be pointed in the quo-
vient; and if there be not so niany places of figures in
The quotient, make up the deficiency by placing cyphers
w the left hand of the said quotient.

1. Reduce to a deciina!. 8)1,200

Ans. ,125 2.) What decimal is equal to Answers. 9,5 is what ilecimal is equal to ? '

• 305 ict Reluced to a decimal. .. . . 1. Rerluce into a sleemal. . . . . ,6873

. Reduce to a decimal. .•.•.85 A . Bring to a clocinigl. - . - - 19.:: 5 I . W at decimal is equal to ? • - 037211.57 .

. Reduce to a decimal. •.• • ,333333 + Tud: Reruce nas to its equivalent decimal. 0018 P. Reduce as tu a decimal


To reduce quantities of several denominationslor Decimal

Bring the viven denominations first ma vulgar fraction
w Problom III. page 76: and reduce said sulgar tiác.
tion to its couivalent decimal : or

Rele Place the several denominations above ich other, leeting the highest renomination stand at the Brito tom: then diville cach denomination (beginning at the top) by its value in the next denominativni; tiic lasi 90ticrit will give the decimal required.

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