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5. OLOTH MEASURE. 1. In 95 yards, how many quarters and nails?

Ans. 380grs. 1520na. 2. In 341 yards, 3qrs. Ina. how many nails ?

Ans. 5469. 3. In 3783 nails, how many yards ?

Ans. 256yds. Igr. Sna. 4. In 61 Ells English, how many quarters and nails ?

Ans. 305qrs. 1220na. 5. In 56 Ells Flemisn, how many quarters and nails :

Ans. 168grs. 672na, 6. In 148 Ells English, how many Ells Flemish ?

Åns. 246E. F, 2grs. 7. In 1920 nails, how many yards, Ells Flemish, and Els English ?

Ans. 120yds. 160E. F. ard 96E. E. 8. How many coats can be made out of 567 yards of broadcloth, allowing 14 yards to a coat ? Ans. 21.

6. DRY MEASURE. 1. In 136 bushels, how many pecks, quarts and pints?

Ans. 544pks. 4352qts. 8704pts. 2. In 49 bush. 3pks. 5qts. how many quarts ?

Ans. 1597. 3. In 8704 pints, how many bushels ? Ans. 136. 4. In 1597 quarts, how many bushels ?

Ans. 49bus. Spks. 5pts. 5. A man would ship 720 bushels of corn in barrels, which will hold 3 bushels, 3 pecks each, how many barrels must he get ?

Ans. 192.

7. WINE MEASURE. 1. In 9 tuns of wine, how many hogsheads, gallons and quarts ?

Ans. 36hhds. 2268gal. 9072qts, 2. In 24 hhds. 18 gals. 2 qts. how many pints ?

Ans. 149 3. In 9072 quarts, how many tuns ?

! 4. In 1905 pints of wine, how many hogshead!

. Ans. 3hhds. 49gal.

5. In 1789 quarts of cider, how many barrels ?

Ans. 14bls. 25qts. 6. What number of bottles, containing a pint and a half each, can be filled with a barrel of cider i Ans. 168.

7. How many pints, quarts, and two quarts, each an equal number, may be filled from a pipe of wine ?

Ans. 144.

1. In 51 miles, how many furlongs and poles ?

Ans. 408fur. 16320 poles. 2. In 49 yards, how many feet, inches, and barley, e corns ?

Ans. 147ft. 1764inch. '5292b.c. El 3. How many inches from Boston to New-York, i being 248 miles?

Ans. 15715280inch -; 4. In 4352 inches, how many yards ?

Ans. 120yds. 2ft. Sin. 5. In 682 yards, how many rods ?

Ans. 682x2=-11=124rods. 6. In 15840 yards, how many miles and leagues ?

Ans. Im. Slea. 0 7. How many times will a carriage wheel, 16 feet and - 9 inches in circumference, turn round in going from New-York to Philadelphia ; it being 96 miles

Ans. 30261 times, and 84 feet over. . 8. How many barley-corns will reach round the globe it being 360 degrees

Ans. 4755801600

9. LAND OR SQUARE MEASURE. 1 3 * 1. ID 241 acres, 3 roods and 25 poles, how many square c rods or perches ?

.... Ans. 38705 perches. 2. In 20692 square poles, how many acres ?

Ans. 129a. 1r. 12po.. i 3. If a piece of land contain 24 acres, and an inclosure of 17 acres, 3 roods, and 20 rods be taken out of it, how miny perches are there in the remainder?

. Ans. 980 perches. 14. Three fields contain, the first 7 acres, the second 10

res, the th:1d 12 acres, 1 rood, how many shares can by be divideil into, each share to contain 76 roda :

Ans. 61 shares, and 44 rods out.

1., In 14 tons of hewn timber, how many solid inches

Ans. 14x50x1728=1209600. 2. In 19. tons of round timber, how many inches ? .

". Ans. 1313280. 3. In 21 cards of wood, how many solid feet ? :

Ans, 21x128=2688. 4. In 12 cords of wood, how many solid feet and inches!

Ans. 1586ft. and 2654208inch. 3. In 4608 solid feet of wood, how many cords?

Ans. Sécds.

11. TIME. 1. In 41 weeks, how many days; hours, minutes, and conds

Ans. 287d. 6888h. 413280min, and 24796800sec. 2. In 214.. 15h. 31m. 258ec. how many second's ? ,

Ans. 18545485sec. $. In 24796800 seconds, how many weeks

Ans. 4f weeks. 4. In 184009 minutes, how many days

Ans. 127d. 18h. 49min. 3. How many days from the birth of Christ, to Christ. u, 1797, allowing the year to contain 365 days, 6 hours.

Ans. 656554d. 6h. 6. Suppose your age to be 16 years and 20 days, how any seconds old are you, allowing 365 days and 6 hours the year?

Ans. 506649600sec. 7. From March 20, to November 19th following, in. usive, how many days ?

Ans. 262.

12. CIRCU'LAR MOTION. 1. In 7 signs, 15° 24' 40" how many degrees, minutes, and seconds ? Ans. 22.5° 13524' and 811480" . 2. Bring 1020300 seconds into signs.

Ans. 9 signs, 19° 259

:: QUESTIONS TO EXERCISE REDUCTION. 1. In 1259 gruato, how many farthings, pence, shillings ad guineas at 98.

ains. 20144grs. 30365 410, 9d. and 14 gwman, Ss. ki.

2. Borrowed 10 English guineas at 285. each, and 24

English crowns at 6s. and sil. each; how many pistulcs .. at 22s.cach will pay the debt?

Ans. 20. 3. Four men brongli ach 1:1. ins. sterliny value in gula intilie mint, how many yuive:15 at 21s. cach must ühes receive in return

Aus. 66 min. 145. 4. it seermitir received threring ois of silvera rach weighing 2. rices, with direrinus to make 11.c into spoolis of 2017.. cups of 30%.. salts of 1 07.. itu seuilloses till 117.. and deliior an equal number of each; what was the lower:. Ans. 8 of each, uni Tozeurer.

5. Admit a ship's cargo feon Bordeaux to be 230 pipes, 130 hlids. and 150 quarter casks!) hlus. how wiany gallons in all, allowing every pint to be a pounil, what burrlen was the sirip of Ans, 44415 guls, and

the ship's burilen was 158 tons, 12cwl. 2yrs. 6. In 15 picces of cloth, each picce 20 yds, low many Freuch Eils:

Ares. 200. 7. In 10 bales of cloth, c.ich bale 12 pieces, and cach piece 25 Flemish Ells, how many yards? Ans. 2250.

8. The forward wheels of a wayyon are 141 feet in circumference, and the hind wheels 15 feet 9 inches, how many more times will the forward wheels turn round than the fiind wheels, in running froin Boston to New-York, it being 248 miles:

Ans, :167. 9. Iluw many times will a ship 97 feet 6 inches long, sail her length in the distance of 12800 !eagues and ten vari. ;

ins. 9079508. 10. The sun is 95,000,000 of miles from the earth, and a rannon ball at its first discharge flies about å mile in : seconda ; how long would a canon ball be, at that rate in Hying from here to the sun

Hus. 2211r. 216d. 19h. 40m.. * 11. The Sun travels throub 6 signy of the Zoliac in halt a year ; how many degrees, minutes and seconds :

41.' 1800rg. 101800nin. 64860sre. 12. llow many strokes dues a regular clock strike in dars, or a year i

ins. 56940. is. Itow lurig will it take to com a million at the rate : ill. a minute Àns. 353h. 2011. 'ur löd, 21h. 20mm

14. The national debt of England amounts to about 279 millions of pounds sterling; how long would it take to count this debt in dollars (4s. 6d. sterling) reckoning without intermission twelve hours a day at the rate of 50 dollars a niinute, and 365 days to the years

Ans. 94 years, 134 days, 5 hours, 20 min.


FRACTIONS, or broken numbers, are expressions fo. any assignable part of an unit or whole number, and (ir general) are of two kinds, viz.

VULGAR AND DECIMAL. A Vulgar Fraction, is represented by two numbers pla ced one above another, with a line drawn between thein thus, i, , &c. signifies three-fourths, five-eights, &c.

The figure above the line, is called the numerator, ano hat below it, the denominator, Thus, $3 Numerator.

Denoininator. The denominator (which is the divisori in division) shews how many parts the integer is divided into; and the numerator (which is the remainder after division) shews how many of those parts are meant by the fraction.

A fraction is said to be in its least or lowest terins, when it is expressed by the least number's possible, as when reduced to its lowest terms will be a, and it is equal to , &c.

PROBLEM L. 'To abbreviate or reduce fractions to their lowest terms

RULE. Divide the terms of the given fraction by any number which will divide them without a remaindler, an 'the quotients again in the same manner: and so on, tillit appears that there is no munitour greater than 1, which will divido phenoja sad the fracuun will be in its leust terins

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