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RULES, for reducing the currencies of the scveral Unito the


of all the others. See the given currency right hand, till you come under the required currency,

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|N. England, New-Jersey,

Virginia, Pennsylvania, New-York, Kentucky, Delaware, and and


N. Carolina, Tennessee. Maryland. N. England, Virginia,

Add one 4th! Add one 3de Kentucky,

to the given to the given and Tennessee. New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deduct one

Add one fif Delaware, fifth from the

teenth to the and given sum.

given suin.
New York,
Deduct one

Deduct one and 4th from the 16th from the North-Caro- New-York, New-York. lina. &c.

Multiply the Multiply the Multiply the South-Caroli-given sum by given sum by given sum by)

9, and divide 45, and divide 12, and did Georgia. the product the product vide the prod by 7.

duct by 7.

Multiply the Canada, Add one 5th Add one half given sum by

and to the Cana-to the Canada 8, and divide Nova-Scotia. da, &c.

the product

by 5. Multiply the Multiply the

To the Eng-Engl’h money English sum Sterling Alish sum add by 5, and di- by 16, and di one third.

vide the pro-vide the pro duct by &. duct by 9.

na, and

by 28.


terd States, also Canaila, Nova-Scotia, and Sterling, each in the left hand coluinn, and then cast your eye to the and will have the rule.



and Georgia.


anai Nora-Scolia.



Multiply the giv- Multiply the ginJen sum by :, and en sum bv 5, and tourth from the divide the pe Nuctiville the productjgiven sum. us 9. Multiply the giv

Multiply the give en suni by 28, am Deduct one inirdlen sum by S, and divide the product from the rv. Miviile the proiluct

by 5.

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by 45.


Multiply the yir. Multiply the vivo Multiply t'e give en sum by 7, anhen sum by 5, andles sum by 9, aw Walivile the producidivide the product divide the product boy 12.

by 8.

lby 16.

Multiply the gi en sum br 15, and

From the given! livide the product sum, deduct one by 14.


Deduct one tifHeenth from the given sum.

Jirouct une tenth from thel given sum.

To the English Add one ninth money add one to the giveu suni. twety-seventh.


Of the Rules contained in the foregoing Table.


1. Reduce 461. 10s. 6.1. of the currency of New-Hampshire, into that of New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, &c

£ s. d. See the Rule

4)46 10 6 in the Table.

+11 12 71

Ans. £ 58 S 15 2. Reduce 251. 15s. 9d. Connecticut currency, to New-York currency:

3)25 15 9 By the Table, +1 &c. +8 11 3

£. s. d.


Ans. £3450 5. Reduce 125?. 10s. 4d. New-York, &c. currency, South-Carolina currency.

Rule by the Table, 125 10 4
X7, -by 12, &c.


£. s. d.

12,878 124

Ars £75 441 4. Reduce 461. 11s. 8d. New-York and Nurth-Cara lina currency, to sterling or English Money.

4. s. d.

46 11 8


See the Table.

2 surtw sumu by 9.415, &c.

1654x4)419 50

4)104 16 3

Ans. £ 26 4 01

To reduce any of the Jifferent currencies of the several States into each other, at par; you may consult the preceding Table, which will give you the Rules.


5. Reduce 8 Hl. 10s. 8d. New Hampshire, &c. currency, into New-Jersey currency.

Ans. £105 15s. 411. 6. Reduce 1201. 8s. 3d. Connecticut currency, intu New-York currency.

Ans. £160 11s. Ou. 7. Reduce 1201. !0s. Massachusetts currency, inta South Carolina and Georgia currency.

Ans. £?$ 14s. 5 td. 8. Reduce 4101. 185. 11d. Rhode Island currency, into Canada and Nova Scotia currency:

Ans. £ 542 9s. Id. 9. Reciuce 5241. 8s. 4d. Virginia, &c. currency, into Sterling inoney.

Ans. £,393 6s. 3i.. 10. Reduce 2141. 9s. 2d. New Jersey, &c. currency, into New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, &c. currency.

Ans. £17| 15. 4d. 11. Recluce 1001. New-Jersey, &c. currency, into N. York and North-carolina currency.

Ans. £ 106 138. 411. 12. Reduce 1001. Delaware and Maryland currency, into Sterling money.

Jus. ftio. 13. Reduce 1161. 10s. New-York currencs, into l'onnecticut currency.

Ans. £87. :*. 6d. 14. Reduce 112l. os. 3d. S. Carolina and Geuruia currency, into Connecticut, &c. currency.

Ans. [144 9s 3 d. 15. Recluce 1001. Canada and Nova Scotia currercy, into Connecticut currency.

Ans. £ 120. 16. Reduce 1161. 14s. 9d. Sterling money into l'onoecticut currency.

Jus. 155 s. 17. Reciuce 1041. 10s. Canada anı Nova Scotia cure l'ency, into New-York currency. Ans. L. 107 ts.

. 18. Reduce 1001. Nova-Sculia currency, intu NewJersey, &c. currency

Ans. £ 150

RULE OF TIIREE DIRECT. The Rule of 'Three Direct Teachris, by having three numbers given to find in fourtdı, which shall have the same proportions to the thiril, as tlic second has luthier first.

1. closerve that two of the viven numbers in your question are always of the same name, or kind; one of which must be the first wymer in stating, and the outer the thirol number : consequently, the first and third anma bers most always be of the same name, or kind: anel thie other number, i lindo is of the same kind with the alisier.

thing suylit, will always possess lie second or middle place. 2. The iniril term is a demand ; and may be known: 'sy

l these or t.e like worlds before it, viz.. What will : What cost? How many ? Flow für: llow long? ur, llum much : &c.

RULE. 1. State the question : that is, place the numbers so that the first and third terms may be of the same kind; and tie second term of the same kind with the answer, ur thing sought.

2. Bring the first and tirdd terms to the same denone ination, and realicet..e second term to the lowest name mentioned in it.

3. Multiply the second and third terms together, and divide their product by the first term; the quotient will be ti.e alswer to the question, in the sanie cenomination you left the second term ili, which may be brought into any other denomination required.

'The methodi vf proof is by inverting the question.

NOTE.-Tlse following methods of operation, when they can be usoal, perform the work in a mu:h shorter manner than the operal rule

1. Diviide the second forin loy the first : multiply the quu. tient isto che iniral, and the product will hr thom alisier

2. Diviele the third térni liy the first : multiply theo quotiens miten t'ia Breobrni. and the produe: will low lhe distrir.

8. Divide the first form any la second, and the thirefly that quotient, and the la-i qotirnt will be the answer. Or

4. Divide the first terın by the third, and the second by that uotient and the last uotient will be the answe.

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