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26)1013 suttle.
S9 trett.

Ans. 976lb. neat.

2. In 9 cwt. 2 qrs. 17 lb. gross, tare 41 lb. trett 4 lb. per 104 lb. how much neat? Ans. 8cut. Sqrs. 2016.

3. In 15 chests of sugar, weighing 117 cwt. 21 lb. gross, tare 175 lb. trett 4 lb. per 104, how many cwt. neat? Ans. 111ert. 22h.

cwt. grs. lb. No 1 Gross 1 2 15



1 0 25

4. What is the neat weight of S tierces of rice, each weighing awt. 3 qrs. 14 ib. gross, tare 16 lb. per cwt. and allowing trett as usual?

Ans. 12cut. Ogrs. 61h. 5. In 25 barrels of figs, each 84 15. gross, tare 12 lb. per cwt. trett 4 lb. per 104 lb.; how many pounds neat? Ans. 1803++

6. What is the value of the neat weight of 4 barrels of Spanish Tobacco; numbers, weights, and allowances as follows, at 94d. per pound F

Tare 16 lb. per cwt.
Trett 4 lb. per 104 lb.

1 09 0 3 21

Ans £17 16s. Sd.


When Tare, Trett, and Cloff are allowed : Deduct the tare and trett as before, and divide the suttle by 168 (because 2 lb. is the 1 of 5 cwt.) the quo tient will be the cloff, which subtract from the suttle, and the remainder will be the neat weight.


1. In S hogsheads of Tobacco, each weighing 15 cwt. 3 qrs. 23 lb. gross, tare 107 lb. per hogshead, trett 4 ib. per 104 lb. and cloff 2 lb. per 2 cwt. as usual; how much neat.

cwt. qrs. lb
13 3 23





1563 lb. gross of 1 bhd.


4689 whole
107×3 321 tare.

26) 4368 suttle.
168 trett.

168)4300 suttle
25 cloft.


Ans. 4175 neat weight.

2. What is the neat weight of 26 cwt. 5 qrs. 20 lb. tare 52 lb. the allowance of trett and cloff as usual F


Ans. neat 25cwt. 1gr. 5lb. 1oz. nearly; omitting further fractions.


INTEREST is of two kinds; Simple and Compound SIMPLE INTEREST

Simple Interest is the sum paid by the borrower to the lender for the use of money lent; and is generally at a certain rate per cent. per annum, which in several of the United States is fixed by law at 6 per cent. per annum ; that is, 6l. for the use of 100l. or 6 dollars for the use of 100 dollars for one year, &c. Principal, is the sum lent.

Rate, is the sum per cent. agreed on,
Amount, is the principal and interest added together,

To find the interest of any given sum for one year. RULE.

Multiply the principal by the rate per cent. and divide the product by 100; the quotient will be the answer.


1. What is the interest of 391. 118. 8d. for one year at 61. per cent. per annum ?

£. s. d.
39 11 81


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Ans. £27s. 6d.

2. What is the interest of 2561. 10s. 4d. for a year, per cent. ? Ans. 11 169. Galin

3. What is the interest of 571l. 13s. 9d. for one year, per cent.?

a 67.

Ans. £54 6s. Old.

4. What is the interest of 21. 12s. 94d. for a year, at 61. per cent. ?

Ans. £ Ss. 2d.


5. What is the interest of 468 dols. 45 cts. for one year
cent. ?

at 6

$ cts.

468, 45


28|10, 70-$28, 10cts. 7m. Ans.

Here I cut off the two right hand integers, which di vide by 100 but to divide federal money by 100, you need only call the dollars so many cents, and the inferior denominations decimals of a cent, and it is done.

Therefore you may multiply the principal by the rate, and place the separatrix in the product, as in multiplication of federal money, and all the figures at the left of the separatrix, will be the interest in cents, and the first figure on the right will be mills, and the others decimals of a mill, as in the following


6. Required the interest of 135 dols. 25 cts. for a year at 6 per cent. 8 cts.

135, 25


811, 508, 11cts. 5m. Ans.

7. What is the interest of 19 dollars 51 cents for one year at 5 per cent.?

$ cts

19, 51


97, 55-97cts. 54m. Ans.


8. What is the interest of 436 dollars for one year, at 6 per cent.

Ans. 2616ets.$26, 16ets.


Write down the given principal in cents, which multiply by the rate, and divide by 100 as before, and you will. have the interest for a year, in cents, and decimals of a cent, as follows:

9. What is the interest of 875, 65 cents for a year, at per cent. ?


Principal 7565 cents.

Ans. 441,90cts.=44133⁄4cts. or $4, 41ets. 9m. 10. Required the interest of $85, 45cts. for a year, at 7 per cent. ? L'ents.

Principal 8545


Ans. 598, 15 cents, 85,98cts. 11m.

any sum of money, for number of years, and parts of a year.

To find the simple interest of



1st. Find the interest of the given sum for one year. 20. Multiply the interest of one year by the given number of years, and the product will be the answer for that time.

Sd. If there be parts of a year, as months and days, work for the months by the aliquot parts of a year, and for the days by the Role of Three Direct, or by allowing 30 days to the month, and taking aliquot parts of the


* By allowing the month to be 80 days, and taking aliquot parts thereof, you will have the interest of ar y ordinary sum sufliciently exact for common use; but if the sum be very large, you may say,

As 360 days is to the interest of one year eriven number of days: to the interest required.

so is the

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