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19. If 7 yds. of cloth cost 15 dollars 47 cents, what will 12 yds. cost? Fds. ets, yds.

7 : 15,47 : : 12



Ans. 26.52F26, 52cts.

But any sum in dollars and cents may be written down as a whole number, and expressed in its lowest denomi nation, as in the following example: (See Reduction of Federal Money, page 67.)

20. What will qr. 9 lb. sugar come to, at 6 dollars 43 cts. per cwt. ¿ gr. lb.


ST lb.

lb. rts. lb.

As 112: 645 :: 37


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NOTE 2 When the first and third numbers are federal money, you may annex cyphers, (if necessary) until you make their decimal places or figures at the right hand of the separatrix, equal: whien will reduce them to

like denomination. Then you may multiply and diide, as in whole numbers, and the quotient will express e answer in the least denomination mentioned in the cond, or middle tarın


21. If 3 dollars will buy 7 yards of cloth, how many yards can I buy for 120 dollars, 75 cents?

cts. yds. cts. As 500: 7 :: 12075


yds. S00)84525(281 Ans.


22. If 12 lb. of Tea cost 6 dols. 78 cts. and 9 mills, what will 5 lb. cost at the same rate?

lb. mills. lb. As 12 6789 :: 5


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$ cts.

23. If a man lays out 121, 23 in merchandize, and thereby gains 39 dollars, 51 cts. how much will he gain by laying out 12 dollars at the same rate

Cents. cents. cents.
As 12123: $951: : 1200

18129)4741200(391=3,91 Ans.

-cts. 8 cts.



24. If the wages of 15 weeks come to 64 dols. 19 cts. what is a year's wages at that rate?

Aus. $222, 52ets. 5m. 25. A man bought sheep at 1 dol. 11 cts. per head, to the amount of 51 dols. 6 cts.; how many sheep did he buy Aus. 46.

26. Bought 4 pieces of cloth, each piece containing 31 yards. at 16s. 6d. per yard, (New-England currency) what does the whole ainoŭnt to in federal money : Ans. $341.

27. When a tun of wine cost 140 dollars, what cost a quart? Ans. 13cts. 84ml.

28. A merchant agreed with his debtor, that if ne would pay him down 65 cents on a dollar, he would give him up a note of hand of 249 dollars, 88 cts. I demand what the debtor must pay for his note?

Ans. $162, 42ets. 2m. 29. If 12 horses eat up 30 bushels of oats in a week, how many bushels will serve 45 horses the same time ? Ans. 112) bustels. 30. Bought a piece of cloth for $48 27 ets. at 1 dollar 19 cents per yard; how many yards did it contain? Ans. 40yds. 2qrs. 10. 31. Bought Shhds of sugar, each weighing & cwt. I qr. 12 lb. at 7 dollars, 26 cents per cwt. what come they tô ? Aus. $182 let. 8m.


52. What is the price of 4 pieces of cloth, the first piece containing 21, the second 25. the third 24, and the fourth 27 yards at 1 dollar 43 cents a yard ?

Ans. 8155 85cts. 21+25+24+27=95yds.

33. Bought 3 hhds. of brandy, containing 61, 62, 621 gallous, at 1 dollar, 38 cents per galion, I demand how much they amount to? Ans. $255, 99.ts.

34. Suppose a gentleman's income is 1836 dollars a year, and he spenis 3 dollars 49 cents a day, one day with another, how much wilt he have saved at the year's end: Ans. $502. 15cts.

33. If my horse stands me in 20 cents per day keeping. what will be the charge of 11 horses for the year, af that rate? Ans. $803.

36. A merchant bought 14 pipes of wine, and is allowed 6 months credit, but for ready money gets it 8 cents a gallon cheaper; how much did he save by paying ready money? Ans. 141, 12 cents.

EXAMPLES-Promiscuously placed.

37. Sold a ship for 5376. and I owned & of her: what was my part of the money? Ans. £201 7s. 6d. 38. If of a ship cost 781 dollars 25 cents, what is the whole worth?

$ As 5 781,25: 16: 2500 Ans. $9. If I buy 54 yards of cloth for 31l. it cost per Ell English? 40. Bought of Mr. Grocer, 11 cwt. S qrs. of sugar, at 8 dollars 12 cents per cwt. and gave him James Paywell's note for 191. 7s. (New-England currency) the rest I pay in cash; tell me how many dollars will make up the balance? Ans. $50, 91 cts.

10s. what did Ans. 14s. 7d.

41. If a staff 5 feet long casts a shade on level ground 8 feet, what is the height of that steeple whose shade at the same time measures 181 feet? Ans. 113 ft.

42. If a gentleman has an income of 500 English gaineas a year, how much may he spend, one day with another, to lay up 500 dollars at the year's end?

Ans. $2. 46cts. 5m. 43. Boght 50 pieces of kerseys, each 34 Ells-Flemish, at 8s. 4d. per Ell-English; what did the whole cost ? Aus. £425.

44. Bought 200 yards of cambrick for 901. but being damaged, I am willing to lose 71.10s. by the sale of its what must I demand per Ell-English? Ans. 10s. Sid. 45. How many pieces of Holland, each 20 Ells-Flemish, may I have for 23l. 8s. at 6s. 6d. per Ell-English ? Ans. 6 pieces. 46. A merchant bought a bale of cloth containing 240 yards, at the rate of 75 dollars for 5 yards, and sold it again at the rate of 114 dollars for 7 yards; did he gain or lose by the bargain, and how much?

Ans. He gained 825, 71cts. 4m, ↓


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47. Bought a pipe of wine for 84 dollars, and found it nad leaked out 12 gallons; I sold the remainder at 12} cents a pint; what did I gain or lose?

Ans. I gained $50. 48. A gentleman bought 18 pipes of wine at 12s. 6d. (New-Jersey currency) per gallon; how many dollars will pay the purchase? Ans. $3780.

49. Bought a quantity of plate, weighing 15 lb. 11 oz. 13 pwt. 17 gr. how many dollars will pay for it, at the rate of 12s. 7d. New-York currency, per ounce? Ans. $501, 50cts. 2m..

50. A factor bought a certain quantity of broadcloth and drugget, which together cost 81. the quantity of broadcloth was 50 yards, at 18s. per yard, and for every 5 yards of broadcloth he had 9 yards of drugget; I demand how many yards of drugget he had, and what it cost him per yard? Ans. 90 yards at 8s. per yard. 51. If give 1 eagle, 2 dollars, 8 dimes, 2 cents and 5 mills, for 675 tops, how many tops will 19 mills buy? Ans. 1 top. 52. Whereas an eagle and a cent just three score yards did buy,

How many yards of that same cloth for 15 dimes had I? Ans. 8yds. Sqrs. Snu.+

53. If the Legislature of a State grant a tax of 8 mills on the dollar, how much must that man pay who is 319 dol lars, 75 cents on the list?

Ans. $2, 55cts. 8m. 54. If 100 dollars gam 6 dollars interest in a year, how much wili 49 dollars gain in the same time?

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Ans. 82, 94cts.

55. If 60 galions of water, in one hour, fall into a cistern containing 300 gallons, and by a pipe in the cistern, 35 gallons run out in an hour; in what time will it be filled? Ans. in 12 hours.

56. A and B depart from the same place and travel the same road; but A goes 5 days before B, at the rate of 15 miles a day, Bloniows at the rate of 20 miles a day; what distance nrust ne travel to overtake A?

Ans. 500 miles

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