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Of the Rules contained in the foregoing Table.


1. Reduce 461. 10s. 6d. of the currency of New-Hampshire, into that of New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, &c

See the Rule in the Table.

Ans. £58 S 11

2. Reduce 251. 15s. 9d. Connecticut currency, to New-York currency.

£ s. d. 4)46 10 6 +11 12 71

£. s. d. 3)25 13 9

By the Table,+ &c. +8 11 3

Ans. £34 5 0

s. Reduce 125. 10s. 4d. New-York, &c. currency, te South-Carolina currency.

£. s. d. 125 10 4


12,878 12 4

Ars £78 4 41

4. Reduce 461. 11s. 8d. New-York and North-Carolina currency, to sterling or English Money.

£. s. d.
46 11 8


Rule by the Table,
X7,÷by 12, &c.

See the Table.
x given sum by
9+15, &c.

16=4×4)419 5 0
4)104 16 S

Ans. £26 4 08

To reduce any of the different currencies of the several States into each other, at par; you may consult the preceding Table, which will give you the Rules.


5. Reduce 8. 10s. 8d. New-Hampshire, &c. currency, into New-Jersey currency.

Ans. £105 13s. 4d.

6. Reduce 120l. 8s. 3d. Connecticut currency, into New-York currency. Ans. £160 11s. Od. 7. Reduce 1201. 10s. Massachusetts currency, inte South-Carolina and Georgia currency.

Ans. £93 14s. 5td.

8. Reduce 410. 18s. 11d. Rhode-Island currency, into Canada and Nova-Scotia currency.

Ans. £342 9s. Id.

9. Reduce 5241.8s. 4d. Virginia, &c. currency, into Sterling money. Ans. £393 6s. 3.

10. Reduce 214l. 9s. 2d. New-Jersey, &c. currency, into New-Hampshire, Massachusetts, &c. currency. Ans. £171 11s. 4d.

11. Reduce 100%. New-Jersey, &c. currency, into N. York and North-Carolina currency.

Ans. 106 13s. 4d. 12. Reduce 1001. Delaware and Maryland currency, into Sterling money. Aus. £60.

13. Reduce 146l. 10s. New-York currency, info Connecticut currency. Ans. £87. 7s. 6d.

14. Reduce 112l. 7s. 3d. S. Carolina and Georgia currency, into Connecticut, &c. currency.

Aus. £144 9s 33d. 15. Reduce 1001. Canada and Nova-Scotia currency, anto Connecticut currency.

Ans. £ 120.

16. Reduce 1167. 14s. 9d. Sterling money, into C'onnecticut currency. Ans. 155 138. L and Nova-Scotia curAns. £ 167 45. currency, into NewAns £150

17. Reduce 1047. 10s. Canada rency, into New-York currency. 18. Reduce 100l. Nova-Scotia Jersey, &c. currency

RULE OF THREE DIRECT. THE Rule of Three Direct Teaches, by having three numbers given to find a fourth, which shall have the same oroportion to the third, as the second has to the first.

1. Observe that two of the given numbers in you question are always of the same name, or kind; one of which must be the first number in stating, and the other the third number; consequently, the first and third numbers must always be of the same name, or kind: and the other number, which is of the same kind with the answer, or thing sought, will always possess the second or middle place.

2. The third term is a demand; and may be known by these or the like words before it, viz. What will: What cost? How many? How far? How long? or, How much? &c.


1. State the question: that is, place the numbers so that the first and third terms may be of the same kind; and the second term of the same kind with the answer, or thing sought.

2. Bring the first and third terms to the same denomination, and reduce the second term to the lowest name mentioned in it.

3. Multiply the second and third terms together, and divide their product by the first term; the quotient will be the answer to the question, in the same denomination you left the second term in, which may be brought into any other denomination required.

The method of proof is by inverting the question.

NOTE.—The following methods of operation, when they can be used, perform the work in a much shorter manner than the general rule

1. Divide the second term by the first; multiply the quotient into the third, and the product will be the auswer


Or 2. Divide the third term by the first: multiply the quotient to the second, aid the product will be the answer. S. Divide the first term by the second, and the third by that quotient, and the last quotient will be the answer. Or 4. Divide the first term by the third, and the second by tuotient and the last uotient will be the answer.

1. If 6 yards of cloth cost 9 dollars, what will 20 yards cost at the same rate?

Here 20 yards, which moves the question, is the third term; 6 yds. the same kind, is the first, and 9 dollars the second.

2. If 20 yards cost 50 dols. what cost 6 yards ? Ids. $ 20: 30 :: 6



2,0) 18,0

[blocks in formation]



Ans. 89

Ans. 20yds.

4. If 3 cwt. of sugar cost £l. 8s. what will 11 cwt. I qr. 24 lb. cost?





11 1 24 As 52€



1284 lb.

I'ds. 8 Jas.
6:9: 20



Ans. 830

3. If 9 dollars will buy 6 yards, how many yards will 30 dollars buy r

$ uds 8 9:6:: SO



58:: 1284/h.









411 Ans.

. $44



5. If one pair of stockings cost 4s. dozen pair cost?

6d. what will 19 Ans. 451 6s.

ti. If 19 dozen pair of shoes cost 517. 6s. what will one pair cost? Ans. As. 6d.

8. How much sugar can you buy for pound

7. At 10d. per pound, what is the value of a firkin of butter, weight 56 pounds? Ans. £2 9s. 23. at 9d. a Ans. 70. 2yrs. cwt. 2 grs. what Ans. £171.

9. Bought 8 chests of sugar, each 9 do they come to at 2. 5s. per cwt.?

10. "If a man's wages are 75l. 10s. a year, what is that a calendar month ? Aus. £6 58. 10d.

11. If 44 tons of hay will keep 3 cattle over the winter ; how many tons will it take to keep 25 cattle the same


Ans. 37 tons.

12. If a nan's yearly income be 2087. Is. what is that a day? Ans. 11s. 4d. 37 yrs. 13. If a man spends Ss. 4d. per day, how much is that a year? Ans. £60 16s. 8d. 14. Boarding at 12s. 6d. per week, how long will 32. 10s. last me? Ans. 1 year.

15. A owes B 34751. but B compounds with him for 13%. 4d. on the pound; pray what must he receive for his debt? Ans. £2316 13s. 4d. 16. A goldsmith sold a tankard for 8. 128. at 5s. 4d. per ounce, what was the weight of the tankard ?

Ans. 2lb. 8oz. spiet. 17. If 2 cwt. 3 qrs. 21 lb. of sugar cost 67. Is. 8d. what cost $54 cwt. ? Ans. £73.

18. Bought 10 pieces of cloth, each piece containing 9 yards, at 11s. 43 pence per yard; what did the whole Ans. £55 9s. Oid.

come to ?


NOTE 1. You must state the question, as taught in the Rules foregoing, and after reducing the first and thi đ terras to the same name, &c. you may muviply and divide according to the rules in decimals; on by the rules! multiplying and dividing Federal Money.

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