Godfrey of Bulloigne: Or, The Recovery of Jerusalem

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A. Rhames, 1726 - Crusades - 659 pages

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Page 471 - With murmur sweet, now sung, and whistled now; Ceased the birds, the wind loud answer made, And while they sung, it rumbled soft and low; Thus were it hap or cunning, chance or art. The wind in this strange music bore his part.
Page 261 - So when a lion shakes his dreadful mane, And beats his tail, with courage proud and wroth, If his commander come, who first took pain To tame his youth, his lofty crest down go'th...
Page 198 - Within those woods to dwell was her intention, Till fortune should occasion new afford, To turn her home to her desired lord.
Page 194 - When the sly beast tapished in bush and brier, No art nor pains can rouse out of his place: The Christian knights so full of shame and ire Returned back, with faint and weary pace: Yet still the fearful dame fled swift as wind, Nor ever stayed, nor ever looked behind.
Page 531 - And there kneeled down with reverence and fear, His eyes upon heaven's eastern face he bent ; His thoughts above all heavens uplifted were — "The sins and errors which I now repent, Of my unbridled youth, O Father dear, Remember not, but let thy mercy fall And purge my faults and my offences all.
Page xxxi - Tho' spoke at court, is foppery and fond. To turn to dreamers of another species, not a whit behind Gould, on the score of irrationality, is Gilbert Wakefield, with his idolatry, whatever its consequences, of analogy and grammar. These being in his contemplation, not in their real character, as things...
Page 538 - She threaten'd death, she roar'd, she cried and fought ; Each other nymph, in armour likewise dight, A Cyclops great became ; he fear'd them nought, But on the myrtle smote with all his might, Which groan'd, like living souls, to death nigh brought; The sky seem'd Pluto's court, the air seem'd hell, Therein such monsters roar, such spirits yell : 1 'Twined:
Page 12 - Of silver wings he took a shining pair, Fringed with gold, unwearied, nimble, swift, With these he parts the winds, the clouds, the air, And over seas and earth himself doth lift ; Thus clad he cut the spheres and circles fair, And the pure skies with sacred feathers clift, On Libanon at first his foot he set, And shook his wings with rosy May dews wet.
Page 145 - To hear the censure of your upright laws, Alas ! that cannot be, for he is flit Out of this camp, withouten stay or pause. There take my gage, behold I offer it To him that first...
Page 70 - ... their thoughts, their feet in wings were dight; Swiftly they marched, yet were not tired thereby, For willing minds make heaviest burdens light: But when the gliding sun was mounted high, Jerusalem, behold, appeared in sight, Jerusalem they view, they see, they spy; Jerusalem with merry noise they greet, With joyful shouts and acclamations sweet. As when a troop of jolly sailors row. Some new-found land and country to descry; Through dangerous seas and under stars unknown.

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