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6. Of the dissolution of marriage.'

7. Of second marriages.
Tille 5. Of the separation from bed and board.
Chap. 1. Of the causes of separation from bed and board.

2. Of the proceedings of separation from bed and board.
3. Of the provisional proceedings to which a suit lor se-

paration may give occasion.
4. Of objections to the action of separation from bed and


5. Of the effects of separation from bed and board. Title 6. Of master and servant.'1 Chap. 1. Of the several sorts of servants.

2. Of free servants.

3. Of slaves. Title 7. Of father and child. Chap. 1. Of children in general.

2. Of legitimate children. Sect. 1. Of legitimacy resulting from marriage.

2. Of the manner of proving legitimate filiation. Chap. 3. Of illegitimate children. Sect. 1. Of legitimation.

2. Of the acknowledgment of illegitimate children. Chap. 4. Of adoption. 2

5. Of paternal authorily. Sect. 1. Of the duties of parents towards their legitimate chil

dren, etc., and of legitimate cbildren towards their

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2. Of the duties of parents towards their natural chil

dren, and of natural children towards their parents. 104 Title 8. Of the minors, of their tutorsbip, curatorship and emancipation.

106 Chap. 1. Of tutorship.

Ib. Sect. 1. General dispositions.

Ib. 2. Of tutorship by nature.

1b. Chap. 3. Of tutorship by will.

103 4. Of tutorship by the effect of the law.

109 5. Of dative tutorship.

110 6. Of the under tutor.

112 7. Of family meetings.

113 8. Of the causes which dispense or excuse from the tutorship.

114 9. Of the incapacity for, the exclusion from and deprivation of tutorship.

116 10. Of the administration of the tutor.

117 Chap. 2. Of the curatorship of minors.

123 3. Of emancipation.



Title 1. Or things.


Chap. 1. Of the division of things.


2. Or iminoveables.


3. Of moveables.


Chap. 4. Of estates considered in their relation to those who

possess them.


Title 2. Of ownership.


Chap. 1. General principles.


2. Of the right of accession to what is produced by the



3. Of the right of accession to what unites or incorporates.

ilself with the thing.


Sect. 1. or the right of accession in relation to immoveables. 154

2. Of the right of accession in relation lo moveables. 156

Title 3. Of usufruct, use and habitation.


Chap. 1. Of usufruct.

Sect. 1. General principles.


2. Of the right of the usufructuary.


3. Of the obligations of the usufructuary.


4. Of the obligations of the owner.


5. How usufruct expires.


Chap. 2. Of use and habitation.


Title 4. Of predial servitudes or servitudes of land.


Chap. 1. General principles.





Chap. 7. Of the seals and of the administration of vacant estates, etc.

264 Sect. 1. Of the seals and of the affixing apd taking off of the

Ib. 2. Of the administration of vacant successions.

168 S 1. General dispositions.

16. S 2. Of the iovenlory of vacant successions and others subject to administration.

269 S:3. Of the appointment of curators of such successions, and of the security they are bound to give.

272 S 4. Of the duties and powers of such curators.

276 S 5. Of the causes for which they may be dismissed or superseded.

281 S 6. Of the sale of the effects and of the settlement of the successions thus administered.

282 S 7. Of the account to be rendered by the curators and the commission due to them.

288 S 6. Of the duties of curators whose administration is prolonged beyond the legal term.

292 S 9. Of the appointment of counsel to absent heirs, and of their duties.

294 Chap. 8. Of partition and of the collation of goods.

296 Sect. 1. Of the partition of successions.

Ib. S 1. Of the nature of partition and of its several kinds. Ib. S 2. Among what persons partition can be sued for. 299 S 3. In what manner the judicial partition is made.

301 S 4. How the notary must proceed in the judicial partition. 305 Sect. 2. Or collations.

313 S 1. What collation is and by whom it is due.

16. S 2. To whom the collation is due, and what things are subject to it.

316 S 3. How collations are made.

318 Sect. 3. Of the payment of debts.

325 4. Of the effects of partition.

335 S 1. of the warranty of partition.

Ib. S 2. Or the rescision of partition.

337 Title 2. Or donations inter vivos and mortis causa.

340 Chap. 1. General dispositions.

Ib. 2. Of the capacity necessary for disposing and receiving by such donations.

Ib. 3. Of the disposable portion, and of its reduction in case of excess.

344 Sect. 1. Of the disposable portion and the legitime.

Ib. 2. Of the reduction of the donations which exceed the disposable portion.

346 Chap. 4. Of the dispositions reprobated by law in such donations. 349

5. Or donations inter vivos (between living persons). 350

Sect. 1. General dispositions.

2. Of the form of donations inter vivos.


3. Of the exceptions to the rule of their irrevocability. 355

Chap. 6. Or dispositions mortis causa (in prospect of death). 358

Sect. 1. Of the testament.


2. General rules on the form of testaments.


3. Particular rules on the form of certain testaments. 363

4. Of testamentary dispositions.


S 1. Of universal legacies.


S 2. Of legacies under an universal tille.


S 3. Of disinherison.


S 4. Of particular legacies.


S 5. Of the opening and proof of testaments, and of testa-

mentary executors.


S 6. Of the revocation of testaments and of their caducity. 379

S 7. General rules for the interpretation of legacies. 382

Chap. 7. Of partitions made by parents and other ascendants

among their descendants.


8. Of donations made by marriage contract to the husband

or wife, etc.


9. Or donations between married persons, etc.


Title 3. Of obligations.


Chap. 1. Of the nature and division of obligations.


Title 4. Of conventional obligations.


Chap. 1. General provisions.

2. Of the requisites to the formation of a valid agreement. 894

Sect. 1. Of the parties to a contract, and of their capability to



2. Of the consent nessessary to give validity to a contract. 400

S 1. Of the nature of the assent, and bow it is to be shown. Ib.

S 2. What defects of consent will invalidate a contract. 405

S 3. Of error, its division and effects.


S 4. Of error in the motive.


S 5. Of error as to the person.


S 6. Of error as to the nature and object of the contract. 410

S 7. Of error of law.


S 8. Of the nullity resulting from fraud.


S 9. Of the want of consent arising from violence or threats. 414

S 10. Of læsion.


S 11. General provisions applicable to error, violence and

fraud in contracts.


Sect. 3. Of the object and matter of contracts.


4. Of tbe cause or consideration of contracts.



Chap. 3. Of the effect of obligations.

Sert. 1. General dispositions.


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