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that he will avenge them. - Luke Inquire for one called Saul of Tarxviii. 18. xi. 3-8.

sus : for behold he prayeth, &c. Peter Beware of the scribes, &c. who for put them forth and kneeled down and a shew (or pretence) make long prayed, and turning him, &c.--Acts prayers. Luke xx. 46, 47.

ix. 11. 40. Watch ye therefore, and pray al- Cornelius a devout man, and one ways, that ye may be accounted wor- that feared, &c. and prayed to God thy to escape all these things that alway, &c. Peter went up upon the shall come to pass, &c.-Luke xxi. 36. house-top to pray about the sixth

Pray that ye enter not into temp- hour.-Acts x. 1, 2. 9. 30,31. tation, &c. Rise and pray, lestyeenter Peter was in prison: but prayer into temptation.-Luke xxii. 40. 46. was made without ceasing of the

If thou knowest the gift of God, church unto God for him.-Acts xii. 5. and who it is, &c. thou wouldest have And on the sabbath, we went out asked of him, and he would have given of the city by a river-side, where thee.-John iv. 10.

prayer was wont to be made, &c. If any man be a worshipper of God, And it came to pass, as we went to and doeth his will, him he heareth, prayer, a certain damsel, &c.-Acts &c.John ix. 31.

xvi. 13. 16. Whatsoever he shall ask in my Paul, when he had thus spoken, name, that will I do, that the Father knerled down, and prayed with them may be glorified in the Son. If ye all.-Acts xx. 36. shall ask any thing in my name, I And we kneeled down on the shore will do it.-John xiv. 13, 14. and prayed.--Acts xxi. 5.

If ye abide in me, ye shall ask what Even while I prayed in the temple, ye will, and it shall be done unto I was in a trance.--Acts xxii. 17. you.—John xv.7.

I make mention of you always in Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father my prayers, making request, If I might in my name, he will give it you: have a prosperous journey.-Rom. i. hitherto have ye asked nothing in my 9, 10. name; ask and ye

sball receive, that The Spirit also helped our infirmi. your joy may be full. John xvi. 23, ties: for we know not what we should 24. 26.

pray for as we ought: but the Spirit Christ's prayer for his at large. himself maketh intercession for us, John xvii.

with groanings which cannot be utThese all continued with one ac- tered, Rom. viii. 26. cord in prayer and supplication.- The same Lord over all, is rich Acts i. 14. ii. 42.

unto all that call upon him, &c. The apostles and their company Whosoever shall call upon the name prayed with one accord, and said, of the Lord, shall be saved, &c. How Lord, thou art God, &c. "And now, then shall they call on him whom they Lord, behold their threatenings, and have not believed ?--Roin. x. 12–14. grant unto thy servants, that with all Continue instant in prayer.-Rom. boldness they may speak thy word, xii. 12. &c.--Acts iv. 24. 29, 30.

Now the God of hope fill

you with We will give ourselves continually all joy and peace in believing, &c. to prayer and, &c.-Acts vi. 4. I beseech you, &c. that ye strive to

Pray God, if perhaps, the thought gether with me in your prayers to of thine heart may be forgiven thee; God for me that I may be delivered, for I perceive, &c. Simon said, Pray &c.Rom. xv. 13. 30, 31. ye to the Lord for me, that none of With all that in every place call these things which ye have spoken, upon the name of Jesus Christ our &c.- Acts viii. 22-24.

Lord. Cor. i. 2.

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Every man praying, or prophesy- open unto us a door of utterance, &c. ing, having his head covered, disho- Labouring ferrently for you in pray noureth his head; but every woman ers, that ye may stand perfect and that prayeth, &c. Judge in yourselves: complete in all the will of God. is it comely that a woman pray unto Col. iv. 2, 3. 12. 1 Pet. iv. 7. God uncovered ?-1 Cor. xi. 4,5. 13. Night and day praying exceedingly

Let him that speaketh in an un- that we might see your face, and inight known tongue, pray that he may in- perfect that which is lacking in your terpret, &c. I will pray with the faith : now God himself, and our spirit, and I will pray with the un- Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, derstanding also.-- 1 Cor. xiv. 13–15. direct our way unto you : and the

Ye also helping together by prayer Lord make you to increase, and abound for us.--2 Cor. i. 11.

in love.—1 Thess. iii. 10-12. For this thing I besought the Lord Pray without ceasing: and the very thrice, that it might depart from me: God of peace sanctify you wholly,&c. and he said unto me, My grace is Brethren, pray

for .—1 Thess. y. sufficient for thee.--2 Cor. xii. 8, 9. 17. 23. 25.

Making mention of you in my We pray always for you, that our prayers, That the God of our Lord God would, &c. 'fulfil all the good Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, pleasure of his goodness, and the may give unto you the Spirit of work of faith.—2 Thess. i. 11. wisdom and revelation, in the know- Now our Lord Jesus Christ himself, ledge of him, &c.-Eph. i. 16, 17. and God even our Father, which hath

For this cause I bow my knees unto loved us, comfort your hearts, and the Father of our Lord Jesus, &c. establish you in every good word and That he would grant you, according work.—2 Thess. ii. 16, 17. to the riches of his glory, to be Finally, brethren, pray for us, that strengthened with might by his Spirit the word of the Lord may have free in the inner man, that Christ may course (or may run) and be glorified; dwell in your hearts by faith, &c. and that we may be delivered, &c. Eph. iii. 14-17.

And the Lord direct your hearts into Praying always with all prayer and the love of God,&c.-2 Thess. ii. 1,2.5. supplication in the Spirit, and watch- Exhort therefore, that first of all ing thereunto with all perseverance, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and supplication for all saints; and and giving of thanks be made for all for me, that utterance may be given men : for kings, and for all that are unto me, that I may, &c.-Eph. vi. in authority (or eminent place), that 18, 19.

we may lead a quiet, &c. For this is Always in every prayer of mine good and acceptable in the sight of for you áll, making request, &c. And God our Saviour. I will therefore, this I pray that your love may abound, that men pray every where, lifting up &c.-Phil. i. 4. 9.

holy hands, without wrath and doubtBe careful for nothing; but in every ing.-1 Tim. ii. 1-3. 8. thing by prayer and supplication, with Every creature of God is good, &c. thanksgiving, let your requests be made if it be received with thanksgiving : known unto God, &c.-Phil. iv. 6. for it is sanctified by the word of God,

For this cause we also, &c. do not and prayer.—1 Tim. iv. 5. cease to

for you, and to desire

She that is a widow indeed, &c. that ye might be filled with the know- and continueth in supplications and ledge of his will, &c.—Col. i. 9.

prayers night and day.-1 Tim. v.5. Continue in prayer, and watch in I have remembrance of thee in my the same with thanksgiving, withal prayers night and day.—2 Tim. i. 3. praying also for us, that God would Philem. 4.


Seeing then that we have a great them, &c. that your prayers be not High Priest that is passed into the hindered, &c. The eyes of the Lord heavens, Jesus, &c. Let us therefore are over the righteous, and his ears come boldly unto the throne of grace, are open unto their prayers.--1 Pet. that we may obtain mercy, and find iii. 7. 12. grace to help in time of need.—Heb. Be ye therefore sober, and watch iv. 14. 16.

unto prayer.—1 Pet. iv. 7. Who in the days of his flesh, when Whatsoever we ask we receive of he had offered up prayers and suppli- him, because we keep his commandcations, with strong crying and tears ments, and do those things that are unto him that was able to save him. pleasing in his sight.—1 John iii. 22. -Heb. y. 7.

This is the confidence that we have Having therefore, brethren, bold- in him, that if we ask any thing acness to enter into the holiest, &c. and cording to his will, he heareth us : having an High Priest over the house and if we know that he hear us, whatof God; let us draw near with a true soever we ask, we know that we have heart, in full assurance of faith, &c. the petitions that we desired of him. -Heb. x. 19–22. Eph. iii. 11, 12. If any man see his brother sin a sin

He who prays to God must believe not unto death, he shall ask, and he that he is; and that he is a rewarder shall give him life for them that sin of them that diligently seek him.- not unto death. There is a sin unto Heb. xi. 6.

death, I do not say that he shall pray Pray for us, &c. Now the God of for it.- 1 John v. 14–16. peace, &c. make you perfect in every Praying in the Holy Ghost. good work, to do his will, working Jude 20. in you that which is well-pleasing in The elders, &c. having every one his sight.-Heb. xiii. 18. 20,21. of them harps, and golden vials full


you lack wisdom, let him of odours (or incense) which are the ask of God, that giveth to all men prayers of the saints.-Rev. v. 8. liberally, and upbraideth not, and it Another angel came and stood at shall be given him: but let him ask the altar, having a golden censer, and in faith, nothing wavering ; for he there was given unto him much inthat wavereth, is like a wave of the cense, that he should offer it with (or sea, &c. and let not that man think add it to) the prayers of all saints, that he shall receive any thing of the &c. And the smoke of the incense, Lord.-James i. 5-7.

with the prayers of the saints, ascended Ye have not, because ye ask not; up before God out of the angel's ye ask and receive not, because ye hand.- Rev. viii. 3, 4. ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts (or pleasures).-James Sect. vii. To take special notice of iv. 2, 3.

the acts of God's Goodness and Is any among you afflicted ? let him Mercy, keep Memorials thereof, pray, &c. Is any sick among you?

celebrate his Praises, extol him, and let him call for the elders of the church,


others so to do. and let them pray over him, &c. and ABRAHAM's servant, when God had the prayer of faith shall save the sick, heard his request, bowed down his &c. Pray one for another : the effec- head and worshipped the Lord. And tual fervent prayer, &c.—James v. he said, Blessed be the Lord God of 13–16.

my master Abraham, who hath not And if ye call on the Father, who left destitute my master of his mercy without respect of persons judgeth, and his truth, &c. When he heard &c.-1 Pet. i. 17.

their words, he worshipped the Lord, Likewise ye husbands dwell with &c.-Gen. xxiv. 26, 27. 52,

If any

that is,

I have seen thy face, as though I which they sang after the victory over had seen the face of God; and thou Sisera and his army.--- Judges v. wast pleased with me.-Gen. xxxiii. 10. 2 Chron. xx. 26. Ps.cxxiv. 1–7.

Then Jacob said, &c. Let us arise Hannah sang praise, when she and go up to Bethel, and I will make brought Samuel her son to the house there an altar unto God, who answered of the Lord, whom the Lord had given me in the day of my distress, and was her upon her prayer.—1 Sam.ii. 1-11. with me in the way which I went, When the Philistines were beaten, &c. And he built there an altar, and Samuel set up a stone; and called the called the place El-bethel, because name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto there God appeared unto him, when hath the Lord helped us.- 1 Sam. he fled from the face of his brother. vii. 10-12. Gen. xxxv. 2, 3. 7. 14, 15. xxviii. When Abigail met David, and pre-18, &c.

vented him in his hasty purpose conGod commanded Israel to comme- cerning Nabal's house, he said unto morate their deliverance from Egypt Abigail

, Blessed be the Lord God of once in every year.—Exod. xiii. 3, &c. Israel, which sent thee this day to

Moses and Israel solemnly cele- meet me; and blessed be thy advice, brated his praise for their deliverance &c. And when David heard that Nabal at the Red Sea, in a song of praise. was dead, he said, Blessed be the -Exod. xy. 2–22.

Lord that hath pleaded the cause of When Israel got the victory over my reproach from the hand of Nabal, the Amalekites, he built an altar, and and hath kept his servant from evil, called the name of it Jehovah-nissi ; &c.—1 Sam. xxv. 32, 33. 39. the Lord


banner.—Exod. When God had promised many xvii. 13-15.

great blessings unto David, he saith, And Moses told unto Jethro his Let thy name be magnified for ever; father-in-law all that the Lord had saying, The Lord of hosts is the God done unto Pharaoh, and to the Egyp- over Israel, &c.—2 Sam. vii. 26. tians for Israel's sake, &c. And Je- And David spake unto the Lord the thro rejoiced for all the goodness words of this song, in the day that which the Lord had done unto Israel, the Lord had delivered him out of the &c. and said, Blessed be the Lord who hand of all his enemies, and out of hath delivered you, &c. Now I know the hand of Saul: and he said, The that the Lord is greater than all gods. Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my Exod. xviii. ll.

deliverer.-2 Sam. xxii. 1, 2. When thou hast eaten, and art full, Blessed be the Lord, that hath then thou shalt bless the Lord thy given rest unto his people Israel, acGod for the good land which he hath cording to all that he hath promised. given thee.- Deut. viii. 10.

-1 Kings viii. 56. Israel is commanded especially to Upon the return of the ark to the remember their deliverance out of city of David, he prepares a song, Egypt. Deut. xxvi. 1, &c. Exod. and delivers it to be sung by way of xiii. 14, 15. :

thanksgiving unto God. -i Chron. Moses's song, setting forth God's xvi. 8-37. mercy.-Deut. xxxii.

When the people bad offered wilJoshua pitched stones in Gilgal, in lingly towards the building of the memory of Israel's passing dry through house of the Lord, David blessed the Jordan ; that all the people of the Lord before all the congregation ; earth might know the hand of the and David said, Blessed be thou, O Lord, that it is mighty.-Josh. iv. Lord God of Israel, our Father, for 5-7. 20–24.

ever and ever, &c. Now therefore our The song of Deborah and Barak, God, we thank thee, and praise thy glorious name, &c. that we should be my song will I praise him.--Ps. able to offer so willingly, &c. The xxviii. 7. congregation did so.--I Chron. xxix. Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of 9, 10. 13-20.

his, and give thanks at the remem; Hezekiah prayed unto the Lord, brance (or to the memorial) of his and he spake unto him, &c. but Heze- holiness, &c. Thou hast turned for kiah rendered not again according to me my mourning into dancing, &c. to the benefit done unto him, &c. the end that my glory may sing praise 2 Chron. xxxii. 24, 25. Isa. xxviii. to thee, and not be silent : O Lord 8, 9. xxxix.

my God, I will give thanks unto thee Ezra takes notice of a little favour, for ever.-Ps. xxx. 4. 11, 12. and acknowledgeth it to the praise of Blessed be the Lord, for he hath God.-Ezraix. 8,9. 13, 14. vii. 27, 28. shewed me his marvellous kindness.

Stand up, bless the Lord your God -Ps. xxxi. 21. for ever and ever ; and blessed be thy Praise is comely for the upright.glorious name, which is exalted above Ps. xxxiii. 1. cxlvii. 1. all blessing and praise, &c.-Neh. I will bless the Lord at all times : ix. 5, &c.

his praise shall continually be in my Thy glorious name is exalted above mouth, &c. O magnify the Lord with all blessing and praises.-Neh. ix. 5. me, and let us exalt his name toge

When Job had lost all, then he said, ther. I sought the Lord, and he heard The Lord gave, and the Lord hath me, &c. © taste and see that the taken away; blessed be the name of Lord is good, &c.-Ps. xxxiv. 1.3, 4. the Lord.—Job.i. 20, 21.

6. 8. liv. 6, 7. I will praise the Lord according to My tongue shall speak of thy his righteousness, and will sing praise righteousness, and of thy praise all to the name of the Lord most high.-- the day-Ps. xxxv. 28. cv. 1-3. Ps. vii. 17.

Great is the Lord, and greatly to O Lord, our God, how excellent is be praised in the city of our God, &e. thy name in all the earth! who hast According to thy name, so is thy set thy glory above the heavens, &c. praise, O God, unto the ends of the -Ps. viii. 1.9.

earth.-Ps. xlviii. 1. 10. I will praise thee, O Lord, with my Offer unto God thanksgiving, &c. whole heart: I will shew forth all I will deliver thee, and thou shalt thy marvellous works; I will sing glorify me, &c. Whoso offereth praise, praise to thy name, Othou Most High, glorifieth me.-Ps. 1. 14, 15. 23. &c. Sing praises to the Lord which My heart is fixed, O God, my heart dwelleth in Sion; declare among the is fixed (or prepared); I will sing people his doings.-Ps. ix. 1, 2.11. praise : awake up, my glory, &c. I xcvi.

will praise thee, O Lord, among the I will sing unto the Lord, because people; I will sing unto thee anong he hath dealt bountifully with me. the nations.-Ps. lvii. 7-9. cviii. 1, 2. Ps. xiii. 6.

I will sing of thy power ; yea,

I 1. David's song of praise' for his de- will sing aloud of thy mercy in the liverances.-Ps. xviii.

morning : for thou hast been my deThou art holy, that inhabitest the fence, &c.-Ps. lix. 16, 17. lxii. 7. praises of Israel, &c. Ye that fear the Praise waiteth for thee, O God, in Lord, praise him : all ye the seed of Sion, &c.—Ps. Ixv. 1. Isa, xii. Jacob, glorify him.-Ps. xxii. 3. 23. Make a joyful noise unto God, all

That I may publish with the voice ye lands : sing forth the honour of of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy his name ; make his praise glorious, wondrous works.-Ps. xxvi. 7. &c. All the earth shall worship thee,

The Lord is my strength, &c. with and shall sing unto thee. 0, bless

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