The young student's pocket companion, or Arithmetic, geometry, trigonometry, and mensuration. With an appendix

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Page 120 - To the remainder bring down the first figure in the next period, and call it the dividend. 4. Involve the root to the next inferior power to that which is given, and multiply, it by the number denoting the given power, for a divisor. 5., Find how many times the divisor may be had in the dividend, and the quotient will be another figure of the root.
Page 115 - ... and to the remainder bring down the next period for a dividend. 3. Place the double of the root already found, on the left hand of the dividend for a divisor. 4. Seek how often the divisor is contained...
Page 74 - To reduce fractions to a common denominator RULE. Multiply each numerator into all the denominators, except its own, for a new numerator, and all the denominators together for a common denominator. ' EXAMPLES. 1. Reduce 7 and -= to a common denominator.
Page 120 - ... quotient figure by common division, and annex it to the root ; then involve the whole root into the given power, and call that the subtrahend. 6. Subtract that number from as many points of the given power as...
Page 15 - TIMI. 60 Seconds .••.......... — i Minute. 60 Minutes =i Hour. 24 Hours ^ . . =i Day. 7 Days = i Week.
Page 76 - To reduce a fraction of one denomination to the fraction of another, but less, retaining the sanье value. RULE. Multiply the numerator by the parts contained in the several denominations between it, and that you would reduce it to, for a new numerator, and place it over the given denominator.
Page 12 - APOTHECARIES' WEIGHT 20 grains i scruple 3 scruples I dram 8 drams i ounce 12 ounces I pound...
Page 120 - ... from the given number. 3. Bring down the firft figure in the next point to the remainder, and call it the dividend. 4. Involve the root into the next inferior power to that which is given ; multiply it by the given power, and call it the diviibr.
Page 12 - Apothecaries' pound and ounce, and the pound and ounce Troy, are the same, only differently divided and subdivided.
Page 187 - The surface of a sphere Is equal to four times the area of one...

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