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Hon. Justus S. Stearns, Secretary of State,

Lansing, Michigan: My Dear Sir-In compliance with your request I submit to you this compilation of the General School Laws of 1899, the same to be published and distributed in accordance with the provisions of act No. 44, Public Acts of 1899, for the use of all persons having official charge of the public schools of Michigan.

In making this compilation we have quoted from the Compiled Laws of 1897, making such additions and explanatory comments as became necessary through the enactments of the legislature of 1899. The numbers in parenthesis refer to the Compiled Laws, as also the chapters numbered in Roman; the section numbers correspond to those of the Public Acts.

Near the back part of this book it will be noticed that these numbers are not consecutive, but this is readily understood from the following comments:

1. The law for Uniformity of Text Books, being section 4781-4790, was repealed and therefore does not appear.

That part of the law referring to Teachers' Associations, the safe keeping of public moneys, the prevention of crime and punishment for truancy, is taken from different portions of the Compiled Laws of 1897.

I desire to call attention to the addition of the laws referring to the powers and duties of the State Board of Education in the control of the State Normal Schools, and the granting of degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

The laws enacted by the legislature of 1899, amending previous laws referring to education and the public schools, have been inserted in their proper places, with explanatory marginal notes. The new laws enacted are the following:

1. An act to change the name of the Michigan State Normal School at Ypsilanti.

An act to provide for the establishment of a Normal School at Marquette.

3. An act to provide for the establishment of loan funds for the assistance of students desirous to attend our higher institutions of learning.

4. An act to create a State Library Commission. 5. An act to maintain day schools for the deaf.

6. An act to provide for the publication and distribution of laws and public documents.

By reason of the reprinting of annotations, the publication of what was

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