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Examination, how conducted.

public instruction to send a printed list of said examination

questions to each county commissioner of schools. County

(4822) SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of each county commisof schools shall sioner of schools to give public notice of this examination at give notice of

the time of all regular teachers' examinations, and to submit the questions aforesaid to any candidate who may desire to enter the agricultural college. The examination shall be conducted in the same manner as are the regular teachers' examinations of the county. The work of each and every candidate, together with the name and address, shall be forwarded by the commissioner, within five days from the date of the examination, to the president of the college, who shall examine and grade the answers and report to the candidate within five days of the receipt of the paper the result of the examination. A standing of seventy per cent in each branch will admit to freshman class of the college without further examination.





An Act for the organization of TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICTS in Act 176, 1891, p. 220; App. June


4823) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, Petition for That whenever the qualified electors of any organized townorganization.

ship in the upper peninsula desire to become organized into a single school district, they may petition the township board to give notice that at the succeeding township meeting the officers for such organized school district will be chosen, and such other business transacted as shall be necessary thereto. Such petition shall be signed by a majority of the qualified electors of the township and shall be filed in the office of the township clerk at least fifteen days prior to the annual township meet

ing. Upon the receipt and filing of said petition, the township Clerk to notify clerk shall notify the members of the township board and the iboard, etc.

school [inspector] inspectors of the township to attend a special meeting to be held not more than five days thereafter, and at which meeting it shall be the duty of such township board to compare the names signed to the petition with the names appearing on the list of registered voters qualified to vote at the preceding election, and if it be found that a major. ity of the voters qualified to vote at the preceding election have signed the petition that the organized township of which they are resident be organized as a single school district, they shall give notice that at the then succeeding township meeting officers will be chosen for such organized school district; and shall make and file, both with the county clerk and the secretary of the board of school inspectors of the county in which such township is located, a certified copy of the above mentioned petition together with their finding and doings


thereon, and thereupon such township shall become a single to be single school district which shall be subject to all the general laws of the state, so far as the same may be applicable, and said district shall have all the powers and privileges conferred upon union school districts by the laws of this state, all the general provisions of which relating to common or primary schools shall apply and be enforced in said district, except such as shall be inconsistent with the provisions of this act, and all schools organized in said district in pursuance of this act, under the directions and regulations of said board of education shall be public and free to all persons actual residents within the limits thereof, between the ages of five and twenty years, inclusive, and to such other persons as the board of education shall admit: Provided, That whenever the majority of Provisor electors in any surveyed township in such organized township. shall petition the board of education to establish a school or schools therein, the said board of education are hereby authorized and directed within three months thereafter to organize such school or schools therein.

This act is constitutional-.Perrizo v. Kesler, 93 / 280; Keweenaw Ass'n v. Sch. Dist., 98 / 441. The provision, authorizing the township board and school inspectors to determine whether a majority of the qualified electors of the township have signed the petition, is sufficient.-Id. As to filing a certified copy of the petition, etc., with the county commissioner of schools, instead of with the secretary of the board of school inspectors, see Id. 284.


(4824) SEC. 2. The officers of said district shall consist of Board of

education, two trustees, who, together with the clerk and school inspect- who to constiors of said township, shall constitute the board of education of said district. Said trustees shall be elected by ballot at the annual township meeting of the township, upon the same ticket and canvassed in the same manner as township officers required by law to be elected by ballot: Provided, That at Proviso. the annual election to be held in said township next subsequent to the filing of the petition as set forth in section one of this act there shall be elected two trustees for said district by the electors thereof, one of whom shall hold his office for the term of one year and the other one for the term of two years, and until their successors shall be elected and qualified, and the time for which the person voted for is intended shall be designated on the ballot, and at each election thereafter to be To be

designated on held one trustee shall be elected in said district, who shall hold ballot. his office for the term of two years, and until his successor shall be elected and qualified, said trustee to be designated on the ticket or ballot for "member of board of education.”

Term of office.

Am. 1893, p. 133; App. May 24; Act 104. Perrizo v. Kesler, 93 / 283.

(4825) SEC. 3. Within five days after the annual election Duty of the township clerk shall notify, in writing, the persons elected etc.

township clerk trustees under this act of their election, and within five days thereafter said trustees so elected shall take and subscribe the oath of office prescribed by the constitution of this state, before any officer authorized to administer oaths, and file the




same with the township clerk. The term of office of the [trustee] trustees of said district shall commence on the second Monday following the annual township election at which

they are elected. Organization of board, etc.

(4826) SEC. 4. The members of the board of education shall meet on the third Monday of April of each year, at the office of the township clerk, and organize. The school inspector of the township whose term of office will soonest expire shall be president of the board and shall be entitled to vote in all cases. In the absence of the president at any meeting a majority of the members present may choose one of their own number president pro tem. The township clerk of said township shalll be ex officio clerk of said board of education, and shall be entitled to vote thereon, and in case of the absence of said clerk the board may choose some suitable person to perform his duties. Said board shall on said third Monday of April in each year elect from their own number a treasurer, who shall hold his office for one year and until his successor is elected and qualified and may at any time fill a vacancy in the office of treasurer: Provided, That the person appointed to fill a vacancy in the office of treasurer shall hold the office for the unexpired portion of the term only. The treasurer of said board shall, within five days after his appointment as such treasurer, file with the clerk of said board the constitutional

oath of office. He shall also, before entering upon the duties To give bood.

of his office, give a bond to said district in such sum and with such sureties as said board shall determine and approve, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties under this act, and honestly accounting for all moneys coming into his hands belonging to said district. The treasurer of said board shall have the keeping of all school and library moneys, and shall not pay out the same without the authority of the board, upon warrants or orders drawn upon him and signed by the clerk and countersigned by the president.

(4827) SEC. 5. Said board of education shall have power to fill vacancies that may occur in the office of trustee until the next annual election, and such trustee shall file with the clerk of said board his oath of office within five days after such appointment by the board.

(4828) SEC. 6. A majority of the members of said board Quorum, shall constitute a quorum, and the regular meetings of said meetings, etc.

board shall be held on the third Monday of April, August and December in each year, and no notice of such meeting shall be required, and any two members of said board shall be sufficient to adjourn any meeting from time to time until a quorum is present. Special meetings of said board may be called at any time on the request of the president, or any two members thereof, in writing, delivered to the clerk; and the clerk upon receiving such request shall at once notify each member of said board, if within said district, of the time of holding such meeting, which shall be at least three days subsequent to the time of receiving such request by said clerk. All [the] meet


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board, etc.

ings of said board shall be held at the township clerk's office, unless otherwise ordered by a resolution of the board; and all records and papers of said district shall be kept in the custody of said clerk and shall be open to the inspection of any tax"payer of said district. (4829) SEC. 7. The said board shall be the board of school Board to

report, etc. [inspection] inspectors for said district and shall, as such, report to the clerk of the county in which such township is located and shall have all the powers and perform all the duties now enjoyed and performed by boards of school inspectors, and the president of said board shall perform all the duties required by law of the chairman of the board of school inspectors, and the board of school inspectors for such township is hereby abolished except as its powers are vested in said board of education.

(4830) SEC. 8. The board of education of said district shall Powers of have power and authority to designate and purchase school house sites, erect buildings and furnish the same, employ legally qualified teachers, provide books for district library, make by-laws relative to taking the census of all children in said district between the ages of five and twenty years, and to make all necessary reports and transmit the same to the proper officers, as designated by law, so that the district may be entitled to its proportion of the primary school fund; and said board shall have authority to make all needful regulations and by-laws relative to visitation of schools; relative to the length of time schools shall be kept, which shall not be less than three months in each year; relative to the employment of teachers duly and legally qualified; relative to the regulations of schools and the books to be used therein, and generally to do all things needful and desirable for the maintenance, prosperity and success of the schools of said district, and the promotion of a thorough education of the children thereof. It shall be the duty of the treasurer of said board to apply for Treasurer to and receive from the township treasurer or other officer hold- applestor ing the same, all moneys appropriated for primary [schools] school and district library of said district. Perrizo v. Kesler, 93 / 283.



(4831 Sec. 9. At each annual township meeting held in said Tax for school township, the qualified electors present shall determine the amount of money to be raised by tax for all school purposes for the ensuing year: Provided, That in case the electors at any an- Proviso. nual township meeting shall neglect or refuse to determine the amount to be raised as aforesaid, then the board of education shall determine the same at any regular meeting thereof, which amount the township clerk shall, within sixty days thereafter, certify to the supervisor of the township, who shall spread the same upon the regular tax roll of said township, and the same shall be levied, collected and returned in the same manner as other township taxes: Provided, That for pur. Idem. chasing school lots and for erecting school-houses, no greater


Board to make statement, etc.

sum than three mills on the dollar of all the taxable valuation
of the real and personal property in said township shall be
levied in any one year.
(4832) SEC. 10. All taxes assessed within said township

) of assessment for school purposes shall be set forth in the assessment roll

of said township, in a separate column, apart and distinct

from all other township taxes. Treasurer to (4833) Sec. 11. The treasurer of the township shall at any report, etc.

time, at the written request of said board of education, report to said board the amount of school money in his hands, and shall, on the order of the president of said board of education, pay to the treasurer of said board all such money, taking his receipt therefor, and also a duplicate receipt which he shall file with the clerk of said board.

(4834) SEC. 12. The said board shall annually, prior to the first day of April in each year, make a detailed statement of the number of schools in said district, the number of teachers employed, and the number of pupils instructed therein during the preceding year, and the expenditures of said board for all purposes, and also the resources and liabilities of said district, which report or statement shall be entered at length in the record of said board and shall be publicly read by the president of said board, or in his absence by the clerk thereof, to the electors of said township at their annual meeting on the first Monday of April thereafter at the hour of twelve o'clock,

noon. Disposition of school prop

(4835) SEC. 13. All school property, both real and pererty.

sonal, within the limits of a township incorporated as aforesaid, shall, by force of this act, become the property of the public schools of such township, and all debts and liabilities of the primary school districts of said township, as they existed prior to its incorporation under the provisions of this act, shall become the debts and liabilities of said public schools of the township so incorporated.

While the injustice and inequality of this section may well be admitted, in certain cases, yet there is no constitutional objection to it.-Perrizo v. Kesler, 93 / 283-4.

Of moneys (4836) SEC. 14. All money raised or being raised by tax, or raised by tax.

accrued or accruing to the school districts of said township, as organized under the primary school laws of this state shall hereby become the money of the public school of the town. ship and no tax heretofore ordered assessed or levied for school purposes in said township or other proceedings shall be

invalidated or affected by means of this act. Compensation (4837) SEC. 15. The compensation of the members of the of board, etc.

board of education shall be one dollar and fifty cents for each day's actual service rendered for said district, and the clerk and treasurer of said board shall receive such compensation for their services as the board may determine, not exceeding

fifty dollars each per annum. When township (4838) SEC. 16. When any township district shall be di

vided into two or more townships, the existing board of trust

is divided, etc.

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