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Report to be made to superiutendent of public instruction. Contents of report.

incorporated or hereafter to be incorporated, to cause to be made out by the principal instructor, or other proper officer, and forwarded, by mail or otherwise, to the office of the superintendent of public instruction, between the first and fifteenth days of December, in each year, a report, setting forth the amount and estimated value of real estate owned by the corporation, the amount of other funds and endowments, and the yearly income from all sources, the number of instructors, the number of students in the different classes, the studies pursued, and the books used, the course of instruction, the terms of tuition, and such other matters as may be specially requested by said superintendent, or as may be deemed proper by the president or principal of such academies or institutes, to enable the superintendent of public instruction to lay before the legislature a fair and full exhibit of the affairs and condition of said institutions.

C. L. '57, 2418.-C. L. '71, 3788.—How. 5195.

Act 144, 1891, p. An Act to authorize the faculty of the department of literature, science 180; App. June

and the arts, of the UNIVERSITY of Michigan TO GIVE TEACH19.

ERS' CERTIFICATES in certain cases.

University may issue certificate to teach, etc.

Of annulling certificate, etc.

(4804) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That the faculty of the department of literature, science and the arts, of the university of Michigan, shall give to every person receiving a bachelor's, master's or doctor's degree, and also a teacher's diploma for work done in the science and the arts of teaching from said university, a certificate, which shall serve as a legal certificate of qualification to teach in any of the schools of this state, when a copy thereof shall have been filed or recorded in the office of the legal examining officer or officers of the county, township, city or district. Such certificate shall not be liable to be annulled except by the said faculty of the said university; but its effect may be suspended in any county, township, city or district, and the holder thereof may be stricken from the list of qualified teachers in such county, township, city or district, by the legal examining officer or officers of the said county, township, city, or district, for any cause and in the same manner that such examining officer or officers may be by law authorized to revoke certificates given by himself or themselves, and such suspension shall continue in force until revoked by the authority suspending it.

Act 136, 1893, p. An Act to authorize the STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION TO GRANT 223; App. May

TEACHERS' CERTIFICATES in certain cases. 27.

(4805) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, State board to That the state board of education is hereby empowered, and grant certificates to certain shall grant teachers' certificates without examination to any persons, etc.

person who has received a bachelor's, master's or doctor's degree from any college in this state having a course of study actually taught in such college, of not less than four years, in addition to the preparatory work necessary for admission to the university of Michigan, upon the recommendation from the faculty of such college stating that in their judgment the applicant is entitled to receive such certificate and in addition thereto, a course in the science and art of teaching of at least one college year of five and a half hours per week, which shall have been approved by said board of education, which course shall have been taken by such person who shall have received a diploma therefor, and shall include a thorough examination of the applicant by the college granting such diploma, as to qualification and fitness for teaching; and provided that if Proviso. said person furnishes to said board satisfactory proof of hav. ing successfully taught for three years in the schools of this state, said certificate shall be a life certificate. If such proof is not furnished said board, then such certificate shall be for four years only, and a life certificate may at any time there, after be issued by said board upon the filing of such proof. Such certificate shall entitle the holder to teach in any of the schools of this state without examination, provided a copy of the same shall have been filled [filed] or recorded in the office of the legal examining officer or officers of the county, city, township or district in which such person is to teach, and shall be annulled only by the state board of education, and by Anomlled by it, only for cause.

(4806) SEC. 2. It shall be the duty of the said board of edu- Duty of board. cation to carefully examine any course of study in the science and art of teaching that may be submitted to it by the trustees of any college, and, if satisfactory, to furnish such trustees with a written certificate approving the same.

(4807) SEC. 3. If, at any time, the said board of education shall conclude that any college, the graduates of which may desire to receive such certificate, is not giving such in- When instrucstruction in the science and art of teaching and in the other duty of board. branches as shall be approved by said board, then said board shall so determine by a formal resolution, and shall give notice thereof to the trustees of such college, and thereafter no teachers' certificates shall be given by said board to the graduates of such college until said board shall be satisfied that proper instruction in the science and art of teaching and in [the] other branches is given by such college, and shall certify such fact to the trustees of such college.

tion deficient,




Act 147, 1891, p. An Act to provide for the election of a COUNTY COMMISSIONER OF 183; App. June

SCHOOLS, for the appointment of SCHOOL EXAMINERS, [and] to define the duties and fix the compensation for the same, and to repealt all existing acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act.

Election of county commissioner of schools.

of school examiners.


(4808) SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That at the meetings of the several boards of supervisors of the different counties of the state, to be held on the fourth Monday in June, eighteen hundred ninety-one, the said several boards of supervisors shall elect a county commissioner

of schools for their respective counties, whose term of office Term of office. shall commence on the fourth Tuesday of August next follow

ing, who shall hold his or her office until the first day of July, eighteen hundred ninety-three, or until his or her successor

shall be elected and qualified. Said board of supervisors shall Appointment also on said fourth Monday of June, appoint two persons as

school examiners, who, together with said commissioner of

schools, shall constitute a board of school examiners. One of Term of office. said school examiners shall be appointed for a period of one

year and the other for a period of two years, from and after the second Monday of October next after their appointment, or until their successors have been appointed and qualified;

and thereafter such boards of supervisors shall, at each anappointment of examiners. nual session, appoint one examiner who shall hold his office

for a period of two years, or until his successor shall have Who eligible to been appointed and qualified. Any person shall be eligible

to the office of examiner who shall hold at least a third grade certificate and has taught in the public schools at least nine months, or who has the qualifications required of commis

sioner in section three of this act, except an experience of Vacancy, how twelve months as teacher. In case a vacancy shall occur at

any time in the office of school examiner, the judge of probate, together with the board of school examiners of the coun. ty in which such vacancy shall have occurred, shall, within ten days after the occurrence of such vacancy, appoint some suitable person to fill such vacancy. And the person so appointed shall hold the office for the unexpired portion of the term, or until his or her successor is appointed and has qualified. Within ten days after such commissioners or examiners shall have received legal notice of his or her election, he or she shall take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office, and the same shall be filed with the county clerk. The said county commissioner, so appointed, shall execute a bond with two sufficient sureties to be approved by and filed with the county clerk, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, conditioned that he or she shall faithfully discharge the duties of his or her office according to law, and to faithfully account



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Oath of office.



for and pay over to the proper persons all moneys which may come into his or her hands by reason of his or her holding such office; and thereupon the county clerk shall report the name to report

County clerk and postoffice address of such county commissioner to the state superintendent of public instruction.

Am. 1893, p. 34; App. Apr. 18; never in effect, cut off by next amendment; Act 34.-Am. 1893, p. 227; App. May 27; Eff. Aug. 28; Act 140.-Am. 1895, p. 163; App. Apr. 8; Eff. July 4; Act 66.

This act supersedes chap. 12 of the primary school law (in Chapter 116). As to the election of school examiner under that law, as amended by act 266 of 1887, see Conrad v. Stone, 78 / 635.


Term of office.



(4809) SEC. 2. There shall be elected at the election held election of

commissioner. on the first Monday in April, eighteen hundred ninety-three, and every second year thereafter, in each county, one county commissioner of schools, whose term of office shall commence on the first day of July next following his or her election, and who shall continue in office two years or until his or her successor shall be elected and qualified. The county commissioner of schools elected under the provisions of this section shall file with the county clerk for the county for which he To ile oath or she is elected his or her oath of office and bond, the same as provided in section one of this act, and the county clerk shall make the same report to the superintendent of public instruction in all respects as provided in section one of this act.

(4810) SEC. 3. Persons eligible to hold the office of commis. Eligibility sioner of schools must possess, besides an experience of twelve months as teacher in the public schools of the state, one of the following qualifications: Must be a graduate of the literary department of some reputable college, university or state normal school, having a course of at least three years, or hold a state teacher's certificate, or be the holder of a first grade certificate, but said first grade certificate shall only qualify the holder thereof to hold the office of commissioner in the county where such certificate was granted: Provided, That persons who have held the office of commissioner of schools under the provisions of act number one hundred forty-seven, public acts of eighteen hundred ninety-one, shall be eligible. În counties having less than fifty districts subject to the super- Permaine cou to

Proviso as vision of the county commissioner, a person holding at the ties. time of his or her election a second grade certificate shall be eligible. Am. 1896, p. 164; App. Apr. 8; Act 66. The act of 1891 referred to is this act.

QUALIFICATIONS OF COMMISSIONER: A high school is not a col. lege within the meaning of this section. A special årst grade certificate not granted at one of the regular public examinations provided for by law, or one granted without any examination, or one granted upon public examination after election as commissioner, does not qualify. Holding the office of secretary of the board of examiners under act 266 of 1887 (amendatory of chap. 12 of the primary school law, now superseded) is not a qualification.People v. Howlett, 94 / 165. The legislative intent is to keep up the standard of teachers by requiring certain educational qualifications in the persons whose duty it is to examine the teachers and determine their fitness for their work.-People v. Howlett, 44 / 169.


(4811) SEC. 4. The board of school examiners shall, for the Board to purpose of examining all persons who may offer themselves examinations. as teachers for the public schools, hold two regular public


What certifi

examination may be held.

examinations in each year at the county seat, which examinations shall begin on the last Thursday of March and the third Thursday of August in each year. From these two ex

aminations certificates of all grades may be granted. The May hold

said board of examiners may also in their discretion hold examinations. two other regular public examinations, which shall begin on

the third Thursdays of June and October at such places as in the judgment of the board the best interests of the teachers may require. From these two examinations only certificates

of the second and third grade may be granted. In counties eate may be granted. having one hundred and fifty or more districts the said board When special of examiners may hold one special public examination for

each additional twenty-five districts or fraction thereof which special public examination, when appointed, shall be held commencing on one or more of the following dates: The third Friday of February, April and September. The places of holding such special public examinations are also left to the discretion of the board of examiners. At such special publio examinations only certificates of the third grade shall be granted. It shall be the duty of the county commissioner to

make out a schedule of the times and places of holding special examinations.

examinations and to cause it to be published in one or more
newspapers of the county at least ten days before each special

Am. 1893, p. 35; App. Apr. 18; Eff. Aug. 28; Act 34.-Am. 1895, p. 164; App.
Apr. 8; Eff. July 4; Act 66.
People v. Howlett, 94 / 170.

Schedule of

Meeting of board to grant certificates.

(4812) SEC. 5. The board of school examiners shall meet on the Saturday of the week following such public examination held by the county commissioner, and shall grant certificates to teachers in such form as the superintendent of public instruction shall prescribe, licensing as teachers all persons who shall have attained the age of seventeen years, who have attended such public examinations and who shall be found qualified in respect to good moral character, learning and ability to instruct and govern a school, but no certificate shall be granted to any person who, having arrived at the age of twenty-one years, is not a citizen of the United States, and who shall not have passed a satisfactory examination in orthography, reading, writing, grammar, geography, arithmetic, theory and art of teaching, United States history, civil government and physiology and hygiene, with the reference to the effect of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon the human system. The board of examiners shall have the right, however, to renew without examination the certificates of persons who shall have previously obtained an average standing of at least eighty-five per cent in all studies covered in two or more previous examinations and who shall have been since such last named examinations continuously and successfull; teaching in the same county. All certificates shall be signed by the county commissioner and by at least

other member of the board of examiners.

When board may renew certificates without examination.

Signing of certificates.


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