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the author to have been too little noticed. It is not every gynæcologist who is in the position always to command skilled aid, and yet the perfection of the operation depends as much on correct assistance as on the operator himself. On these grounds this handbook may meet with special appreciation from my professional brethren who have to take any place as assistants, and specially from those who desire to take active clinical work in a gynæcological clinic.

On account of the small space at my disposal I have not been able to describe every operation, but only such as have been tested in the practice of Dr. Gusserow.

The difficulties which may arise in the major operations have not been mentioned; these belong to the operator for whom a gynecological manual is necessarily insufficient.

Some of the drawings have been taken from other gynæcological works. With the kind permission of the authors I have borrowed a series of drawings from the Displacements of the Uterus, by B. S. Schultze, and from the New Growths of the Uterus, by Professor Gusserow. The other drawings have been executed from my designs by the gifted hand of Mr. Eyrich, the artist.


BERLIN, March 1891.

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